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Mobile World CongressYou might have noticed that we've covered the heck out of the Samsung Galaxy S5 launch at Mobile World Congress. It's a lot to take in, but we're going to round up all of the important stories right here for your easy reference.

For those unfamiliar, let's go over the broad strokes. The Galaxy S5 is launching in April worldwide. It's got a 5.1-inch 1920 x 1080 display, 2.5 Ghz quad-core processor, and 2 GB of RAM. Some of its fancier features include a heart rate monitor built in near the camera and a fingerprint sensor, though there are plenty of iterative updates. Dig into the stories below for a fully detailed look at the Samsung Galaxy S5.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 — Everything you need to know


I know what you mean. They're getting there. But I was hoping for a more drastic redesign in both software and hardware. I should have probably kept my expectations in check though.

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As I said one of the previous posts, I'm thinking they want consumers to have a design in mind when think Galaxy, and so far they've done that well. In order for a radical design change, I think Samsung should retire the Galaxy line and start a new line with new design languages, software, features, etc to justify the change. My opinion though. I actually like the look of the S5 to an extent.

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Yeah, me too. And, I'm certain that the Note line is probably only going to get a minor refresh this year, as well.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

If you're hoping for a drastic Hardware AND Software re-design, maybe it's just time to accept that Samsung isn't for you. You're basically saying you hoped Samsung would be entirely and drastically different in every way. That's why there's HTC, Sony, LG, Nexus, Motorola, etc..

A big disappointment to be honest. I will be getting the Z2 or the new HTC instead. I will leave Samsung alone until they pull their finger out of their collective arses.

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I would like to check out the sony line up.....but stuck on verizon due to work contract. Not complaing, as its a free line, but would love to see lte on the Sony. Do you think if sony gets bigger, like samsung, everybody will be disappointed by the bezels, and lack of a rounder form factor? :)

Not until they were huge. They would get/are getting a pass for putting out extremely similar phones every year as well. Myself, I don't care that much, phones in the abstract are just rectangles, and are not really that much different from each other anyway. It's like it was in the 50's for cars. I can tell which was which only when I really pay attention.


Well you're going to be disappointed with Sony and HTC because the phones they are releasing this year look exactly like the ones they released last year

Well you're going to be disappointed with Sony and HTC because the phones they are releasing this year look exactly like the ones they released last year

The phones are getting so good it's going to be hard for them to have that WOW factor with new models.

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Yeah, I agree with that observation. That's what seems to be happening to the iPhone, too, in my opinion. I currently own an HTC, am eligible for an upgrade April 1, have become disenchanted with the HTC line (reliability of the build...they keep crapping out on me and my family), so am very excited to be able to upgrade to the latest Galaxy. And, because of a security requirement my job pushes on me, I'm loving the idea of unlocking my phone with the swipe of my finger. If one already had an S4, I could see why this seems like an incremental improvement, not an exciting release.

Totally agree, the only reason my wife and I upgraded to our current Nexus 4 and 5 was because we were moving off Verizon and needed GSM phones. I can't imagine any reason to replace these until they physically stop working. Maybe some revolutionary new features will come out to entice us, but I just can't picture what that would be. They're plenty fast, the screens are great and they do everything we need with a considerable margin.

It's really something to think that the entire smartphone revolution is just 7 years old - in that short time, we've gone from amazement at the original iPhone to a collective yawn at something like the S5. This is partly why I roll my eyes so much at all the 'post-PC world' comments. Smart phones certainly took the world by storm, and they're surly here to stay, but revolution could already be over as they approach ubiquity.

hmm love the note 3, but this if this is the upgrade the Note 4 gets I'm jumping ship to the LG G Pro 2. It looks yummi

The Note 3 humiliated the S4 (whereas former notes have not really surpassed the S of the same release year) and the Note 4 will probably do the same to the S5. Hell, suggesting the the S5 is better than the Note 3 is a stretch/doubtful proposition as it is.

+1000 This is just a profound statement. I wish people would stop allowing the opinions of tech bloggers to determine what they like and dislike.

I bet if AC, and other tech sites had come out with how much they liked this phone then the comments would be mostly in the positive. But since most tech bloggers were not impressed it appears most people are just jumping on the band wagon, before holding or experiencing the device for themselves.

What I don't like about how these product announcements are going is how many of these sites and bloggers post rumored specs, hardware/software designs, and host of other features and set unrealistic expectations in the minds of their readers, and then when the product is announced it's nothing close to what was rumored and people have a sense of let down.

The problem is that they don't blame the bloggers for the misinformation, instead they blame the OEM.

Well I haven't read any other tech site out there other than ac, and they have so far seemed to come away impressed. I personally have started to really dislike their offerings after the s4. And unless the s5 is way different, my opinion wont change. Its funny how a lot of individuals on here think they know so much about everyone else. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And I've seen quite a few on here with great reasoning to back it up. As long as you don't just say I hate it and can't backup why when asked, you're golden. But as for you social expert analysis people, make a good argument about technology, not about so called bandwagoners. That's not what we are here for.

