Samsung Replenish

Although we're not exactly fully sure of how "green" it is as of yet, the upcoming Samsung Replenish for Sprint looks to be a challenger for the Verizon Droid Pro. The Replenish was once thought to be a feature phone but after some internal website leaks and piecing of information from previously leaked pictures we now know that not to be the case.

In fact, the Samsung Replenish is an Android 2.2 packing QWERTY with a 2.8-inch QVGA display as well as a 2MP camera, WiFi and is made from recycled plastics. How do we know? Well, Samsung told everyone via their site -- then abruptly took the page down. We're expecting to get an official announcement for the Samsung Replenish tomorrow, so stay tuned for details. [Phonescoop]


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Samsung Replenish outed by Samsung ahead of Sprint announcement


Not crazy about the color, but if it was on US Cell I'd definitely give it a whirl...would love a physical qwerty that wasnt a slider

does anyone else agree that the new standard for smartphones is at least a 5mp camera with flash. And maybe a front camera for the high end phones :/

My girl has used a Palm Centro since 2007. The replacement will either be this or an HP Pre3 (if it comes to Sprint). This looks like a good entry level Android device. Hopefully the internal storage will be more than the Optimus' light 140MB.