Galaxy S II

We know the Samsung Galaxy S II is coming to the US.  We're almost certain that every one of the four major US carriers will get their own flavor, and it looks like we already know what the Sprint version (referred to as the Epic 4G Touch this week) is going to look like thanks to Samsung's teaser video about the US launch.  We don't buy into the September 9 date shown on the weather widget being the launch date just yet, (we've seen that sort of thing many times before and ity rarely pans out), but the Sprint visual voicemail icon being shown off on the homescreen?  That's pretty hard to just dismiss as coincidence.  Add that to the fact that the version shown has the four capacitive buttons we're used to from Samsung, and a different overall shape, and it all adds up.  Hopefully, it does show itself on September 9 -- it's about time someone gets one of these out in the US.  If the hurricane gods allow it, we'll know more on Aug 29.

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Samsung Galaxy S II used in Samsung's teaser video looks to be the Sprint version


Now we just need info on Verizon's version so i can make my choice between this or the Bionic!

Oh and just to annoy people... FIRST!

Looks nice prob real smooth but unless it comes with an ounce of Gold or 10 shares in Google stock I will stay away from it. Had the SGS and as much as I loved that phone I hated the fact that we had to wait forever for Froyo and when I lef for the 3DO it still did not have GB.

Just my personal thoughts

Because someone should have to void their warranty to get their phone to work or have the latest andriod that all the other brands do. I run roms and not afraid to do it but someone shouldn't have to do it because the company is lazy or just doesn't care.

Im sure its not 100% samsungs fault, and if you can root it you can also unroot it. I have always been a fan of HTC but the EVO3d left a sour taste.... I'm willing to try this phone because of the awesome rumored hardware. Just like every other phone out there its pretty much old news after 3 months and as consumers that's our fault. What if phones were like computers and lets say you had too purchase the update much like going from windows vista to windows 7..... it will probably eventually come down to this

Well remember that Google did partner with manufacturers earlier this year to push out timely updates. I know how people feel with the updates, but I'm gonna give samsung the benefit of the doubt and give them another chance to prove themselves. I really think they'll make good on their promise, but we'll see...

I'm really glad that android phones are customizable but I'm a real dumbass when it comes to that stuff. I'm afraid of bricking my phone.

No thanks, Samsung won't get my money until they realize that their job isn't over on phones release day. Such a shame with the nice hardware they put out.

I wouldn't normally put to much stock on the date shown on the weather widget as well but sprintfeed did put out the 9/9 release date rumor this past Friday. Before this promo started circulating, seems like to much of a coincidence to me.

Smart consumers already know that even the iPhone 5 won't do what Android phones are already doing.

The iPhone's rule is over.

I wouldn't say that. I switched to android when the evo came out from the pre and I've been dissapointed by android the whole time. I just want a nice UI and timely updates. Even though I do root and flash roms on my nexus, I wish I didn't need to. Just saying, I would be willing to bet a lot of people feel the same way as me.

well its a rumor so far for the release on sprint on Mid October, still people will buy the SGS2, because is overall much better.

3G only iPhones on an already over-burdened Sprint 3G network. Yay. I'm going with the SGS II so I can avoid Sprint 3G as much as possible.

Assuming the battery is reasonable, the one thing missing in the Bionic is (as far as I can tell) NFC. While Google wallet and other similar apps are in their infancy now, well before my 2 year contract is up, they will be prevalent. SGII appears to have it.

Yup, and according to the apple fritters all over the world, this day will go down as the sadest day in history.....snif.

As expected sprint has been KICKING CARRIER BUTT ALL YEAR LONG nothing they do surprises me anymore. The lineup is the best android lineup on any carrier. This version of Samsung to go along with the EVO 3D, and PHOTON 4G, as well as the midrange device Samsung Conquer 4G and Htc Evo design 4G these are all great devices. Plus let's not forget the end of the year FIRE with the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 as well as the upcoming Nexus Prime what more can anyone really want when it comes to choice on the ONLY UNLIMITED NETWORK IN THE US... People slept on sprint and now looks how's number one...

I don't think it's just a coincidence that we were hearing Sept 9th as a release date and then this shows up with the same date, and the weather location is right by Sprint HQ in Kansas. I'd say that date is looking pretty good.

Me too, the entire reason to get this thing other than the screen is the awesome exynos, not only is it blazing fast it is excellent on battery too. Unlike the tegra.

Me three. I have a bad feeling it will only have 512Mb of ram and no sim slot for Global GSM too. If that's the case it's a fail IMHO. Nice phone? Yes. Worth using my upgrade for it? No. I'd spring for the global Euro version but it won't work on Wimax. Add to that the cheap plastic chassis and Samsung's horrible reputation for updates. I considered the Photon but I want NFC.

Count me in as well. I've been waiting for a minute for the Sprint version of this phone because of the specs and performance of the overseas version. The Tegra 2 may perform well on the Photon 4G (Especially after this last update), but I'm looking forward to Samsung processor. This will be my first Samsung phone so I hope the specs are on point. If it is a tegra 2 inside, then I'm going with my original choice and heading to radio shack for the white HTC EVO 3D.

If this really is the Sprint version, I'm VERY disappointed...I wanted the same looking version they have in Europe with the single home button on the bottom...much better looking design IMO.

Unless the white version is sexier looking than this one, I'm probably going to get the iPhone 5 in October then. My Photon is good enough to hold me over til then!

Iphone is now really just for simple minded people, there I said it, if your not a nerd and hate customizing something %80 to your preferences then ur likely to love the iphone, im not banging on u ios lovers just saying that a nerd with an iphone may have some screws loose and yes ios is easier than android but thats tge only plus to it nowadays. Updating an iphone is hella fun.................