I suppose I struck a cord with you?

What part of my comment was inaccurate? My point is spot on that many people, on this and many other sites, take what tech bloggers say as the gospel, before ever handling the device on their own. Would you not agree with this assessment?

It's for this reason that journalist have a greater responsibility to report fact and not fiction, because their readers are often swayed by their opinions. If "so and so said it, then it must be true." When a website or blogger hypes up a phone with rumored specs and features, and readers go running and get all excited about how the product will have this or that functionality then it's not inaccurate to suggest that the blogger has created unrealistic expectations. The way they typically back out of any responsibility for creating such hysteria is by adding a line or two in the article which goes something like, "well, there is no official announcement yet, so take what I say as a grain of salt." But the problem is that damage has already been done.

I will not buy the S5 because it does not fit my lifestyle. I'm also not saying that people can't have an opinion about a product or a service. But I stand by what I said in stating that many people are basing their disappointment in the S5 on the fact that it didn't live up to what they 'thought' (based on what they read somewhere) it would be.

Sure no one on here has held one in their hand. But is it really that hard for people to see how many useless features for them are on the phone, even if they're only reading a tech site? Don't think so. I know it has a finger scanner, Won't use it. I know the software takes up just under 8GB, don't like that. I can see the look of touchwiz through videos and photos, and I still don't like the look of it. And for reasons like that alone, like I already stated, I won't like the device until I can hold it in my hand and it can prove me wrong.

The same can be said about the folks who admire the phone. They don't care its plastic, they like a lot of features, and they love Samsung. Good for them.

That being said, this is an endless argument and will lead no where. I'd love to hear why you wouldn't buy one, instead of hearing why every hater is supposedly hypnotized by tech sites. I don't think that's fair to the people with their own actual opinions and that's not what we're all here for. But to each their own.

Just to answer your question about why the S5 is not for me.

I prefer the Note line of products because for the type of work I do the S-Pen is a must. Any phone, whether it be by Samsung, LG, Motorola, Sony or anyone else for that matter must have a stylus for me to even consider it. For this reason I own the Note 3, Note 8.0, Note 10.1 2014, and the Note PRO 12.2. Since the S5 does not have a stylus it does not fit my lifestyle.

However, like you I suppose, I am a tech gadget and I like to read up on all types of new tech and follow this site and others because I learn so much.

I did not mean to start an argument, and I can even understand your point of view. But an old sage once said that "disappointment is the gap between expectation and delivery." If a person is able to manage their expectations then the gap is lessened, and likewise so would the feelings of disappointment.

I would completely agree with owning s pen devices. I own, not use anymore, the galaxy note 2. Got it day one and absolutely loved it. If I had all sorts of money, I would definitely buy a note 3 and the new note pro 12.2 because of their added functionality. But as a daily driver I have turned to the n5 and moto x. My appreciation for galaxy devices fell off after my experiences with the s4. And that's a whole other thing but since then, something like the s5 would have to really impress me to get me to appreciate that line of devices.

I've owned a plethora of different devices from many manufacturers. I'm up for anything if it impresses me. So I'm not taking sides anywhere.

As for the argument, I do understand where you are coming from. I get what you see from people. I just think its not necessary to exploit people like that. But we can agree to disagree about that, no?

Indeed. We're all good.

Like you I enjoy all kinds of tech. It's an ever changing industry and that's what makes it exciting.

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People do the exact same thing with Touchwiz, Sense, MotoBlur, and the other "skins". They read online that someone said they are cartoonish and heavy, so they regurgitate it.

I'm all about GPe. This phone really is nothing special when compared to everything else out there but I want GPe. I have the HTC One GPe and its awesome. I want to know if samsung is going to launch the S5 as GPe and, if so, when and what extra features will it have above base Android? In all the coverage on all the different sites people haven't been asking or talking about this...

Why would Samsung change the look of the phone? They have an iconic look for the Note and S series that making it look drastically different would just be weird. I like what they did with hardware. My only problem is Touchwiz. I'm not judging it yet because I have yet to try this updated version, I just hope its not laggy like on the s3.

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Laggy S4?

Do you have one?

The laggiest piles of silicon dung I've ever owned were both HTCs. And yes I own an S4, and it's the speediest device I've ever had.

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I have an S4. S4's with the stock skinned OS terribly laggy and they know it. Why do you think when you first turn on the device, one of the included widgets is a task manager? Its because if you open for than 2 apps you get sever lag. I installed the Google Play Edition ROM and haven't looked back.

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My mother and sister just got the Moto X and its stock OS kills my S4's OS. I've also had the OG Moto RAZR that was much faster than my stock S4

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Exactly. And its not like its slow to do heavy tasks. It loads websites quickly and big games quickly. But going through menus and using the navigation buttons and scrolling through things sometimes just isn't as fluid as like what you said, the moto x.

