Real life controller

Games like Raging Thunder are pretty fun to play on the 10-inch Viewsonic gTablet. But when you add in some ingenuity and an accessory from your own driveway, it becomes epic.  YouTube user CodingHut has just made every young mans fantasy of driving their own car like a lunatic a step closer to reality.  And we all thank him for it.  Check out one bad ass video after the break. [CodingHut's YouTube channel] Thanks, JerseyIroc!


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Raging Thunder -- virtual reality style on the Viewsonic gTab [video]


hahaha awesome! I'm going to go try this while driving home before AC puts a "Do not attempt while driving" disclaimer!

j/k ;)

HAHA that video is classic.. Btw.. the person that did that video is Vaelek, the developer of the VaelPak series ROMs for the Evo. Shout out to him.

Someone that wants to keep their hands warm while driving since he lives in a state that can get into the single digits during the winter....

Yes a wheel cover is very nice when it is 30 below out. This game is not laggy on hardware that can handle it, smooth as silk in the video, and on my EVO.