Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere IIWe saw a couple months ago in a leaked Verizon roadmap that a successor to the original Samsung Stratosphere would be hitting Verizon. Its finally been officially announced, a little later than expected, as a logical progression from its predecessor. The Galaxy Stratosphere II is again decidedly mid-range, with a 1.2Ghz dual-core processor, 4-inch Super AMOLED screen, NFC, QWERTY keyboard and of course 4G LTE, all running on Android 4.0 with TouchWiz.

There's no specific availability just yet but we do know it'll be hitting for $129.99 (after $50 mail-in rebate) -- which is an odd pricing scheme for Verizon -- in "the coming weeks".

Source: Verizon Newsroom


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Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II hitting Verizon for $129.99


Anybody happen to know how much retail will be?

I gotta keep me Unlimited 4G LTE data!!!

What are the chances that this will get the Jellybean update???

The OG Stratosphere never got ICS, be fair that was a Galaxy S class phone. This having the same internals as most high end smartphones today should help.

I'm personally disappointed with the Stratosphere II. I was hoping it would truly become a high-end device with a larger screen and improved superAMOLED panel but it's just meh...more of the same.


With Verizon in charge there was no way the Stratosphere II was going to be a high-end phone.

Anybody have any idea if the Stratosphere II will have the same S Voice capabilities that the S3 has? That would be cool!

What about RAM, at least 1GB of RAM?
Probably not the same 2GB's of RAM that the S3 has.

I've seen no situations where s voice performed as good or better than the built-in Google voice-control. I really wish they would step it up.