No dongles required

Your new Samsung smart TV may have a familiar bit of UI baked in, as the new screen sharing features are a lot like the Chromecast.

The concept, as well as the user interface, is familiar to just about all of us. Using your mobile device, you can choose to send the data stream to your new Samsung smart TV. Pandora was given as the example, as they are actively working on support in their app.

We'll be sure to sit in on the sessions at SDC13 to find out more about the protocols used and abilities of this as it starts to work its way into consumer hands. Around here, we follow the mantra of "cast all the things." We're interested.


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Samsung to include 'Chromecast' style sharing in their smart TV products


Hopefully they use the same protocol as well. It's nice seeing my Google TV as well as my chromecast (on my older dumb TV) in the back of the house.

Otherwise it'll get used as much as their watch.

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So does this support the existing Chromecast standard, or is it something separate? Will apps have to be coded to support both?

If it doesn't and if it's not usable by ALL Android phones, then all I can say is... Frack Samsung and their fracking forks.

a "standard" that should have been implemented in their smart TV's from the start. Samsung phone to samsung smart tv is nothing but a bitch to sync anything through. Samsung apps, 3rd party apps. the TV is brand new and nothing works as advertised

Let's hope it's the standard chromecast protocol. I know AllShare Cast works with a standard Miracast adapter...

$100 says this will only be allowed on samsung device. Like the gear and home sync. F samsung if that's the way it is. Was planning on buying a new TV soon but it won't be a Samsung if this will only be for Samsung devices. I just can't support that.

Agreed. They are turning into Apple with their proprietary crap. I guess this is the only way to make $$$ in this business.

Google makes money from the ads from your phone.

Samsung makes money from features on that phone.

Samsung paid to develop the software.

Why would they open it up to use with HTC and Panasonic?

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The question is whether they went out of their way to write new software instead of the use the old one which worked and everything.

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Typical hater. As if you getting a LG will force Samsung to go bankrupt.

They know how their TV/Mobiles work. How do they know what sh!t other vendors put inside their phones/TVs? And when something doesn't work properly, you complain that the feature isn't working. And it's quite possible that they use certain proprietary protocols and messaging system which are not used by other vendors. What do you do about that?

But it's useless discussing with you guys. You guys seem to think you know better than dudes running Samsung.

If they're going to basically bake CHROMECAST into the television then great.
If they're going to build a proprietary Samsung standard to accomplish this then they can go suck it. Seriously, the consumer wants something that works with everything, not something that just works with Samsung branded items.

Is chrome cast a published standard /protocol? Links?

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Thanks I didn't think it was but I didn't want to argue with the comments above without checking myself and having confirmation.

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Chromecast uses the DIAL protocol, developed by Netflix. I'm 90% sure this does as well, but 90% isn't enough to get me to say it in a blog post.

We'll know exactly what and how soon.


And iOS, Java and C++ were already mentioned as programming languages for this SDK. Samsung wants this to work with everyone.

Thanks Jerry. I don't Develop for this stuff but love digging in for S&Gs

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Every device should be able to cast to every other device: TV to tablet, TV to phone, TV to computer, computer to phone, phone to tablet, phone to TV, tablet to TV, and so forth.
If I've bought the content or subscribe to the content, what I watch it on is my business.

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And there will be devices for that, depending on DRM. This isnt for you apparently

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I agree. It should be a given that every networked device can communicate with each other.

It's probably paradoxical to say a law should be passed to enforce open standards. But communism has its upsides

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DRM kills that more than anything. Complain to the FCC... Err ftc

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great idea if....
1. Better not be proprietary.
2. Updates to most recent Samsung TVs already on the market.
3. Protocol is a TV function that allows any phone to communicate. Not a phone function or app. (maybe #1 reworded)
4. It doesn't require a stinkin' home button on the TV or remote and for darn sure they better not put a "Verizon" logo on it! (I know, it's a TV and not a phone. But I'm that upset with the logo on home button.)

Lol at the home button comment

They would put on on the enter button:-)

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I'm glad you brought this up. I have a vizio TV with wifi built in and it does content 'casting'. I was wondering if it is a Vizio only thing, or an Android thing, that if the TV and Android device are on the same network you can cast/share things sans chromecast.

Wait... The icon looks very familiar.

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It works for me on a LG 8600 series HDTV and has been seen on a Samsung F7100. Search through Russell Holly's G+ posts for the Samsung bit. Search for netflix's DIAL too.

FWIW, my 2012 Samsung Plasma Smart TV(60PM7600 i think) can already accept netflix/youtube/etc WITHOUT a chromecast dongle.

it is built into the netflix app. I doubt it is built into every netflix app but it for sure works on mine.

the device shows up as the model number when you press the 'cast' button on your phone/browser.