In just eleven hours time Samsung will be taking the wraps off the Galaxy S4 at its big presentation at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. In the meantime, we're seeing more leakage of the upcoming handset, including these two Chinese demos of the handset showing a couple of new features.

First up is 'smart pause,' which uses the front-facing camera to detect when you're looking away from a video, pausing it accordingly. And secondly there's 'floating touch,' a feature previously rumored for the S4, and one we've already seen on the Sony Xperia Sola. Like the S Pen's hovering capabilities on the Galaxy Note 2, this detects your finger at a distance, bringing up extra info like folder previews in the gallery app.

So it seems two of the rumored Galaxy S4 features may indeed be headed our way later today. Check out the "smart pause" demo above. We've got the "floating touch" video embedded after the break.

Stay tuned to AC for full coverage of the day's events, live from New York.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 'floating touch,' 'smart pause' features caught on video ahead of launch


I guess this chap got sick of people calling it fake, although im sure even this could be faked.
I think he is going to get a visit from the Samsung heavies pretty soon if this is the S4.

After using the stylus consistently on the Note2, I can tell you that the 'hover' feature is anything but a gimmick. It is a very useful tool. Wonderful for in menu selections, and the web. If they do manage to put this feature in the S4 without a stylus that will be a big deal. As for the other features I can't comment, because I havent used them.

Do you know if this works with gloves as well? I remember the Sony Sola having been marketed with the floating touch feature and showing it being used with ski gloves I think.

I agree, the "Hover" feature (that is copied from Sony) is a useful tool........The pausing the vid when you look away feature on the other hand...GIMICK

It is kinda gimmicky.

Can we stop using #FAIL already?

And why do we always think that OEMs need to "innovate"?
Evolutionary design is a GOOD thing.

I'm becoming more, and more convinced that this is the GS4. As a GS3 owner, I think I'll hold off, and wait for the Note III. On topic however, I don't really see the practicality in this idea at all. Agreed with others, this is nothing more than a gimmick.

Actually, the "floating" feature of the Stylus on the Note 2 has lots of uses. Hover over a long entry in a list (one that is longer than the screen can display) an a "ToolTip" pops up with the full name. Hover over a particular group in the gallery and a "quick view" of the most recent few photos appear. If you're the type that likes to draw or doodle on your device, you can see *exactly* where you're about to draw. Really, it's a big help with anything that benefits from precision.

And that's not counting what you mentioned of actually being able to use websites that don't have a mobile version and use those "hover menus". The floating stylus feature has come in very handy for me several times. I'd be willing to bet the hover feature is something you would use a lot more than you think.

I have to admit.. the floating touch feature is quite convincing, seeing as that is all hardware. I guess that really is the s4

This is most likely the s4 software but not convinced that this is the "final" hardware. Do you guys really think that Samsung is gonna be so slack in it's security that one of these are just floating around in China in it's final form. I don't think so.... At the end of the day, Samsung will make this guy look like a fool with a different designed s4.

Holy S**t C**ks the screen will never get smudges since you will never touch it!!! My only question is will this be faster and more productive than touching the actual screen? Didn't Sony implement something similar a while back?

As much as I don't want this to be the s4, I think we all might be in for a disappointment tonight. Maybe not the "final" form, but damn close.

S3 form, different colors, slightly larger 1080p screen.

I hope I'm wrong.

What? Were you hoping for soemthing that melted down to a liquid like T1000 so you could put it in a bottle and carry it on a necklace? Everyone's expectations of this phone are ridiculous. This seems like a perfectely reasonable upgrade in a product line for only being 8 months since that last upgrade.

Nice hyperbole. Can you exaggererate a bit more. People were hoping for a design change like the HTC One but Samsung chose to stay with the same basic design, that's all. It seems to perform well.

HTC is changing its design because it cant make up its mind what it wants to be. Samsung have a working solution and will stick to it.

I'm sure Apple feels the way about their "incremental" upgrades but ask a lot of people and haters and they'll think otherwise. I'm not sure if Samsung fans realize it but they are starting to sound like Apple fans.

Actually, the HTC fans have been so loud & defensive that they remind me of Apple fans. What ever happened to everyone being happy that we have choice?! If Samsung is not your thing, get an HTC or Motorola! If Blinkfeed annoys you, don't get an HTC! Don't like custom overlays? Get A Nexus! Want uniformity? Get an iPhone!

So Over on SamMobile they posted 4 videos. These 2 and then one for the web browsing and another on the lock screen.

watch the lock screen video. You'll notice that there is a flare instead of the water ripples in the S3. Also remember in the 2nd teaser video that when Jeremy leaves the box open there is a nice golden flare, almost identical, that floats out of the box.

Thought that was a cool addition.

I think that floating touch thing seems like it has potential for real usefulness, as long the apps on your phone are coded to utilize it in some useful way. Hovering your finger over a thumbnail, just above the screen, and getting a slightly larger thumbnail pop-up is not very useful, or am I just crazy?

So the question becomes are app developers going to develop Samsung galaxy S4 specific app versions (most importantly the Google apps: maps, gmail, playstore, chrome, and basic core system apps) to utilize this feature present in just this one model of phone?

Without that, I think the thrill of slightly larger thumbnail pop-ups will wear off pretty quickly.

The smart-pause, on the other hand, obviously a pure gimmick. Do people actually not know they can just rewind their video with just a simple movement of the progress slider? Is tapping the screen to pause just too difficult for some people? Was this targeted at the quadriplegic market?

wait... how does a person without use of their arms hold a hand-held device anyway?

The simple truth is these gimmicks will make this an even greater success than the S3. And Samsung knows this.

Fire up the hype machine boys!

Long time galaxy owner 1, 2, 3. Note 2 owner now and I say meh.

I don't use all those smart settings for the eyes etc.

