Galaxy S III

With the launch day buzz dying down, and handsets finally making their way out to consumers, the Samsung Galaxy S III has gone on sale at Carphone Warehouse and Phones4U stores across the UK today. Carphone sends word that the phone is available in-store and online, with on-contract prices starting at £28 per month with no up-front cost on certain networks. Meanwhile Phones4U says that Samsung's new flagship is its "biggest-selling handset of the year" across its 600 UK stores, though the retailer offers no specific pre-sales numbers.

Elsewhere, all five major UK networks are offering the Galaxy S III on-contract, though the phone is only available in "marble white" for the moment, due to production issues with the "pebble blue" version.

Keep watching AC for exhaustive coverage of the phone, its hardware and its software in the days ahead.


Reader comments

Samsung Galaxy S III lands at independent UK retailers


And we have to wait until Mid-September ( At least on Verizon ).. Why are we always last to the party? Well, At least if you are out of contract or with AT&T you can get the Quad-Core / Mali-400 unit which is a better gaming phone and run it on AT&T's 3G network right now.. If you are willing to trade 4G for 4 Cores..

I just popped in to a Tesco store to buy some groceries and there it was, a shiny new white Galaxy SIII. Even better, a working display model. This is only normally reserved for the iphoney.
The SIII was well and truly bolted down so no chance of me accidentally wandering out of the store with it.
My first impresssion was WOW look at the size of the thing! The screen looks really nice too and the build quality really impressed me. I had a good play with it and the OS works super slick.
Only downside for me is that my contract is not up for renewal till August. Damn!!