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Despite the size of its Android smartphone portfolio, Samsung's doing a pretty good job keeping popular handsets up-to-date with OS upgrades. That's further evidenced by today's news that the humble Galaxy S Advance, a recent mid-range offering from the Korean manufacturer, will be getting its Jelly Bean update sometime in January 2013.

Roughly translated, a message posted on Samsung's German Facebook page reads --

Dear fans, more and more devices will now receive the update to Android Jelly Bean. Even the Galaxy S I9070 Advance will get this update in January, through Kies and over-the-air.

There's no word on which version of Jelly Bean will be heading to the Galaxy S Advance, but as the Android 4.2 source code hasn't been available for long, we'd imagine 4.1 will be what's on offer here.

Still, it's a substantial upgrade from the Gingerbread-based ROM that ships on the Advance.

Samsung is expected to push out Jelly Bean upgrades for the Galaxy S2 and original Galaxy Note, though no timetable has been offered for these updates. Equally, whether these updates make it to U.S. variants of these phones remains to be seen.

Source: Samsung Germany Facebook; via: SamMobile

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redraider133 says:

Samsung on a roll. Moto should take note instead of leaving their devices in the dark and not updating many models

DSaif says:

Samsung still didn't push Galaxy S 2 ICS update in Asia

joshyth says:

both my white and black version of the i9100 was updated a long time ago to ics...

is your s2 rooted, that maybe why you not getting the update.

dhughes says:

JB on this before the Verizon and at&t gs3? Good job carriers.

CoolBeit says:

Moto - Watch and learn.

Shadowriver says:

Omg Samsung hit in the head :p they doing updates a lot better, if they did that with ICS Galaxy S would get update

RaiderWill says:

Even Though We Galaxy Note *1* Owners Have Had JellyBean 4.1.1 On Our Custom ROMS Since August.. To Say " Your Not Sure If The U.S. Will Receive The Official JellyBean Update Is Quite Frankly Piss-Poor Spectulation On Your Part...


There Are Over 10,000,000 Galaxy Note *1* Owners Worldwide...

We Will ALL Get The Official Update...

Rosaura1234 says:

Like Samsung device.