Could the Samsung Galaxy S, brilliant screen and all, follow in the Nexus One's footsteps and launch on all 4 major US Carriers? That's what Forbes is reporting. According to Broadpoint.AmTech analyst Mark McKechnie the Galaxy S will be on AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, & T-Mobile "sometime later this year". If true, that's a huge move by Samsung because nearly all of US mobile phone subscribers will have a chance to use, and thus be wowed, by the Galaxy S.

Remember, the Galaxy S is a phone that is ridiculously fast and has the most beautiful of screens (if you need a reminder, check our hands-on). And though it's as 'flagship' a device you can get, Samsung still needs to stack the odds to compete with the Evos and Incredibles of the Android world. Having all 4 carriers on their side is certainly one way to do it.


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Samsung Galaxy S launching on AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, & T-Mobile ?


I'm with you on that. If this is true at least we have an option. My father is getting the EVO also but I think the Galaxy may be better for him.

Hopefully this is true and happens soon (N1 is taking forever).

This looks like an awesome phone, BUT...look at all of the Samsung Moment's problems that are still messing up that nice phone.
I think I'd go Evo rather than Samsung's offering.

The hardware looks amazing, but the software alone is why I think I am gonna stick to getting the Incredible.

My friend loves his Moment. I don't have an Android phone yet, but I've been following it for a couple months and I'm waiting for a "super" Android phone to come to T-Mo. Don't want to buy Nexus one because it's expensive and I don't qualify for a discount (not that I would even want it because of the subsidized contract). I think this phone looks promising especially with the 720p playback.

Don't fall for it. Samsung phones always look pretty and awesome and end up being garbage. Give them your money for their TVs.

the hardware of this phone is pretty good. especially with 720p recording. but since it looks too much like an iphone clone and since its not htc with sense ui im not interested.