Samsung Galaxy Note

Although there was no mention of it at CES 2012 from Samsung reps, the Samsung Galaxy Note will be making its way to Canadian soil. TELUS already has the device listed as "coming soon" on its website, but an exact date for the LTE equipped device has not been given.

Samsung though been doing a great job recently of letting folks know about device release, even before the carriers do and they now have an information sign-up page on their website if you're looking sign up for that.

We wouldn't take it as solid fact but the date listed on the Galaxy Note itself shows Feb. 23, which could possibly be the release date for TELUS and hopefully, once TELUS releases the device other carriers such as Rogers and Bell will roll out their own versions as well.

Source: Samsung / TELUS; Via: Mobile Syrup


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Samsung Galaxy Note coming to Canada


Out of all bad azz phones out thur, I think this is the best phone out . I would prefer this over nexus galaxy. I hope sprint gets it soon. I would drop my gs2 in a minute for this phone

Folks in the U.S., is anyone willing to ditch Verizon to get this phone? I love Verizon's coverage, but this phone may just be enough to drag me away...

I had the same thought until I went to at&t to investigate... Since I lose unlimited data plan in the switch it is a non starter. In addition they no longer offer a canada roaming package. I would lose that too. Bottom line is legacy unlimited data plans are too good to give up.

That's all im waiting for... Sprint to announce and release date... I agree that this is one of the better phones i have heard of so far.

By the time the Note / Journal gets to Sprint or T-Mobile the next version will be being released in Bangladesh or Mongolia, then we will have to wait another 6 months.