Galaxy S II for AT&T

Samsung has released the kernel (and other open-source bits) source for the AT&T version of the Galaxy S II (check out our hands-on), well in advance of the official October 2 release date.  While it doesn't include the files needed to build things like Touchwiz, which are not open sourced, it should give developers a nice head start on customizing the AT&T version -- leading to more than a few happy owners on the day it's released.  There's not much there for the average Joe to play with, but if you fancy yourself a kernel developer, hit the source link and have a go.

Source: Samsung
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anilkuj says:

this is awesome news!!

romma says:

Oh, God forbid the release the source code for Touchwiz... HTC or Google may try to copy it to put on their phones...

AODfan says:

That made me LOL.

PingaDulce says:

Did HTC release the source code for Sense?

winsettr says:

EDIT: actually you're right -

dewhite04 says:

Maybe this will get a subforum opened up on XDA finally!

rogerchew says:

oh god why didn't the original galaxy get this kind of love...

Awesome! We will be seeing some great custom ROMs almost immediately after launch it seems. Serendipity FTW!