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The Google and Samsung event that was planned for CTIA on Oct. 11 -- the one everyone is sure would have been the Ice Cream Sandwich announcement -- has been rescheduled to Oct. 19 at 9:30 AM in Hong Kong.  With today's email, there is no doubt that this one is all about Ice Cream Sandwich.  While conspiracy theories and rumors abound, the official word was that the event was postponed out of respect for Steve jobs, who passed last week.

We're still looking forward to any announcements, and you can bet many an Android fan (including yours truly) will be glued to the live stream next Wednesday. 

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myriad46 says:

So 9:30 AM on the 19th in Hong Kong is actually Tuesday the 18th at 9:30 PM on the East coast. Right?

Famboiz says:

HK is +8 hours GMT... so if its at 9:30am Wednesday morning in HK, that means for USA people its going to be at 8:30pm Tuesday night for the East coast and 5:30pm for those on the Pacific side.

Mac58 says:

You beat me to it lol. but yeah it will be Tuesday night for us.. I CANT WAIT!!!

NoobTube says:

Yup....can we get clarification on this?

youareme7 says:

Since we're still in DST the east coast is -4GMT so 9:30am wednesday HK is 9:30pm eastern or 6:30pm pacific on tuesday.

myriad46 says:

You're correct.....prior to the invention of Daylight Savings time.

pigge says:

the event time for the different timezones:

pug_ster says:

Why in Hong Kong? Most people in Hong Kong gets iphone 4/3gs cheap. For every Android phone, you will probably see 10 iphones.

myriad46 says:

Because, Samsung's main plant and headquarters are not in Detroit.

drathos says:

They're not in Hong Kong, either.

As others have said, they (and Andy Rubin) already had an event there, making it easier to fit in there than booking a whole new event.

Mac58 says:

Im sure it was only because they already had this venue booked for a seperate event(I forgot why but they were already planning on having an event in hong kong) and figured it would be too much trouble to find another venue and set another date with such short notice.

Statusnone says:

Oh God... let's hope it's not THAT much better than the SGSII on AT&T, or it's even available on AT&T because my girlfriend will be getting a SGSII and I'll be paying full retail for this baby.

wraith404 says:

I'm sorry, but we're going to have to throw you in front of the proverbial bus on this one.

afazel says:

Hmm...I know I get some nice choices for my work phone. Let's hope this will be one of them :)

Phil, will you be going to the launch event?

engineer2001 says:

I seriously doubt that anyone from our favorite tech blogs will be going to this event. No one was given enough advance notice.

We all get to watch the YouTube stream, I guess. I hope they're expecting a crapload of extra traffic. It would suck to see it crash. LOL

plunder says:

Is someone from Android Central going? Boy - CTIA would have been better for you chaps!

gray21t says:

the time difference is going to be confusing

Floss82 says:

Finally!!!!! Can't wait:D

johnyguy says:

great news. !! finally

DustinCasler says:

Well, hell, shoot me out of a cannon. I was going to pick up a Galaxy S II on Sprint or ATT Monday morning after work and getting my paycheck. But now it looks like i'll give things a few days to see what happens.

vinny jr says:

A Hong Kong trip might not fit into the Android Central traveling plans considering they have been out and about all week. I hope this phone s released right away and hoping on my new Carrier's Network with the LTE radio. I also have an account with T-Mobile and will welcome the Nexus Prime on that Network as well. Just let this baby out.

kinster02 says:

Let's get this party started.

Timelessblur says:

Phil should have to fly out there for it :)

DaEXfactoR says:

That works for me. With it being at 8:30, at least now I can watch the live-stream.

moosc says:

Phil will b in NY for vzw moto Presser.

engineer2001 says:

Yeah, doesn't that VZW/Moto event kind of imply that Verizon won't be in Hong Kong for this event with Samsung and Google? Weird, if they were actually getting the Galaxy Nexus first.

Maybe they'll send an exec or three that way and leave the rest in NY/NJ?

yet again our glory is outsourced!!

ulnek says:

their statue arrived so now they can schedule the release! woo!

15israellai says:

I'm so thrilled and proud of my home city! Too bad I'll be at school at that time :( Can't watch live stream either...
Anyway I love Hong Kong and I love Google

MattRussNC says:

Umm perhaps a dumb question before hopes of watching the stream gets to high, what language will the event be given in ??? And is it really likely that they'll announce a verizon phone in HK ?

zorak950 says:

Considering that this is a Google event as much as anything, that this is of global relevance, and that English is one of Hong Kong's official languages, I can't imagine it not being in English.

keithz says:

Looks like that moron Eldar was wrong.