A friendly reminder that today's prize in the big Waze contest is an HTC Thunderbolt -- packed with LTE goodness.  With the included car dock and charger, it's not only the "ultimate traffic survival kit" but it's a cool way to use Waze while you're out doing other stuff that isn't nearly as fun.  Entering to win it is easy as can be:

  • Download Waze (m.waze.com) or via the Android Marketplace (we've got an easy link after the break)
  • Make sure you’re a registered user with an email on file (Waze needs your contact info to tell you you’ve won – check ‘Settings’ to ensure that you’re registered.)
  • Munch (drive over) as many robot road goodies as you can

See the Waze blog for all the details, and get that app downloaded and start playing!

A Munchie! Even though I can't win a prize (curses!) I had to load up Waze and see what all the fuss was about.  I needed something to make a trip into downtown DC a bit more fun, and decided munching some Androids would be the way to do it.  Set-up and registering was simple, and soon I was on the look out for some munchies. I soon spied one just off interstate 66, and just knew I had to have it.

Then, I noticed things started to slow down (as they are apt to do anytime you're close to Washington, DC and driving -- it's evil on the roads around here).  Slower, and slower, then we finally stopped.  The wife said, "what's this icon with the cars on your Waze app?"  After some discussion that went along the lines of me saying I didn't know, and her telling me that any Android blogger worth his salt should know these things, I figured out that tapping it would probably be the way to go here.  Sure enough, a big warning about the traffic jam I was sitting in, and had I been paying attention instead of singing Creedence Clearwater Revival songs (off-key and loudly), I may have been able to jump off the highway and missed. 

Derp Yeah, I could have known this 19 minutes before I took the screenshot, sitting in 600 degree heat (OK, maybe only 90) on I-66 with my wife reminding me that technology has advanced far enough to keep people like me from doing stupid things if we only pay attention. 

I do know that I'll be putting the car dock up on the dash, and seriously checking out Waze on my next trip to traffic hell Washington, even if I can't win any cool Android devices.  I never did get my Android munchie, blasted traffic, but I'll get the next one.  You can, too -- hit the jump,download Waze, and be sure to holler at me if you win a Thunderbolt today.


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Reminder: Win an HTC Thunderbolt today from Waze and Android Central


Waze is good for also being able to report road hazards as well as speed traps. Then you get an audio/visual notification that something is ahead.

It'll also show you streets where traffic is slowed down, or even stopped. Which is nice, except for when you stop somewhere and forget to turn off Waze. Then it lists whatever street you are closest to as slow-moving.

Although on my trip home from work, there is a speed trap listed that just crashes Waze when you try to tell it nothing is there. I find that really bizarre. Otherwise, it's a pretty handy app.

would love to win. would give to a friend. I just upgraded my contract and got this amazing device. I love it !

OK. I'm totally lame. Just spent the last hour and a half driving around random streets "munching" as many cookies and getting as many points as I could. 126 or so points later I headed home. All this just for a chance to get my wife a new phone. Ah, love. :-)

I did that on Monday. I racked up around 200 points and got to see neighborhoods nearby that I hadn't really explored.

Waze is cool, but there are never any big things for me to munch, and quite rarely are there just regular dots :/