Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung has been pretty vocal with their commercials these days and come Super Bowl Sunday we'll be seeing one for the Samsung Galaxy Note hit the airwaves, as noted by Samsung USA:

We're telling fans first: Next Sunday we launch a device so revolutionary only an ad in America's biggest game can do it justice.

To make our first ever SB ad as noteworthy as the #GalaxyNote itself, it will be one of the longest in the game. Look for it in Q4!

Sunday is our 1st ever SB... So we tapped legendary director Bobby Farrelly or his first ever commercial. Excited?

With the flurry of Samsung Galaxy Note announcements letting folks know it will be coming to AT&T, Rogers and TELUS we'll be tuned into the Super Bowl to see just what Samsung has lined up for everyone.

Source: SamsungMobileUS, Google+


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Samsung Galaxy Note commercial to debut during the Super Bowl


"a device so revolutionary"? Samsung makes a decent phone (petting my GNex), but what makes the Note revolutionary? Is there more to it besides the screen size?


It's great they're advertising the supposed longest commercial during the Super Bowl, but if they're going to release the phone in Q4, the effect will have long worn off by then. Too many devices will have released and new ones will be announced and the sizzle circulating the GNote will feel "old".

It'd be much more effective if they could release it in Feb, preferably the week or two after the commercial airs...

I'm guessing they mean look for the commercial in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl, not that the phone will be released in Q4 2012.


I'm probably wrong since they could be referring to fiscal Q4 or maybe the 4th quarter of the game, and I believe I just read something that AT&T will be releasing the GNote Feb 14th. So, disregard my post and kudos for Samsung for getting their marketing right.

I actually think Samsung is blowing its marketing chance here.

This is the moment when it's supposed to convince everyone of the "folly" of going with the iPhone. The alternative? A gigantic, $300 minimum device whose big selling feature is a pen (which most people don't really care for).

If it's not an outstanding ad, all Apple needs to do is run any of its existing iPhone ads and Samsung's effect is neutered. You can have Gigantophone, or you can have the phone that a lot of people are already happy with!

(Puts on Samsung hat.) No, you have a "best of both worlds" phone. It has the advantages of phone and tablet -- phablet. The pen is a nice touch when targeting the creatives demo (prime target for Apple), but it's certainly not the *main* selling point.

Dummy asking a dumb question. Do all they apps and games show correctly on the huge screen? I recently got a galaxy S2, and I was thinking about upgrading to this due to note taking abilities.

I'm pre ordering it on Sunday before the Superbowl. Then when the commercial comes I can say that's my new phone bitches... lol

It's a 90 second commercial, roughly around $9 million plus NBC is charging for that, so it better be good.

Probably won't be watching the game anyway (don't care for either team, not gonna watch just for the commercials), but I just can't get past the size of the device as far as trying to use it as a phone. I'm a big guy with large hands and even the width of the RAZR is uncomfortable in my hand. So can't imagine how much worse the Note could be. Also, how prone would you be to dropping this thing while trying to hold it to your ear? There comes a point where the size is impractical for a phone. This may be it...

I am a small guy, 5'5", with small hands. I currently have a Dell Streak and I have absolutely no problems handling it, or even putting it in my pockets. Your worries about dropping the phone when holding it to your ear are just speculation... based off of NOTHING. Think of how large land line phones have been over the years... people held them to their ears just fine. I am sorry, but your thoughts just don't seem to make much sense.