Rovio's next game, Amazing Alex, launching on Android this Thursday

The creator of Angry Birds is about ready to launch their next franchise this week - a physics puzzler called Amazing Alex. Rovio has been teasing this game for awhile, and though it's being painfully branded towards tweens, I have no doubt the gameplay will be polished.

The game already did well for itself independently as Casey's Contraptions by developer Mystery Coconut last year, but Rovio had since acquired the company and is now molding it in their image. In all likelihood, that means lots of spin-offs and up-selling as per Angry Birds' precedent, but the trailer video below promises that there will be many free updates. Rovio also hints that there will be a level creator with sharing options, which should be pretty fun. 

The Incredible Machine was always a favorite of mine, so I'm definitely glad to see this kind of Rube Goldberg gaming coming back. Anyone else eager to give Amazing Alex a try?

Source: Rovio


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Rovio's next game, Amazing Alex, launching on Android this Thursday


The incredible machine was my jam back in the day. Spent hours in front of a computer playing that years ago. I'm old. While there are great games on android already that are very similar to TIM, none of them really live up to TIM or give me that same feeling of satisfaction. Eager to try rovio's latest effort.

Absolutely agree with @tailsthecat 100%. Nothing has ever come close to TIM. I have high hopes for this game. I play very few games on my phone, computer, game console, etc but I love logic problems and games like TIM.

"Available on the Appstrores..." -- lol! I could swear there was a butthurt company that used to claim Appstore was their trademark and couldn't be used in a generic sense.

I have a feeling I'm going to be spending way too much time playing this game. I LOVED TIM back in the day.