Here's a quick heads up, folks, that we're posting more fun stuff to Instagram these days. And if you're an Instagram user — and we know a few of you are — it'd behoove you to follow us, as we're going to start up with weekly giveaways next week.

We'll see you over there. Filter all the things!

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A quick reminder: Follow us on Instagram!


I have no use for either, the kids have pintrest so I ran with it to follow them (both to keep an eye on them and to see some of the cool stuff they find)

No, I don't Instagram, Snapchat, Tweet, Facebook, MySpace, or any of the other social media programs out there. That might sound ornery, or whatever, but I don't care.

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Why doesn't Instagram actually open when you click the link to add. That's annoying. I don't want to have to log in on the website. Boo

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