Samsung Galaxy Camera

Not everyone is sold on the idea of a mobile data-connected point and shoot camera, but for those of you who are, you deserve to save a few dollars on it. When Samsung and AT&T partnered up to sell the camera in stores, the retail price was a little shocking at $499 -- but after all its pretty much a Galaxy SIII (S3) with a big lens on the front.

Deals site Daily Steals is offering the Galaxy Camera for $49 less than AT&T, just $450. There's also free shipping and you often won't be paying sales tax as well. Overall you could come out pretty far ahead when compared to buying directly from AT&T. Interested? Hit the source link below.

Source: Daily Steals


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Save $50 on a Samsung Galaxy Camera from Daily Steals


Don't think that's going to happen from the article I've been reading on this. Was thinking about getting this and using only as Wifi as I don't have an AT&T account. IT is pricey though but better zoom than the Nikon.

I see Samsung is trying to create another niche market like they did with the Galxy Note. I just can't see any practical use for anything like this... I mean, even though I own a GN2, I turned away from the Original Note. But even though I was not attracted to the Original Note, I could still see the case to be made for it. I just can't see it for this.


I really wish that Android Central would not junk up it's news feed with posts about cameras. This is a web site about Android phones and I love this site because I love reading news about Android phones, NOT cameras. Sorry to be negative but I don't care about cameras and I doubt most people who read this site do either. Just my 2 cents.

*Here endth the RANT*

While you are certainly entitled to your opinion, this is ANDROID Central. So an Android based camera should have just as much right as an Android tablet, or were you wanting to stop with everything that doesn't have phone functionality?

No I think that Android tablets are so similar to Android phones and I have no trouble with them being a part of this site. But I do feel that cameras don't really fit in the same way for this site. I don't even buy a camera anymore because the phone camera is getting so much better and is so much easier to use.

Like I said just my 2 cents. Feel free to disagree all you want.

Your opinion is just fine cjones but the website is called android central not Android phone central. I like reading about any upcoming products that willcontain android in order for me to see if I will be able to use in conjunction with my other products that I may have.

Is this $450 off contract? If that's the case, I'm going to wait on the sidelines until it drops to $350 off contract and snag one for wifi only use.

@cjones - actually, this site is called Android Central. It's about all things Android. Should they stop posting about Android tablets too? They aren't phones.

Received mine today, ordered it about two weeks ago from Daily Steal (their typical delivery time) and am very happy that it's the European unlocked version (this one happens to be from Samsung France, the manual and default localization were in French). It's strangely cool setting up Android on this thing. Anyway $450 including shipping for an unlocked Galaxy Camera was indeed a "steal" :)