Rovio Mobile has released a teaser trailer for what will be the next installment in the Birds v Pigs saga. Only this time, it looks like the boot is on the other foot. Something PIG is coming. 

Otherwise, we don't get to see much. There's no hints on potential gameplay, release date, anything at all. After such a long old time though, it looks like it's time for the little green pigs to fight back.

Source: Badpiggies via iMore

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codiusprime says:

Hopefully it isn't just new levels with the birds reskinned as pigs. I'm kind of ready for something new from Rovio.

E_man says:

Agree. Hopefully, the role reversal means a totally new game mechanic.

I agree. I think angry birds has run its course. Its still great to kill a few minutes but it needs something fresh and unique to regain my interest.

XavierMatt says:

With Granny Smith around slaying with her Cain, I don't see how angry birds will ever make it.

weasle543 says:

Revenge of the Pigs?? lol

DrDoppio says:

Little green pigs? Egg thieves, and murderers, is all they are!

badkitties says:

Is it true that Rovio is now the operator of all the KFC franchise restaurants in Finland?

darkmatter says:

I know there's a game already on the market that was supposed to be a bit of a role reversal, where you set up structures to protect the pigs and the computer then tries to destroy it all. I wonder if this game will be similar to that one.