Samsung unpacked

Fun fact about Android apps: An APK is really just a zipped folder. Open it up, and you occasionally find a bunch of goodies inside. Such is the case with Samsung's Unpacked app, which is pimping its upcoming showing at the IFA conference in Berlin.

And, lo and behold, tucked into the app are images for products that are slated to be announced. You can't actually see them on your phone yet -- you're told to check back after Sept. 1. But there they are, plain as day: The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, Samsung Wave 3 and Samsung Galaxy Note.

It's safe to assume the Galaxy Tab 7.7 will be a 7-inch Honeycomb tablet to go along with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 (read our review) and the Galaxy Tab 8.9 (see our hands-on), which we're still waiting to come to market.

The Wave 3 is likely to be a Bada phone. Let's move on.

And the Galaxy Note ... Well, your guess is as good as ours. Windows Phone 7? Something different, altogether? Find out in a few weeks, we suppose.

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mjforte says:

Do they really need another size?

It's all about choices!

icebike says:

I have a 7.x inch tab and a 10.1 inch tab, and I agree the 7 is too small for effective use.

dskwerl says:

I'm ok with an updated Galaxy Tab 7 (and even a splash bigger probably would be fine, too.) I have the OG Tab, and I love it. I am intrigued by the 8.9, though. I'll have to compare them when they both come to market.

Better have a damn slot for an SD Card!

bobbrown says:

Amen!!! And it better Be able to make damn phone calls in the US!

Major says:

Could the Galaxy Note be a Flyer-type device that works with a capacitive pen?

I hope this isn't their big 9/1/11 announcement..


supa_dupa says:

I really need 8.1 inch and 8.45 inch tablets. I also need 7.35 inch and 9.2 inch.
Seems like these guys from Samsung are planning to flood the market...