Galaxy Nexus Launch Date

We have been waiting, and speculating, and hoping that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus launch date would get confirmed by Verizon, and while it hasn't, Engadget received a nice tip. It appears as though all the merchandising materials will be showing up for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Dec. 8 -- just two days away -- and also on that day the Motorola Droid 4 will be launching. Unfortunately their source tells them that Thursday won't be the launch day for the Galaxy Nexus, and we will have to wait a whole 24 hours more until Dec. 9 to get our paws on it. Here's to hoping for an official Verizon announcement!

Source: Engadget; More: Galaxy Nexus forums

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moosc says:

So like D3 release no official announcement for D4 or Nexi nice

RaiderWill says:

IN 72 HRS? NO WAY....

Blazing On My 1300 mhz Droid Charge.. Awaiting King KAL-EL...

KenA says:

I'll believe it when I see it!

Qazme says:

Hope this is the day. I get off work early and will be anticipating playing with my new toy. Hopefully they allow us to order online a day or so before so it will be to your home day of!!

Hand_O_Death says:

Even with all the talk about Bloat and no GW, I still am looking forward to this phone. My DX needs a rest.

csnype says:

Bloat? It's only 2 VZ apps. and they can be disabled!

DroidCoug1 says:

Why does it say the graphic is replacing EVO 4G LTE smartphone with the Nexus smartphone 4ft wall graphic? I didn't know VZW had the EVO...

orlanka says:

Good point, could this actually be a resellers inventory app being viewed or just a hoax altogether?

S4Rs says:

This could be a best buy screen.

jlangfeldt says:

"Evo" refers to style of display. There is Legacy and Evo. So they're referring to the new "Evo" 4G LTE display

Spaniard85 says:

Exactly. "EVO" stores are those with wood flooring, demo bars, and general apple-store like feel. Legacy stores are the older floor plans with carpeting.

soccerfon711 says:

Wake me up when it's Friday.

Xephik says:

Hmm, I bet you could walk into one of the small Verizonstores and snatch one up on the 8th

jbona3 says:

Can they just announce this thing and put everyone out of our misery...this is just obnoxious.

moosc says:

So i can buy the white razr today? Let me call vzw

jcastag says:

This seems to be information from a national retailer, not a vzw corp store based on the fact that the evo is mentioned. Maybe its from best buy or radio shack

MRGQ says:

everyday its something new, a new leak or a piece of information. I'm excited

Gone24 says:


dmcman73 says:

Each day that the relase date inches closer and closer and new piece of information (bad) keeps leaking out. First there is going to be some bloat on the GN. Now today they are stating that Google Wallet is not going to be supported in the GN because Verizon does not want it to compete with their payment system. WTF? How is this a "Google" phone??

I will be ready December 8th or December 9th either way this device is mines.........

onixblack says:

Droid 4 really its been 5 months. This is the problem WHY NOT SLOW DOWN, make each release of a DROID to be a huge leap from the last one. Come on guys.

orlanka says:

They did slow down, it's called the Galaxy Nexus

onixblack says:

That is completely untrue. The Galaxy Nexus (still a stupid name, Prime was better)is still part of the Nexus line, I'm talking about the DROID line, Moto just seems to think they should come out with a DROID every 3 days. I feel like the name DROID should only be used for their 1 or 2 top phones of the year, and back that up. This is, in no way saying that they should only make 1-2 android phones a year but it is saying that if your going to brand something a DROID, please make it something special and not just another slight bump in specs.

orlanka says:

Yeah dude I was just kidding and making a comment about how long it's taking the Nexus to be released.

Loony2nz#AC says:

you have to end your comments with /sarcasm

Jordan jones says:

This absolutely destroys retail value on phones. They did it with the Atrix, now the Droid is getting these lightning fast release cycles. If they keep this up people will not buy a Motorola phone when the next one is less then half a year away. For high end users this becomes and annoyance and it will soon annoy the average consumer when they see their phone keeps getting replaced this fast,(Worst that an increment upgrade will mean more to them)

BarneyDroid says:

I've already decided not to get any more Motos! The Bionic pissed me off by not working properly, then instead of focusing on a fix for the Bionic they push a new phone(RAZR) altogether?! Not a happy Moto consumer.

dcdttu says:

Not to mention updates to the phone. If you have one device that makes it a year before being replaced (Evo 4G on Sprint), chances are it'll get updated much faster as it retains flagship status longer. With a 5 month release cycle and a locked bootloader, you can kiss any timely updates goodbye.

Android had better calm down and get smart. This is one of the issues with a product that the manufacturers/carriers get to determine the release cycle of.

MedioGringo says:

Who wants to bet that there is no real announcement, just a press release on Friday saying it's available?

dmcman73 says:

Why do I have the feeling that there really won't be an announcement due to all the bickering between Verizon and Google over the crap Verizon is trying to pull with the GN (bloat, no Google Wallet, etc)..I don't think Verizon wants to see this succeed.

schrack3000 says:

This is lining up perfectly for me. I'm already taking a vacation day from work this Friday because I'm going to the Adam Carolla stand up show the night before, and I didn't want to get up early for work the next day. Looks like I'll be getting up early any way though, and heading to Best Buy Friday morning before they open. This, though, I won't mind getting up early for.

overfloater says:

Deep breaths ... deep breaths ...

... I can make it another 3 days ... I CAN make it another 3 days ...



cooksta3276 says:

How long til the white Nexus comes out? LOL

SoCGHOST says:

No, it will just be a rumor of a white Nexus!

heathro1281 says:

The White Galaxy Nexus Prime 2 is coming out in March.

sproketz says:

Just got off the phone with Verizon 611. They confirmed release date as the 9th.