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Looking for a new phone? Then you might want to get the Moto X from Motorola this week. Head to Motorola's website and you'll see a deal they have set up to run from June 4 to June 5. Buy a Moto X on one of those two days and you'll save $100 off!

Here's the lowdown. Starting Wednesday, June 4 at 12 a.m. ET you'll be able to buy a no-contract, 32GB Moto X for $100 off. This deal will last two days and is a great way to get a really good phone.

You can check out our review of the Moto X to see if this is the right phone for you. Then check our six-month look at the Moto X to see how it held up.

Anyone planning on picking the Moto X up through this deal?

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Save $100 off a contract-free Moto X this week


my daughter cracked her Galaxy Nexus screen after 2 years. i think this will be a great upgrade for her.

anyone know how the unlocked US GSM version will work in Europe? she'll be spending the next year in England (school).

cool, thanks! that will have to be good enough. if she can't survive on 3G and WiFi, i'll send her letters and stamps. hehe

I'm in Latvia with only 3G from Tmobile and it is usable. Not fast enough to stream video but good for social apps like Facebook etc.

With the unlocked model you can just put in a local sim card for data. However, with the wifi calling on my Note 3, it has been a very usable setup.

thanks brother. my sister is in spain right now loving the t-mo service and wifi calling. like you said, slow but useable.

since she'll be there for the better part of the year, i think i'll suspend her t-mo plan and just have her pickup a local sim.

it's a feature t-mobile offers but I'm fairly certain it only works on tmo branded phones.

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I bought a US GSM unlocked Moto X about 3 months ago. I rarely have 4G (it has happened like once or twice) but the 3G and the rest works flawlessly. 4G is just eating my data cap anyway lol (and I use WiFi 90% of the time so yeah).

Wow, that is a pretty sweet deal... Looks like they want to empty their warehouses before closing the TX plant, huh?

This should work with Republic too right?

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You can buy a Moto X for Republic off of the Moto Maker site.

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I heard a nasty rumor the Moto X-2 or whatever they end up calling it will have a 5.2" screen. I hope that doesn't happen. With Google rumored to be ending the Nexus program I was really thinking about the successor to the Moto X as my next phone because I like the performance and form factor/size of the first and am at my limit as far as phone size goes. I feel they really hit the nail on the head with the size of that phone. But, if they go the giant phone route I will be very disappointed as it will just get lost in the sea of other giants.

What is the 32GB model priced at now? (I'd look it up but I'm mobile and the site isn't exactly quick browser friendly.)

Very cool! It's still a fantastic phone and just as fast as Day 1.

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Oh, just perfect. I've been relegated to a Droid Razr HD since I didn't carry Verizon insurance on my GS4 (which is more than 12 months old). New phone time (tomorrow)

Awesome, my mom is looking to dump her iPhone and I've been telling her this would be a good phone for her. Great price too since she wants to keep her Verizon UDP and the full price of many off contract phones were scaring her off!

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What iPhone model does she have. She'll love the experience in the android world.

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She has the crappy model with the closed ecosystem and limited customization options.

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She has the 4S, prior to that she had the Motorola Droid X. She misses Android.

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so far the Moto X has been one of the better phones for iPhone defectors. I love my GNote3 but the Sami bloat can be pretty damn overwhelming at times.

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She got the iPhone because of the small size, Android phones keep getting bigger and bigger. My son has a Moto X, I'm gonna have her play with it a bit tomorrow. It's definitely bigger than her iPhone, but not Note 3 big. I have the G2, great phone, but bigger than what she wants.

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I love this phone (have a moto g) but leaning more towards the lg l90 for $179

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I literally just ordered one on Sunday. I had an education discount so I saved $60 already, but would have been nice to save the extra $40.

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I picked one up during the last sale and had to return it. I didn't find that he battery life was that good, especially with the 4.4.2 update. I thought the screen size would be nice coming from a Note 3, but for me I think giving up one handed use in many cases is worth it for the large screen. I hope the successor has a removal battery and a 5.2+ inch screen and I'm sold. Motorola is still the closest thing to a Nexus on Verizon.

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Add me to the club.

I literally just received my 32GB wood back from Swappa yesterday.

$280 - but at least this one is mint condition, so I guess I saved money still.

Just bought one 15 days ago. Contacted Motorola thru website and inquired about sale. I am 1 day past where I could have returned the phone and reordered when the sale starts. She offered a $50 coupon code which is fine with me. Better than nothing.

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Time to get me a moto maker 32gb moto x with free jax in ear headphones for republic wireless and store everything on my phone on a 10$/month plan:)

Nope. Fuck you Lenovo! Shutting down the last remaining US plant. No way in hell I'll support this company. Motorola my ass...Google just sold America to the highest bidder.

That makes no sense Google always got Motorola for patents and Motorola has been losing Google money for a long time. What big android makers are even out of the us anyway

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None, that's my point. Moto was the only one left and now they're gone forever. Not to mention they're shutting down the last US Cellphone manufacturing hub. Pathetic!

Haha you think I care about your comment? Screw Lenovo and their cheap chinese crap. All they'll do is destroy the quality and goodwill Google has built up.

Erm. Google still owns Motorola. THEY made the decision to end the relationship with flextronics, not lenovo.

If anything, lenovo had a vested interest in that plant staying open to aid in the regulatory approval of the purchase.

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LOL you really think Lenovo had NOTHING to do with the shutting down of that plant? Give me a break! The faster it's shut down the faster Lenovo can start moving everything to China and turning a profit with their exploited children workers.

... Is that a small child holding the moto x in the pic? Bcuz it looks huge lol.

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We ended up ordering one at the price of $349.00 for a off-contract phone on a network design that I had never heard of. Just want it for development purposes only anyways. I thought it would say it was going down to $249.00 based on feedback online that said the update would occur in the cart. It wasn't that obvious until calling and confirming that the deduction was already being applied and this was the final price.

I use the Moto X with Republic Wireless and it's a good phone for a decent price at $299. The price is a lot better than elsewhere for over $500. Republic also has access to Sprint's roaming partners so the coverage is much better than other MVNOs from Sprint. All in all, great service at an awesome price. Use this link to save $20 when you sign up!