Galaxy S2

Coming on the heels of a leaked build of Android 4.1.2 for the Samsung Galaxy SIII (S3), the folks over at SamMobile have published a leak of the software for the Galaxy SII (S2) as well. The Galaxy S2 just picked up ICS starting in April, and now its a bit of a surprise that we may see an official update to Jelly Bean as well.

The firmware is supposedly quite stable, and seems to pack nearly all of the features that are coming to other Samsung devices with Android 4.1 -- Google Now, Project Butter, Smart Stay and new notifications are all on-board. One thing missing will be multi-view window management, which isn't surprising considering the lower resolution of the S2's display when compared to other recent 720x1280 devices.

The firmware, which is software version I9300XXLSJ and Android build JZO54K, is available for willing participants now. You can take a look at the source link below if you're ready to get your hands on it.

Source: SamMobile

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Incubus123 says:

Samsung is doing a pretty good job of updating their top end devices.

PJMAN2952 says:

I'm surprised that it's getting the 4.1 update. It's a old phone though but still powerful.

DSaif says:

It's a Galaxy Nexus technically

wrcdriver says:

Actually is better than a Galaxy Nexus

LegacyEvoAce says:

If the S2 gets Jellybean before my Evo Lte....ima cry! Samsung continues to do awesome wish they would stop with those garbage screens though its the reason I did not pick up an S3.

h0ruza#AC says:

Hopefully this will help the CM team in their endeavors.

At least a little bit.

h0ruza#AC says:

NB. There's video on the link showing JB in action but what I found funny was the users hand looks massive using the S2.

Guess I'm used to seeing big phones being put through there paces.

To think the mighty S2 was considered big when it came out.

Stychill says:

wow, i really didn't expect this, that's really decent software support on samsungs' part

frozencloud says:

I highly doubt the US. Carriers will see this update

srkmagnus says:

There have been leaked builds for the Sprint Epic 4g Touch...

h0ruza#AC says:


Shadowriver says:

I hope they finally implement widget resizing to TouchWiz ;x

Sal197 says:

if i update my s2 to these JB firmwares will my music,pics lost?

wrcdriver says:

No, you don't, flashing it resets the OS and deletes the instaled apps, it doesn't mess with media files.

hanly2 says:

Does my phone have to be rooted to do this? If samsung releases this officially do I just install that normally or does this change my phone for good for updates and stuff, I don't understand.