Android CentralSamsung's miniaturized, mid-range Galaxy S3 Mini has gone on sale in the UK, where it's now available to purchase SIM-free and on-contract. If you're looking to buy one outright, online retailers Expansys and Unlocked Mobiles are selling the Galaxy S3 Mini for £299.99 and £294.98 respectively.

If you're after a network-subsidized Mini, you'll find it offered on 24-month contracts from £28 per month from Three UK, or £27 per month from O2. Three's plan is more data-friendly, with "all you can eat" data included, while O2's is limited to 500MB, but with unlimited texts. O2's price plans go as cheap as £16.50 per month, but if you opt for that deal, you'll pay over £100 up-front for the phone. (It's worth noting that Three isn't selling the S3 Mini online until Nov. 16 -- until then it'll be available in stores only.)

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Source: Three, Expansys, Unlocked Mobiles, O2


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Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini now available in the UK


Hard to accept the price of this for its specs given the price and spec of the Nexus 4, with even the 16 gig N4 over £20 less than this. Unless you're desperate for a 4 inch phone and are prepared to pay more for 1/3 the power, 1/2 the memory, lower spec camera, smaller battery, lower spec. screen. If you need masses of storage that might be a reason but you'll still be paying more for that ability.

This is for those people that are leaving IOS and are still stuck on thinking Apple.

Way to go Samsung for cashing in on the iPhone to Android converts.