Android CentralSamsung's miniaturized, mid-range Galaxy S3 Mini has gone on sale in the UK, where it's now available to purchase SIM-free and on-contract. If you're looking to buy one outright, online retailers Expansys and Unlocked Mobiles are selling the Galaxy S3 Mini for £299.99 and £294.98 respectively.

If you're after a network-subsidized Mini, you'll find it offered on 24-month contracts from £28 per month from Three UK, or £27 per month from O2. Three's plan is more data-friendly, with "all you can eat" data included, while O2's is limited to 500MB, but with unlimited texts. O2's price plans go as cheap as £16.50 per month, but if you opt for that deal, you'll pay over £100 up-front for the phone. (It's worth noting that Three isn't selling the S3 Mini online until Nov. 16 -- until then it'll be available in stores only.)

Anyone considering picking up a Galaxy S3 Mini today? Shout out in the comments!

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Source: Three, Expansys, Unlocked Mobiles, O2

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paulswift36 says:

Hard to accept the price of this for its specs given the price and spec of the Nexus 4, with even the 16 gig N4 over £20 less than this. Unless you're desperate for a 4 inch phone and are prepared to pay more for 1/3 the power, 1/2 the memory, lower spec camera, smaller battery, lower spec. screen. If you need masses of storage that might be a reason but you'll still be paying more for that ability.

still1 says:

Not to mention slow update.

DWR_31 says:

This is for those people that are leaving IOS and are still stuck on thinking Apple.

Way to go Samsung for cashing in on the iPhone to Android converts.