HTC has really impressed with the One. Will they be rewarded with the sales?

Because, apparently, a lot of people had some pretty ridiculous expectations that the SIV would have wings and a rocket engine or something.

There are also those people who didn't like the "pebble" design style that Samsung adopted for the SIII and Note 2 and were hoping that Samsung would abandon it and go back to more "squarish" design. I don't see that happening anytime soon. Especially since the design seemed to work so well for them on the SIII.

I really don't blame some people for having great expectations for S4. It's mainly Samsung's fault, they have contributed to the hype and some would argue maybe they did a little bit too much. Nevertheless, we need to be realistic. Key Lime Pie will support rocket engines so at least we know S5 will have that!Including the capability to be melt into a neck chain.

Agreed about the hype. I was never a fan of the pebble/nature thing. My S3 is so glossy, it practically slips out of my hand. Added a cover but it's no longer thin. Great phone otherwise. I was hoping but fairly sure they wouldn't kill the physical home key. Lets face it, in terms of style, the HTC One kills it.

And still having problems with Samsung GPS. Tells me I'm in the woods when I'm driving down the highway.

Won't be upgrading from my S3.

It's nice we are at a point where hardware is starting to matter less. I haven't had any interest in the features that have been leaked so far for this phone. I think this will be the first year I will pass on upgrading. I really don't think there is going to be noticeable performance gains and my 720p screen is quite great. It's already " retina" quality so there's no point in upgrading just for the screen.

This would irritate the crap out of me. Just this morning I was reading a web page and my thumb barely touched my home button and took me back to my home page. If hovering close did it I would pull my hair out (if I didn't already shave it!)

Meh. Floating touch is cool on my Note 2 but nothing I'd think would help sell a phone ESPECIALLY the S4. The smart pause will more than likely be added to S3 and the Note 2. Never understood the need for smart stay unless you have your screen timeout set to 30 seconds (I have mine set to 2min) and if i cant read all of whats on my screen before then that's my own problem. BUT, if they can manage to market it right it'll sell. I just think they need more...not to mention the fact that there's always the possibility that the US version wont have the same processor...

I wonder how this float feature handles cold weather. Living in a northern state I notice most devices become significantly less responsive as the glass cools with winter temperatures.

If this feature in anyway combats that they should market it in the states that regularly see snow.

I wonder how they do that. Pretty neat. Anyway to all the critics stfu. This is a huge upgrade for many many people that didn't get a phone last year due to contracts so when I am ready to upgrade this year the GS4 is back to the top of my list.

Anything would be a huge upgrade if you haven't gotten a new phone in two years. Thats your benchmark for being impressed?


I have the Samsung Droid Charge, so both the S3 & S4 would be a big upgrade for me in numerous ways, screen size & resolution, processor & ram,newest version of Android. ..

Well said. I have to admit I laugh at people who post things like "*This* is supposed to make me ditch my Note 2?!"

I really don't think Samsung is targeting people who buy a new phone every 6 months. Because most people don't do that. I've been guilty of having 3 different phones over the past 2 1/2 years, and that's even a little nuts. I guess it's your money.

At some point, though, you have to realize that we're going to reach some kind of limit to what they can cram into these things. I think we're getting there. We've got really cool new tech coming out, but the "blown away" wow factor is probably going to wan a little.

So some people have a lower benchmark, others can't be disappointed? Hmmmmm, by your logic a person on a cheap flip phone should be excited about an iPhone 3G, should we also be excited since they haven't upgraded in a while? Come on dude. Logic please.

Lets hope Samsung has done a great job of faking everyone out because if this is the GS4, its a disappointment.

This is a prototype device not the s4. If it was id think sammy would get these leaks pulled down asap. I bet we will be surpised tonight.

This is exactly what I'm thinking. I think it's premature to judge a leak; it makes more sense to reserve judgment for the finished product, which will be released tonight, anyway.

I don't think ANYTHING is a "gimmick".
Some people will use a certain feature, some people may not.

It's innovative because it changes how you use
& interact with your smartphone.

agreed, especially since quite a few of these features, unless i'm mistaken, will not be on by default and it will be up to the user to turn them on if they want to utilize them.

I have an S3 so I'll have to see if this is worth getting when it finally gets to the US. If it's anything like the S3, we won't see it over here until the summer while the rest of the world gets before months before.

For those that will be disappointed, this is what happens when a company releases very good products.... they have to continually outdo themselves. Apple is feeling it and Samsung will eventually feel it. I mean it's only so much a company can do with the rates that these devices were released. Before smartphones became popular a company could sit on the same phone for 2-3 years before they released another. Now they can to come out with a new phone within a year that's dramatically better than the last one that's already pretty powerful. Not an easy thing for anyone to do no matter how much money they have. Before long, we'll hear how Samsung is becoming "stale" in the same way we're hearing it about Apple. So Samsung is now forced to place more emphasis on software for the "new" device to differentiate it and substantiate it as a viable predecessor.

that is unless that because they are announcing the S4 in the US it will be released in the US and Europe at the same time.

that would be my hope

Yes I would hope so too. I'd be surprised though. Especially being a Verizon customer, we will most definitely be late to the party.

I've always liked how Samsung always tries to make their software better. I don't think any other companies has put much effort to their software compared to Samsung. Note 2 brought many great features with the S-Pen, not to mention multi-view etc. Minus the look of the TW UI, almost everything that Samsung has brought has made my user experience better.

I have a feeling The S4 is going to be all about the software. Hardware is becoming comparable to other phones, so this is the only spot I think they can outshine the other companies.

I kind of expected that the design would have been the same. Why try to fix something that isn't broken? Plus changing design would confuse the average consumers. Samsung is trying to make the Galaxy line their top end, so I can see why they would keep the same design.