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We know that heading into tonight's Samsung Galaxy S III launch event, one of the big questions you guys had surrounded any US availability. We got a couple of answers that should tide you over. 

Yes, there is a 4G LTE version of the Galaxy S III, and yes the phone will be coming to the US. As this slide from the keynote shows us, we're expecting the first signs of the new Samsung flagship in the US in June. What we still don't know at this point, is whether or not this will be the launch, or the availability of the device.

For now, we'll just have to wait until the US carriers start to announce the device, but worry-ye-not American Samsung fans. This time around there won't be that long wait that came for the Galaxy S II.


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Samsung Galaxy S III heading to the US in June


The Verge is saying Sprint off the jump. Interested in seeing an HTC One X/Samsung Galaxy III comparision with pics.

Sprint will probably change the color to black, make the plastic two different colors on the back, and redesign the shape to look like every other black slab. Sprint doesn't quite get that people appreciate good physical design and not just good specs.

In my own opinion at least, the Evo LTE looks leagues better. Really hope we see some better SGS3 designs in the US.

I guess that Evo LTE is an acquired taste :) Everything about its design hurts my eyes, yet I've heard many people rave about it. It's a shame, because inside it's incredible. Yes, I'm shallow like that -- I'm not using my upgrade on a deformed (haha) phone when one just as powerful but more stylish is likely around the corner. I really wish the One X had come to Sprint.

I've always thought the One X was fairly plain and uninspired, whereas with the EVO whether you like it or not you can't deny that it's unique. Also, remember that the EVO and One X (and the SGS3 for that matter) are all rectangular devices with rounded corners and edges that curvin into the back. Not much diversity on the form of phones these days.

Sprint barely changed the SGSII when they got the Epic 4G Touch, all they did was rearrange the camera (moved the flash below the lens), and ditch the 2+1 Button layout for a 4 capacative button layout.
SO you get the same blue (hopefully they have white also) SGSIII, only the camera will be arranged differently, the 2+1 will be ditched for the 4CBL or onscreen buttons...
Drumroll please for the new extremely long name. Ladies and Gentlemen; introducing the new Samsung Galaxy S III Sprint Epic 4G (Touch?) LTE

Yes this will appear on Verizon in June no question. My only thoughts is to either get this or the upcoming Galaxy Note 2. Choices choices choices.

Galaxy note 2? Where you hear that? I be glad just to get the first one on Verizon before the end of the year.

He has no insider information, and Samsung said nothing. He has a habit of being quite sure of himself, though I haven't seen him in a while.

I really wish I knew when it was coming to Sprint. Right now, I'm going to hold off on pre-ordering the EVO 4G LTE in hopes I can get this phone instead in a reasonable timeframe.

Of course, I realize that I won't preorder the new EVO and then it'll sell out and then the GSIII won't be available until February of 2013 and it'll be weeks/months before I can get a new phone.

Let's be honest here... SPrint's Baby is the EVO Brand... They won't launch anything to compete with it any time soon. I saw no earlier than September.

Yeah, EVO brand is their baby so much that the whole time they were declaring the Epic 4G Touch their flagship, the Evo 3D was collecting dust and on sale for $50 a piece.

Why do you think pre-orders of the EVO 4G LTE are in May? So that people will be locked into the EVO before they SGSIII comes, that way they can get more money from people having to pay full price for a device.

You can think the EVO brand is their baby, but this is just Economics 101 ;-)

You took the thoughts right out of my head... I am a Samsung fan and I am DYING waiting for this phone to be released, but I am still going to wait, knowing that it WILL be worth it, is good enough for me. I just have to learn patience LOL

"June" is encouraging, but I'll believe it when I have my VZW version in my pocket for 4th of July.

And will VZW finally have their Family Plan released when this comes out? I don't necessarily want to re-up before that is known.


I dont this the phone that comes to the USA will have hardware buttons. The UK devices have always had that home key but once they get here that goes away for other designs. Remember that we did see a device leak with onscreen buttons...I think that is the device we will see hit the USA with LTE and the S4. Who else here is with me?

T-Mobile is getting this as well, my sister works as a manager in a retail store here in NYC and has already a meeting today about it:D

Does June mean everyone or does it mean one carrier in June, one in in last year? :-P

They should just sell the unlocked GSM version online initially and then let Verizon/Sprint/AT&T/T-Mobile do their usual hacks for months before releasing subsidized phones... :-P

Those that want it are probably better off ordering an unlocked S III from Europe, and not let the carriers interfere with your choices.


The problem is the budget. Not everyone can afford that.

And there are plenty of importers that will bring this phone to US and Canada carriers. Unless you were really counting on LTE (and happened to live in one of the few places that have it), the International/European GSM (4G HSPA) version will probably work everywhere.

Well in Europe you can buy unlocked phones in rates (i dont know how you call that in english), which is actully the same thing that carries do to make phone look cheaper, but they just adding phone cost to your montly plan, so you actully paying full price anyway

With the exception of T-Mo US, the cost per month if you bring your own unlocked phone or if you get a subsidized phone is identical. Wish it was cheaper if you brought your own, but sadly no.

wait until "June" for the S3 or just get the Nexus on Sprint now? Anyone have an opinion? I keep going back and forth and can't make up my mind

Wait 'til June, it really shouldn't be that hard, the Nexus is a 6 month old phone that just got release on Sprint, the SGSIII is new, and due to be release soon.

I hate this part of it all. Now I have to choose between this or the EVO. Assuming the EVO will be out first, it will be really hard to wait much longer for samsung. My palms will practically be itching for a new phone in another month.

I will never own a phone with a PenTile screen. Never.

At this point, it looks like I'll be keeping my LG Spectrum until Verizon has a phone with the Qualcomm S4 chipset, preferably the Pro variant, and a 720 (maybe even a 1080) true RGB screen.

If that means I wait for a year or more, fine. The Spectrum works well enough on Gingerbread and will work even better with Ice Cream Sandwich. And I'm pretty sure ICS will be available before another phone comes out that I feel I just HAVE to get.

The earlier I get a phone, the earlier I can upgrade next year or 2014.......EVO4GLTE it is!!!

If I want the SGS3 that bad, I'll just have to add a line.

um... *when* is the Galaxy SIII coming to the USA? Oh... yeah... June. Somehow I missed that subtle presentation slide...