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We're just under two weeks away from seeing what Samsung's been cooking up for its Feb. 24 "Unpacked 5" event in Barcelona, Spain, and the manufacturer's dropping even more hints in a post published this morning on its official blog. The new image from the Samsung Tomorrow site shows nine new icons all raised to the power of five — Speed, Outdoor, Curiosity, Fun, Social, Style, Privacy, Fitness and Life. If you've been following the recent UI leaks from various new Samsung apps, you'll see a clear resemblance between Samsung's teaser and the expected UI style of the Galaxy S5 — flat, colorful icons with white outlines.

"Also we are sure that you have noticed that there is lots of 5s," Samsung slyly notes.

Whatever it all means, we'll be live in Barcelona to see Samsung's next big thing on Feb. 24.

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Samsung teases Galaxy S5 event with new app icons


Hopefully S Health gets fixed on the S4. It's getting awkward loading it and seeing me ranked with 100-year-olds.

That's the opposite problem. I'm in the top 3% of people walking with S Health, but when I check my rankings in my age group, it'll sometimes say I'm in the 100-year-old group, not the 30s.

The Sprint leak is the same as the international version, old style not 5 style.

BTW- Thanks for fixing the "edit" function on comments guys...

No worries. We've still got a few tech issues we're working after the CMS conversion, so bear with us :)

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Believe me, I know as well as you what goes into this kinda stuff. I never looked, do you guys do your own CMS or a pre-made?

NeverMind, I looked.

While the S5 is certainly not in the cards for me, I am at the very least interested in the direction they head into.

The Nature UI was kinda a disaster, the coding behind it was shoddy. I hope that they clean all that up without removing any of the features.

I am not a fan of "flat" style icons either but cold really careless. Icon can be changed.

S5 leads to the Note 4 so that is what gets me excited...

The coding was SUPER shoddy. I have never had so many crashes, stutters, and weird issues (like that constant notification bug) with a phone. I really hope that the new HTC flagship is nice because I am over Samsung at this point.

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Interesting. I wonder just how flat or just how vibrant the rest of TouchWiz will be. Hopefully Sammy manages to find the happy medium between tacky and boring.

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Touchwiz is nice looking but it runs like SHIT. I've been running 4.4.2 Google Edition on my S4. It may not be as pretty as Touchwiz. But it sure runs a hell of a lot better and without all the gimmicky crap getting in the way.

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I believe Tizen is going to be shown off at Mobile World Congress.

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My contract is up around the time I expect the S5 to be available. I just hope they have toned down touchwiz from my i9300, I've not used TW in about 15 months though

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Yea, exactly.
Already we see like 10 bloatware comments! Must be a fashionable thing to do now.


Yet another idiot that has no idea what bloatware means but throws it around because its the "in" word to use when talking about samsung.

Your as bad as the idiots that buy an Iphone because all your friend have an apple on the back of theirs.

Worrying and crying like a bitch about what people choose to buy with their own money makes you the biggest douchebag

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Don't hold back, lol.

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I use most of them daily, so do a lot of people I know.

I could also say the same about other OEMs. I have a friend who makes it almost a point T to try and show them off.

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

Well having its own brand of apps ain't a bad thing, but this time round they could give the consumer the option of removing if it's not suited to their needs.

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No argument there. The problem is that they bake them in and that they share libraries across the apps. I think they made them a bit too interconnected.

This is where they really need to cut down. S-health should not be a core app, whereas the camera app obviously would be

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

Yes exactly nonexus or yesnexus as you had a nexus or did you I can't remember lol

If they slimmed down them core apps then great or as I states option to remove.

I really don't see the negative in Samsung trying to include feature apps that define it. But surely they have done their research and the common remark is bloatware so by having Samsung brand apps out of the box and then being able to pick and choose would be im sure a welcome bonus and kill that termanilogy completely.

As I for one am bored of hearing it and or reading it lol

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Lol yeah and they have their app store now so if someone decides they want them back, they can go there to get them.

I do not like Nexus phones, the 5 was better, but I Love my Nexus tablet...

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

Hence the nonexus however I was sure I read that you had a nexus 5. However that could be me on my late nights and missreading lol

Yeh exactly I think by doing this would then keep all happy in regards to this issue lol

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Hey,hey,hey!!!,we're not gonna have that kind of talk around here.Clean it up buddy.

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Threads on topics like these is where you flourish. Your informed intelligent discussion of observations, experiences, facts and opinions are constructive and enjoyable to read.

+1 it's nice to see a positive comment for a change

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Pipe down. Just because the icons are flat does not make it a copy.
The icons don't even resemble iOS icons that much

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Quite frankly, if Samsung wishes to add so much bloatware, then they should at least increase the capacity to 32 GB for a base model.

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As other's have commented; all I see are icons for bloatware I will never use. Stop forcing this stuff on me. If I want it, I will download it. No matter what the hardware, the S5 won't be my next phone.

Absolutely. I think OEMs should sell the phone empty. I will buy the hardware, get the code from Google, gapps from CM, compile the kernel and other jazz and install all necessary items from Play Store. No need for unnecessary bloatware. We save tons of space in the ROM and avoid bloats and also pay less. Win-win for everybody.

They always copy iOS by the ugliest way... SO damn ugly.. Even touchwiz now looks better! But who cares? iPhone with bigger screen and they are done... :-)))))

It's so convenient to be able to hurl insults, when you have no argument, lol.

You probably can't even explain why or how Samsung's new flat icons copy those of iOS 7 (which is a copy of all of the past and current OS's available).

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@jimbo,yeah I learn a lot from NoNexus but when he starts talkin about the Nexus phones,that's where I draw the line.Nobody talks about the Nexus line.(in my Jim Carey voice) lol!!

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+1 And, contrary to popular belief, Samsung may actually have shrunk the size of Touchwiz.

We'll see, soon enough.

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I don't think all those icons are going to be for apps. I think they are saying that it will and can be used for all of the above to the power of 5. I don't figure there is an app called speed, or outdoors. I think those are saying the speed is upped, to the power of 5. Same for all the others.

@sladyrko: I think you are in the wrong site if you like the iPhone so much. .go back to mac rumors buddy..

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Looks great! Reminds me of WP a tiny bit.

I'm still happy with my N5.

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Nexus (or GPe) forever!

And those icons are so different from the icons of apps in the play store they would look bad side by side.

I bet they will call it the Galaxy 5S.

"And those icons are so different from the icons of apps in the play store they would look bad side by side."

I am just trying to understand the statement properly..

People are wetting their pants on this site in anticipation of trashing the Galaxy S5. I have my popcorn ready.

Yeah, lol. People can't just be happy with what they have. They have to go out of their way to blindly bash something.

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To me, the icons look a bit like Nokia Meego (N9) or Symbian Belle (N8). All I ask is that the random lags in the interface is cleaned up. I don't mind having lots of features and apps installed, I just want the option to hide them so they are not using up any CPU cycles and RAM hiding in the background.

Dunno why there is sooo much hate for Touchwiz. Yes there are issues with bloat but there are also things that Samsung add that are a big improvement on stock Android. A bit more balance is required really but I guess people have trouble doing that!

Bloatware bloatware bloatware grumble grumble grumble bloatware bloatware bloatware grumble grumble grumble get a nexus grumble grumble grumble Verizon sucks grumble grumble grumble.

Did I cover it all? The phone hasn't even been released and it's already being shit on. Ridiculous.

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Sure, and I will buy it if it packed with Apples customer care.

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