Galaxy S5 wireless charging cover

Update: We're tracking the best in Galaxy S5 wireless charging here.

While most of the world is still waiting for a chance to get their hands on a Samsung Galaxy S5 of their very own, that doesn't mean Samsung isn't ready to sell some accessories. Case in point — the wireless charging covers, which made an appearance today.

You'll have four different models to choose from, but the only colors shown so far are white and black. You have a "standard" back plate with a Qi charging module in black and white for $30, or an S-View Flip Cover model also in black or white.

All four covers include the gasket that is part of the S5's water-resistance feature, and are done up in the same dimpled finish as the stock cover. The chargers should work with any Qi-compatible charger, including Samsung's own model.

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Samsung shows off official Galaxy S5 wireless charging covers


For a second I had the same opinion. But then it hit me: what do Galaxy lovers like doing the most to their Galaxy? Answer: Cover it up!
So now, instead of covering it with a Qi-disabling cover.. now they can cover it with a Qi-enabling one!

Not everyone wants the thicker back cover that is the wireless charging cover. It is significantly thicker and heavier than a standard cover. I sure don't want it, so I'm glad the phones ship with standard covers.

I know on my S4(which I got used and came with a wireless charging cover), you can't fit the same cases on when the wireless charging cover is on.

Sad that wireless charging is not already in the phone.. I'd rather stick with my n5 over this phone any day not just due to charging but every aspect.. Minus camera perhaps

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AMOLED poor calibration.
Diamond matrix vs true rgb matrix.
I'll take the phone with higher subpixels count and recalibrate the color with custom kernel if needed and not have to deal with NSA implemented features and bloated ui.
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Interesting world you live in. Whatever makes you feel safe, doesn't matter if you are right or not.

The one issue I complained about with the wireless charging cover with the Galaxy S4 was it made the back stick out a bit more making a lot of custom cases if not all not fit so well or not fit at all... Which is why I switched to the cheap little $15 internal sticker Qi Module I got off Amazon... So is this back case sleeker is what I want to know?

It's like the note 3 s view case and it also sticks out just a little to protect the corners an sides

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Why not implement it in the phone and sell charging plates for like $35 and make more money by doing so? This way they will sell like to 1 percent of owners, the other way they could market the sh.. of it and sell the actual chargers.

Haven't they shown off wireless charging kits since like the GS3 days but then they are always hard to find?

Hard to find retail, but not hard at all to find the official covers online for the S4 and Note3. I don't think they ever released the S3 ones, though.

It's unfortunate that it's not built in. The upside is that it's still offered. Hopefully it will become a standard for android to have qi charging.

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If only they had done this for my S4 Active. Sadly, they essentially stopped supporting any peripherals the day it came out.

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I wonder why they didn't even try to include this in the first place. We need to add the cover, making it bulkier just for the wireless charging capability

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But if you don't want to use that cover and your own case instead then you can get a third party qi receive tag for cheaper.
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If you have a wireless charging cover will it still work with say a normal protective cover like say a speck or otterbox on top of that?

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Don't like the flip (book type) cover. It's not left-handed friendly. If you are a lefty, you will understand the comment.

Nothing ever is in this world. As a lefty, you just get used to the challenges.

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Yeah, it would be preferable to have it open from the left, for us. However, on my note 3, I have the s view that opens on the right and it's a nice case. You just have to deal with it.

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ok, so why didn't they just include this in the standard case? I don't like these, or any, flip cover. I'll probably just buy a 3rd party receiver coil....

There are two main reasons why Qi charging isn't standard on Samsung devices.
1. Customization
2. Profitability

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So if I go to pick up my S5 on friday from best but, what's the possibility that they will have the non-flip-cover variant available for purchase as well?
And from the picture, it looks as though the camera housing is still beveled to accommodate the lens sticking out. I assume that means that they have figured out how to include the Qi receiver coils without drastically increasing the thickness of the case? Or is that a pipe dream?

I don't mind buying the cover separately, but why do they take so long to release the accessories from the phone release date. This has been announced since 2/28 and i still cannot find the cover anywhere online to actually buy,.