Samsung Galaxy S III

By now, we've all got a good look at the Samsung Galaxy S III and know it will eventually be making its way to carriers across the U.S. The Verge though, has been slipped what appears to be the T-Mobile U.S. version. Aside from the T-Mobile badging, however, you'd never know this version from the European versions. It's a spitting image of the same one we crawled all over at the announcement in London a month ago.

And that's the weird part. Normally, U.S. carriers like to add their own swing onto devices (for better or worse). A button change here, a button change there. But if these images are accurate then T-Mobile -- and quite possibly likely every other U.S. carrier -- has left the Samsung Galaxy S III untouched and we'll see very little variation across the board. That folks, is a very good thing to have happen and hopefully a trend that will continue.

Source: The Verge

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radgatt says:

This is a pleasant surprise...

cmunic8r99 says:

Dear AT&T: The example has been set.

Yes, AT&T for the love of everything holy in smartphones, please follow this example....leave the freakin' physical home button this time.

Can I third this notion?
ATT version, S4, 2 gb ram, and a home button FTW!

rahul79 says:

Nice...but still hate the cheap feel of them.

wilfreb says:

have you held one in your hands???

DAS says:

How do you know it "feels" cheap?

People often complain about Samsung phones being made of cheap plastic, but I have yet to see one example of where a Samsung phone was rendered unusable because of "cheap" parts.

I own the Galaxy Note, and I can say that the device is built very well. The back cover may be flexible, but that doesn't make it cheap.

This is my second Samsung device and I have not experienced any defect in the materials such a fading, warping, chipping or discoloration which one would expect if the materials were in fact cheap. IMO Samsung gets a bad rap over this issue, and the proof of that statement is the lack of any widespread complaints of defective devices based on the materials being used.

Shadowriver says:

I still not like feel of my naked Samsung SII.... good thing i got nice cover :)

Incubus123 says:

They feel great in real life.

ArtVandelay says:

That's what she said.

91_z28_4me says:

Like a bag of sand.

s14tat says:


rlb says:

Fail. You've never even held one. It's made of polycarbonate, just like the One X.

Jeremy626 says:

can you be quiet now and just get a One X or iphone then?
take a hike, troll.

kullkid92x says:

Wow that is deff a trend that should continue. Awesome that they're going this way. Though remember Tmobile gets the regular specs or even lower specs than the other big 3 carriers. Im referring to the 2 gb of ram for example that canada has confirmed, i bet the big 3 here will deff get that 2 gb of ram and ofcourse the LTE version, leaving tmobile as the only hspa+

jedah says:

LTE varies in each city. In LA, I tested a T-Mo One S vs my ATT Skyrocket. On LTE, I scored 7-8Mbps down, the One S: 11Mbps down. I think most people would be happy w/ T-Mo's speeds as long as they're in an area w/ T-Mo's HSPA+.

kullkid92x says:

Oh no doubt forsure. But you know the Tmo fans will cry about only having 1 gb ram instead of 2 lol while verizon att and sprint most likely get 2gb of ram

wayee1 says:


wayee1 says:

Cool...! exynos ? to ? :D ?

InfrnalSky says:

I applaud T-Mobile for this. Makes the phone much more accessible for aftermarket accessories. I'm a GNex guy and will always be an Android user, but I love how the *phone, with it's once size fits all model, makes it so appealing to the aftermarket. Hopefully this trend will continue with the rest of the S3 line and other manufacturers.

pokingmon says:

i appear to be in the minority as far as disapproval of the button is concerned. i was really hoping for S2-like soft keys only, or going full ICS no-button style. good thing my S2 is still in tip top shape. there's always the chance of revisions later on.

SteveIowa says:

I am with you pokingmon. Please God no button on the LTE version. But I'll gladly take the 2GB of RAM! Woo Hoo!

Floss82 says:

Damn TMO going hard these days!!!!!!!! :)

MOTH477 says:

Nice T-Mobile! Now can we get release dates?

Rob White says:

Watch Apple file another lawsuit because... Well just because.

jeffreii says:

Is there any reason to actually believe these are real TMO photos? The only thing I see is a photoshop-able logo on the back of what look like the same images Samsung gave us a month ago.

Maybe I am missing something though...

I thought the exact same thing when I saw the photos. How hard would it be to throw a carrier's logo on the back cover? I'm skeptical about this, but I hope AT&T does the same!!!!

