Samsung Event

Samsung has publicly announced a media event in Singapore on April 29 with a definite photography feel to it. There's also a giant K, and the use of the letter in "Kapture the moment" hinting that this letter is of importance. Possible name? Who knows, but this could well be the introduction of the previously leaked 'Galaxy S5 Zoom.'

Samsung has posted the invite on its official Samsung Mobile twitter feed, further fuelling the photography focused phone fire. What it is and what it's called will have to wait until April 29, but until then feel free to speculate in the comments below.

Source: @SamsungMobile


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Samsung event in Singapore on April 29, massive hints of photography focused phone


I really like the look of this - I hope they have wireless charging built in and/or a removeable battery. I quite liked the Zoom, it was quirky but took some great shots, and the only genuine alternative to a Nokia with regards to camera. I bought a Z1 compact and the camera was a disgrace, pure grain unless you were in blistering daylight and average detail even then. Sony are making great sensors but their algorithms are a fucking bad joke.

Hope it's Samsung Galaxy S5 with better camera.. And really hope to be with 1080p display.. But who knows, it's Samsung after all..

It will definitely be HD, but I doubt very much it will be 1080p. I don't think it's necessary on this device to be honest. HD is enough to review your photo before you either keep or delete it.

I really think 1080p is much needed than in S5.. You need to be able to review your photos on a good screen (no pixels).. This is my opinion :-))

I would rather review then on a monitor. I can tell whether they are good enough to keep on a non HD screen, the rest is for the desktop. Same for viewing, I don't scroll through my pictures on my phone, just on my TV/Desktop But each to their own :-)

Remember all the leaks about a 4K screen? Maybe or maybe 4K capture and recording? Just guessing but it wouldn't surprise me any.

Or maybe it's not a camera but a set of lenses? That looks like a lens and the'K' could be the light going into the lens... Or maybe I just need my morning coffee :P

are there dorks out there who actually use these Samsung Galaxy zoom camera/phones to make voice phone calls?
doesn't that look idiotic....

sorry... just my honest opinion.