Samsung Premiere 2013

New Galaxy and Ativ devices promised

The teaser image above has just hit the Samsung Mobile press site, bringing news of new Galaxy (Android) and Ativ (Windows) devices. "Samsung Premiere 2013" will take place on Thursday, June 20 at London's Earls Court Exhibition Center -- that's the same venue that hosted the Galaxy S3 reveal last year. The action's set to begin around 7pm local time, and Samsung will be livestreaming everything on YouTube.

The first of the three teaser images accompanying the news looks an awful lot like the Galaxy S4 Active we've seen leak in recent days. The other two are a bit less conspicuous -- there's what looks like the lid of a laptop, and some kind of glowing ring. It's possible (however unlikely) we could see more Windows Phone hardware from Samsung at the event. Our money's on new Ativ-branded Windows 8 tablets or laptops, though. On the Android side, we might see the extensively-leaked Galaxy S4 Mini debut alongside the Active.

What are you hoping to see from Samsung in London  next month? Hit the comments and let us know!

Source: Samsung Mobile Press


Reader comments

Samsung teases 'Premiere 2013' London event for June 20


The note doesn't come until the fall. Going to upgrade my s3 to an s4 this week. I would love to wait for the active but it probably won't come to Verizon anyways.

the Note has never been a summer phone its a fall phone so I really doubt Samsung would change that when so many people would be upgrading from the original note around fall and can get the 3rd version. Its Samsung new version if the ATIV S (windows 8 smartphone) its going to be on Sprint asthe carriers first windows 8 device along side HTC.

Yeah, I'm sure the Note 3 will come at IFA in the fall, but there's also a Galaxy device being launched, perhaps a new tablet.

I'm thinking this is a 7-8" Windows tablet. Look at the bottom left image; looks like the screen facing up with a kickstand in back. Maybe.

Agreed! I'm doing pretty much the same thing! But I can't help it when I look & drool over another smartphone when it suddenly appears! (Lol)

So, for now, I'll enjoy my Galaxy Nexus.

I was tempted by the s4 and the One but I know how mad I would be at myself when the note 3 came out. Was also thinking maybe there will be a one XL or something around those line.

It won't be a note because that's a fall device. And highly unlikely windows phones? Seems AC forgot that Sprint still has to announce its two windows phones (Samsung and HTC) at the begnnig of summer. The 20th is the summer so of course it would be the Sprint Windows Phone announcement and the release would come shortly after.

This is an event in the UK. It's not terribly likely that Sprint would be announcing new phones in the UK. Possible, but if a Windows Phone was announced it'd be more likely Sprint would do their own thing in the U.S, surely?

Maybe a samsung galaxy mega ? Be nice the s4 still can't compare to yhe s3 dual radios can text and talk and surf the web at the same time on 3g.

Besides the Note 3, I'm also hoping to see a 15" laptop that's under 4 lbs, with a nice 1080p IPS/PLS screen, at least 8GB of RAM and 256GB SSD, and a 10+ hour battery life. A dedicated graphic card is not necessary for me. The Haswell GPU will be good enough for my on-the-go needs.