Incubus123 says:

This is probably done to avoid any further delays. Which is good for you in the states i suppose.

vinny jr says:

This has made my day no week no Month. Hot damn Sam, I am jumping for freaken Joy.YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.This should drive many a new customer to the T-Mobile Carrier. Great job T-Mobile. This was a smart move from the new team at T-Mobile.

nyc_rock says:

The later the ATT release the less likely they made the smart move and kept the phone the same. Im betting ATT isnt that smart, but hoping they were. Imagine how many accessories will be available if there is only one hardware version.

tronthedon says:

T-Mobile left it alone after their fiasco with the SGS2 last year. I'm still betting on the other 3 changing the design, and by doing so, T-Mobile will in fact have a "different" version by default from the other 3 carriers.

Kudos to T-Mobile for their restraint

DAS says:

I happen to think this may be a case of Samsung having the clout to put their foot down and demand the carrier leave the device alone.

Being #1 in smartphone sales brings a certain level of bargaining power to the table that other OEM's, other than Apple, simply do not have.

IMO all these different variations and names makes branding the phone very difficult and confusing to the everyday consumer. I believe Samsung is in a position now to end some of this madness.

An iPhone is called an iPhone on every carrier around the world, and the look of the device is the same across the board. I think Samsung wants to be in that same position with its flagship devices.

bagarwa says:

I've said it before and I'd say it again....
That looks like ugliest piece of plastic. Won't buy this even if it's offered for a penny.

s14tat says:

Its okay you can play with your inferior phone else where.

dwhall says:

Seen one of these yesterday at a safeway in Seattle. Guy was sitting in a chair waiting for the ATM. I asked him about it and he immediately shoved it in his pocket and said it was just a phone :|

RaiderWill says:

That was a Verizon Beta Tester.. That's a good thing.. That means it should be on schedule for the September 20th launch date.

acer1096xxx says:

I really hope this goes for all US carriers. I love the physical home button, and hopefully this means updates on all carriers will occur around the same timeframe with the international version. (considering the international version always gets updates pretty quickly).

GuestAccount says:

> has left the Samsung Galaxy S III untouched

Because the outside plastic case looks the same????

What about using a power-wasting, slower, dual-core CPU... instead of the quad?

hoovhartid says:

power-wasting? slower?

if this is anything like the one x series you'll be wrong on both accounts...

...besides what good is having the fastest phone if you cant connect to the fastest data available (LTE)?

s14tat says:

The exynos is still more powerful, just because the S4 is better than the Tegra 3 does not mean its more powerful than the exynos. Power consumption on the on the exynos vs the tegra 3 version One X is 10% better on all fronts except for video play back where it beats the tegra 3 by almost 100%

DaviMack says:

im going to say its real. With all the other carriers having to switch things to LTE wouldnt the chamges from the normal gs3 to the t mo version be very minimal. Mostly just radios bands. And as far as standing apart it would in the US if everyone else changes it most consumers have no idea about gs3 in Europe

303kush says:

Lol rumor after rumor after rumor. All bs. My friend that works at t mobile said its not dropping on the 20th of june, if it was they would have had a meeting where they are briefed on the phone and it's features. It's not even in their system.

jean15paul says:

I like the idea of having one version of the GS3 (better dev support, universal accessories, etc). But I hate a physical home button. #mixedfeelings

hmmm says:

So much plastic. Why can't they at least do soft touch or like the material on the Galaxy Nexus? I hate using cases but the glossy back is one thing that bothered me about the Nexus S.

bdroc says:

AC article or not, the industrial design of this device is very poor, IMO. When the S2 was first announced, I remember thinking to myself, "THIS is what the original Galaxy should've looked like all along." The Galaxy Nexus and all variations of the Galaxy S2 look so much better than this. And this one is glossy...blech.

Nashstruck says:


This is photoshopped. It's just the SGSIII press image from Samsung with a T-Mobile logo pasted on.

goliath602 says:

I really hope that this is true. I hate how carriers always change the phone in one way or another. Just leave the damn phone alone. There will be so much more development for it and much more accessories. I am not an Apple fan in any way at all. But the way they tell the Carriers "No you aren't doing anything to my phone" is IMO one of the main reasons the phone is so popular. Everyone has the same device even on different carriers. People don't have to choose which phone is best for them, just the carrier.