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Same ive owned a huge variety of phones since the htc magic on cupcake, im now on a note 2 and its so fast its the first phone I have zero desire to root, rom, overclock etc stock is fine and I find nothing wrong with touchwiz whatsoever since my s2 I just dont understand the hate

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And I thought the same thing when I used my note 2. It was a speedy phone when it first came out but until you try something else that's not touchwiz, you'll realize its pretty laggy.

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Now, admittedly, I have *never* used the TW launcher on either of my Samsung phones (Note 2/3) for more than about an hour, but both phones have seemed very zippy to me. Are you referring specifically to the TW launcher, or the phone in general?

I do not have one. But I have used them several times. Pick up an n5, moto x, HTC one, lg g2, n7 and compare it to the s4. Then you'll know what I'm talking about. Its enough to make me not want to use one. Even the settings menu is ridiculously slow. And the slightly poorer touch sensitivity doesn't help.

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Question: What about wireless charging? In the photo gallery I see the Samsung charging pads, and one pic of the inside of the back cover. But, there are no captions (that I saw---did I miss them?) on the pics. Does the S5 come ready to charge wirelessly out of the box (but you have to buy a compatible charging pad), or do you have to buy a new back for it to enable wireless charging? Looking at the product specs for the Samsung charging pad (which describes compatibility with the S4 and isn't yet updated for the S5), that page indicates that you have to also buy a wireless charging back in addition to the charging pad. Just wondered what the situation was with the S5 relative to wireless charging.

I'm pretty sure in the post about accessories it was mentioned there will be the same optional setup as the s4. Meaning a new back cover and a charging pad.

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Good luck with that. I've run away screaming from anything with those accursed three letters of evil on them.

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"I'm committing to buying something that I don't know a dang thing about yet! Even if it's a piece of hot crap I am committed!!"

It looks like my GS2. It feels they give backwards with the design. Too much fake metal/chrome. And the shiny blue looks awful.

In the pictures the blue looks gaudy, but in the video it looks pretty cool. I am very interested to see if this color is available at launch on my carrier so I can check it out in person.

I agree with what has been said, look at the Xperia range all the same bar size differences. That said does that then mean that all the S line should from now on with only minor tweaks?

Or should Samsung now end the s line with the S5 and start a new?

I can't say the S5 is growing on me and that is down to me having the Note 3 which can be over clocked to match the 2.5ghz of the S5. Then again it's not a successor to the Note 3 but rather the S4.

So even then is there enough incentive many will buy and i'm only speaking from my perspective but for me I wouldn't be enclined to purchase had I still had my S4.

Never expect that ultimate premium device in the S line lower expectations and all will be fine lol

The Note 4 will be more of the same but that's ok as it stands.

Sèe it will work and now the S5 is ok haha.

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Well, I like these colors, but the design just isn't that appealing to me. It seems sort of busy, like there's too much going on with the back. Maybe that's not the case in-person, though.

Posted via AC App on HTC One

Reserved on Rogers, but... would prefer the 32GB model to the 16GB they are offering. Does anyone know if / when they will carry it?

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I have to admit that after some time, it's kinda beginning to grow on me.

Still not my preferred handset, though.

I think the reason why nearly everyone is disappointed with it is because it's overhyped. Had those 2k screen/metal body rumors not exist, I bet the phone would have a better reception.

Personally an upgraded s4 is the prefect device for me. Still have to see if that lag is still in Tw, also if the battery shows improvement. If those issues are resolved, im sold.

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I was holding out to see what Samsung offered. Guess I am somewhat disappointed. Can't decide now on the Note 3 or wait til April. Camera is not a big issue for me, but 3gb RAM verses 2gb RAM is a big deal.

It really isn't. We are not there yet

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Those S5S make a nice fan.

Sent from inside a cave. Yes, T-Mobile covers caves. N5

That is the Wong of it. Your statement not the phone.

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Just wondering why no one is talking about the USB port cover. This, IMO, is a serious design flaw for those of us who use form fitting desktop or car cradles or even just plug and unplug our phones frequently. That little dangling flap, like on the S4 Active will get in the way and eventually break off, thus rendering the device vulnerable to water and dust. Seriously disappointed in that little blunder or am I missing something?

I don't think there is a way to avoid the usb cover if you want waterproofing. The Sony xperia z1 has it covered, but it also has magnetic charging pins on the side so I never have to open the port. That's gonna get old real fast on the s5. You think they would have included wireless charging.

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Many people defend the 2GB of RAM, I say it's not only disappointing, but a downgrade. Think about it, with all those new features I bet you get less RAM for yourself. I'm so disappointed that I'm switching families, and upgrading my S4 to a Note 3. More RAM, significantly more battery, and a better camera than my S4. Sure, the new S5 is 16MP, but 16MP is almost indistinguishable from 13MP. In the mean time, the S5 can't handle slow motion beyond 60 FPS, and that's just crappy. Talk about a downgrade. Sorry for the rant.

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Really let down with this drvice.....the screen, ram and battery bummed ne out and well...the camers too becaude it isnt such an improvement compared to when I went from the s3 to s4 but I think I will have to hold out on it this year. I've had every galaxy phone so far but I feel like samsung is doing the same as apple now.

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