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With the U.S. Galaxy S III launch now well underway, Samsung has launched three new TV commercials for the device. A far cry from the inspirational (or confusing) European Galaxy S III ads, Samsung has taken a more down-to-earth approach in its three latest S III ads for the U.S. market. Showcasing multimedia and sharing features like AllShare Play, AllShare Group Cast and Share Shot, Samsung's new ads feature more than fleeting glimpses of the product itself, and convey a clear message the device. That's in clear contrast to earlier Samsung ads, which variously poked fun at Apple fans, and bombarded viewers with random celebrity interludes.

If you want to check 'em out, we've got all three videos embedded after the break.

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Samsung plugs multimedia and sharing in latest U.S. Galaxy S III ads


I like how Verizon put the S3 in it's latest "omg we have LTE" commercial (the one about the dad losing weight) but all they show was him looking at a "omg we have LTE" logo on the screen. Come on, you couldn't think of anything for him to do with it?