What do you get when HTC says they are committed to the Android platform and their first effort, T-Mobile's G1, is on pace to sell over 1 million phones? You got it. HTC has indicated that a second Android-based phone may be available as early as Q1 of 2009. According to Ed Hardy over at Brighthand.com:

HTC's second Android-based device may debut in the first quarter of 2009, according to a report in the Chinese-language Economic Daily News, which cites unnamed sources at Taiwan-based securities houses as its source. Other sources say this product will launch in April.


So it appears that a second HTC Android phone will be available very soon. It's also encouraging that HTC, a major player in the production of Windows Mobile devices, is also fully committing to Android device development and production. That's good news for all of us!



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Second HTC Android Coming Soon?


Awesome! No, wait. That sucks. I should have waited instead of getting the G1. Love Android but the G1 design is not an attention grabber. Something sleek and slim would be nice.

Very much agreed i love android i just hate hate hate the g1 design i would for sure have bought a g1 if it looked more appealing