Angry Birds is printing money

Don't look now, but it would seem that people love them some Angry Birds. A shocker, we know. Rovio announced at the annual Game Developers Conference (GDC) that the free-with-ads Android version of the popular game had been downloaded an astounding 30 million times. What is even more impressive is that Rovio claimed five million downloads back in early December. They said they were pulling in $1 million in ad revenue back then, so some quick math would estimate that they might be raking in north of $6 million per month now. That's a lot of irate avians. [Joystiq]


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Angry Birds hits 30 million downloads on Android


I was gonna say that they should have charges the .99 cents like iOS.
Looks like they made a killing in ads!!

They were already filth rich from the IOS sales.

But to tell you the truth I don't know anyone who has ever tapped on a single ad in that game, let alone more than one. I don't know what the pay rate on these ads are, but I doubt its anywhere near the 99 cents per user that they made via IOS sales.

Still its an addictive game that's for sure.

I made a more detailed explanation on your other post but I also would like to mention that the growth rate of the app is a lot higher than it would have been had they charged $1.

The more people have the app, the more free word of mouth advertising they get. If you have a quality app, the growth rate could be substantial if the app is free. (market penetration)

In essence, you might be looking at less than half of what total downloads are now. (combined with the other factors I listed in my other post)

So the question is- how many did they sell on iOS? And what is the revenue comparison between the two platforms?

There is always a comparison. Its called Dollars and Cents.

They got to keep 66 cents out of 99 for sales of the Angry Birds iPhone game reaching the large 10 million paid downloads as of November, and 12 million as of the end of the year, so that's two million downloads a month on itunes.

Thats 7.9 mil JUST from iPhone users.

Are they getting paid by the number of times an ad appears, or by the number of times an ad gets tapped?

I'm guessing they earn a few pennies by people accidentally tapping an ad when they first get it, but how much on a continuing basis?

Well, the post says $1 mil per month just on 5 mil DL's.

That math would mean that the investment on revenue through ads would eventually exceed the revenue they would've gotten had they charged $1 per DL. (In about 5 or so months)

Also remember that on the Android platform, it is MUCH easier to just DL games for free through 3rd parties. I guarantee that had they charged $1:
a) some people wouldn't even have bothered
b) a lot of Android users would just get it for free through file sharing websites (pirate)

The buyer variables for Android users are that:
a) they are usually more tech-savvy than Apple users (therefore, more of them know how to pirate AND it is much easier to do so on Android)
b) they aren't as willing as Apple users to spend cash on apps. (Apple users are usually more well off and more willing to spend)

With a free market app, there is really no other incentive to go through 3rd party channels.

So, you are looking at a substantial decrease in total downloads on Android had they charged $1. Given that they made $1 mil on 5 mil total downloads, then they would probably make around $6 mil a month now. This means that it would probably take around 2-3 months to match the opportunity cost of charging $1 each app. (this varies with how many total downloads there would have been)

Android users are not more tech savvy, it is just easier on Android to install hacked version on your Android phone (on most phones you dot need to change anything on your phone to install apps not from Marketplace), then on iPhone.


Saving 99 cents is not enough for 99.9999 percent of the android users to start looking around for hacked versions.

Android has gone mainstream, and that means most users are not Joe Random Hacker anymore. Most are just average folks who would't have a clue about how to find, download and install anything other than from the market.

I would actually like to see a survey on what Phone OS has the largest percentage of "power users". That would help in understanding a lot of these trends.

As far as I remember
1. They were hoping to have $1 mil from advertising in the nearest future (in one year)
2. Advertising not only in Android app, but other platforms.
3. You should talk about downloads, which are not the same as number of active users (some people are uninstalling app from their phones)

Paid apps are not working that good on Android for developers.

I uninstall it do in part. Rovio talk so bad about Android users. So If we could get 30 million users to uninstall it maybe we will see advertising free version.

I used ad block, but I hardly play this game anymore after I finished it all once. Lost my save so said F it.

So you hate ads, but i'm sure you love free apps. Oo
So the best for you is -> all to be free, but without any chance for the developers to get some money by this?

I block ads on my phone also. If they want money from me put it up for sale and I'll buy it if it's good.