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It really seems like we've been waiting forever for UK stock of the Samsung OEM accessories for the Galaxy Nexus. After all, the phone itself arrived back in November, and it's taken more than five months for the accessories to arrive.

British online retailer Clove Technology is now stocking the official HDMI dock and the desktop dock for the Nexus. There's still no sign of the car dock, but the fact that anything at all is available is a positive development. Clove has also now received stock of the replacement battery and spare battery charger, as well as the Samsung branded MHL/HDMI adaptor. 

The HDMI dock will run you for £42 inc VAT and the desktop dock slightly more at £49.99. More details can be had at the source link below, but the advice is clear. If you've been waiting, and waiting, and waiting, now is the time. Have at it, folks. 

Source: Clove Technology

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus accessories finally available in the UK


One of androids biggest problems is proper accessories. Even with an official Google device they can't push accessories with the device. Its sad really. I have iOS friends that have looked at android but will never switch for this reason and I don't totally blame them. When an iOS device comes out there is an assortment of accessories available immediately. The way it should be.

When I got my gtab it took me 2 months just to find a USB adapter. Pathetic.

So you're saying I got my GMS Galaxy Nexus dock here in the States two weeks before it was available in the UK? Seems odd.

Expansys-USA, got it a couple of weeks ago (pre-ordered in February). Received it 4/20. I really like it, have it hooked up to the line-in jack on my PC sound card, works great with things like Slingbox or just getting notifications sounds. Had to manually update my phone to 4.0.4 to get it to work properly, of course (never did figure out why it didn't update by itself since it's a yakju phone). Also works with the Locale dock detection plug-in, which is handy to automatically set the output volume levels when docked.

I pretty much gave up on my Galaxy Nexus. Still no update from VZW to fix the damn speaker problems and volume problems and a POS cardock that is below even average these days for more expensive. Just like reeper55 said, pathetic.

For those in the U.S., Expansys USA has the GSM landscape dock and the HDMI dock in stock. Make sure you go to the USA site. And FYI, the Verizon Nexus will NOT fit in the GSM landscape dock. It does fit in the HDMI dock though. This has been confirmed over on XDA.

I dont want one. I want all three and I want them to arrive at the same time in the same package. I'm willing to pay but no one will take my money...

Isn't that just the kicker of the whole thing. I want to spend my money on Google Nexus accessories, too, but no one seems to want to step up and take it. How many buyers screaming about the need for accessories will it take before some manufacturer creates the market?

So, does anyone know where the charging dock for the VZW GNex can be purchased in the US? Or is it still not available? I'm referring to the one that uses the contacts on the right side of the phone.

Still no proper car dock for the US that uses the pins. I've pretty much washed my hands of Samsung-their failure to deliver a basic accessory like this after all this time is unacceptable. I absolutely will not recommend their products to anyone. Thank goodness my brother didn't follow up on my recommendation of a Nexus after I bought mine.