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It looks like Samsung is already testing Android 4.4.3 on its current flagship, the Galaxy S5, and last year's Galaxy S4. Documents obtained by SamMobile reveal that the South Korean manufacturer is testing the as-yet unannounced Android update (which has a build number KTU70) on both the Snapdragon as well as the Exynos-powered variants of the Galaxy S5 in addition to the LTE-A variant of the Galaxy S4 (GT-I9506A).

Samsung KTU70

Along with the Android 4.4.3 update, the document reveals the timeline for when Android 4.4.2 KitKat will be available on other devices. The update is listed as being in the final stages of testing and is scheduled to roll out to the Galaxy Grand 2 and Galaxy Mega in the month of June. Android 4.4.2 has begun rolling out for the Galaxy S3 LTE (GT-I9305) earlier this month, while the document suggests that the Galaxy Note 3 Neo will receive the update later this month.

Samsung KOT49H

Source: SamMobile


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Samsung testing Android 4.4.3 on Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S4, outlines 4.4.2 update timeline for other devices


And it will. Don't read too much into the fact that it wasn't listed in the leaked document. The Note 3 will likely be able to make the switch to Android 4.4.3 at about the same time as the Galaxy S5 when it becomes available. At this stage, we still have a month to go before it is even officially announced by Google.

Back in November and January Samsung said in 2 separate statements it would be covered along with Note 2 and GS3 Note 3 and S4 all will have the same KitKat update.

Was going to ask that too bit I'm sure it's
going to get 4.4.3 not sure why it wouldn't

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I have a feeling that Samsung will have the same excuse for the I9500 that it did for the I9300...

Sent from my Exynos Powered S4.

Why is it an excuse? If there are issues you don't put it out. If they canned all the s3's then you might have a point, but it is only the international model

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Hopefully they improve Google Hangouts to the point where it functions like iMessage...

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If you want hangouts to act like iMessage, why not just get an iPhone?


Two bags of big league chew. A mitt. A baseball. A phone with over 400 ppi. Only one of these things don't matter.

Google separated their applications from the system releases so they can provide faster updates to users. If you want to get a feature or complain about Hangouts, then comment on the app's Play Store page.

Exactly what features are you looking for? In my personal message Hangouts is much much better than iMessage. It's only real pitfall is the fact that you have to have someones Gmail address to add them. Other than that it's awesome. I especially love seeing whose read up to where in a group message.

p.s. Hangouts is a Google app and updated through the play store. All updates are up to date. It's not a matter of what version of android you're running. (unless I missed some kind of important announcement)

Chances are there won't be many "new" things, more so just bug fixes. Personally I hope they fix the GPS issues that are prevalent on the Note 3!

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This.This.This. I doubt its software though, more like hardware. My note 2 GPS was accurate, never froze, then again the Google maps was separate from the navigation which I still wish was true. That app was rock solid. Now the app is buggy let alone the GPS issue of the note 3.

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I think it's something that they did to the software that messed up the hardware. When I was on 4.3 my GPS was great. Accurate and quick. 4.4 came along, complete opposite now!

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You think it would be fine if they released an unstable build and it caused your phone to lock up every 5 minutes? Think how many people would complain -- there would definitely be a class action lawsuit against them.

What they could potentially do is release the source code for the kernel. They won't, and they don't have to (as they're not shipping it), but they could if they wanted some good will.

Edit: There's a 4.4.2 version for the i9300 based on Samsung stock ROMs at XDA by the way. I'm going to try it when I have some free time. I couldn't use the AOSP based 4.4.x ROMs, as I required HDMI output, but this new ROM supports it.

This is how it should be. Google can work with others before announcing an update. Then when it announce updates, everybody is ready to go!

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In australia we dont even have the kitkat update yet and this comes out? Wut . . . I give up staying 4.3 forever . . .

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So s4 mini with dual core and 1gb ram can get kitkat but not the international s3 with quad core and same ram

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Actually, S4 mini comes with dual core Krait 300 at 1.7 GHz which is much faster than the quad Cortex A9 @ 1.4 GHz practically due to better arch. The processor on a HTC Desire 816 is somewhat similar in performance to S4 mini.

And also, S4 Mini has 1.5 GB RAM not 1 GB

When will I be able to root my galaxy s4 sgh-i337 att? It is on kitkat and only way I have found online is that you have to downgrade. No solution for rooting 4.4.2

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check XDA, I noticed some stuff on there the other day that might help. Otherwise, it is the carrier blocking it and there is not a whole lot that can be done...

You know when TW is so bloated it can't even run on the I9300. Even the Moto G can run KitKat with no issues.

Never again, Samsung, never again.

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And....Your wrong

The chipset is the problem not Touchwiz. The US LTE version of the S3 runs just fine.

Actually a Samsung statement said that it was about the less RAM that the phone offered. They could not get the OS to run on the 1 GB of RAM present on the international model. Luckily for us, custom ROMs exist.

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NoNsense, our lead arrogant teacher, is always right? Therefore Samsung's published statement must not be entirely true.

NoNexus that could be true but doesn't it seem strange that they have problems porting the OS onto a phone with an in-house processor?

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They are probably testing the Galaxy S5 on 4.4.3 because the Note 3 will be getting many of the Galaxy S5 features in an update.

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I sincerely doubt it. Usually the US versions are harder to finish than the International ones. I would say within a month

US Carriers then take another 6 months to test on their precious network. Lol!!
This is one thing I like about Apple, they basically say FU to useless carriers and control the updates.

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Haha, still waiting for 4.4.2 for my Note 2 LTE model sgh-i317m with Bell Canada.

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Samsung! Testing a future build of android. Wow. I'm a little shocked.

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Why did the Tab 3 disappear from that list? I have a 7" and 8" in need of a refresh.

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