Carbon backup

Carbon (the backup app) is a kick ass way to backup and restore apps and their precious data on your Android phone or tablet. It's simple, looks great, works even better, and doesn't need root or any fancy hocus-pocus to get it to work. We think it's the way Google should have done it. The free version works great, backing up all your data to the device, but the premium version takes things a step further by placing all your data in your Dropbox, Google Drive, or account. Yay the cloud!

There's one thing that could make it better, and that's getting a free Carbon Premium code. Koush hooked us up with 20 of them to give away, and here's your chance. Comment on this post, telling everyone what data you need to back up, and sometime after midnight (Eastern time) we'll pick 20 winners. No muss, no fuss.

If you're not sure because you haven't tried Carbon backup just yet, now is the time. Hit the Google Play link above and see why everyone is loving this one.


Reader comments

Quick contest: Win one of 20 Carbon (backup) unlock codes



I'd love to be able to back up my temple run 2 data (among other games and apps) to my drop box so I can continue playing on either my phone or my tablet!

I like to flash new ROMs and MODs but since my S2 is equipped with THE SUPER BRICK BUG, I am very much skeptical to use Nandroid Backup and all. So I'd prefer to back up the data for all the app esp when my phone is not rooted. (Need to unroot the phone whenever I had to visit Samsung Customer care;))

Hope I'm not to late. I definitely want one for backing up my game saves and such between rom updates.

Is this still open? I'm in. Thanks. What I need to backup: contacts, text messages, game data, and other apps data.

I need to update application Data because I use nightly CyanogenMod builds and I want to be safe if something bad happens...

Oh man, is the contest still open?
I hope so, I really need to backup some games before I switch to a new phone..
I'm thinking about the Xperia Z, because its just so awesome.
Haviing Carbon Pro would make it a really sweet deal to switch over!

Who me? I need to back up everything so I have the confidence to just tinker every day.

I need to back-up everything! Having come from an iPhone to my first Android device last month, I can't quite believe that Google haven't come up with this themselves! Carbon would be perfect to make the experience greater.

i usually backup my game data an settings from other apps like swiftkey and lmt launcher so i wont have to manually set the settings again. Carbon is the best app for backup and restoring data with ease.

I want to backup stuff like Sonic 4 episode 2 which the developers don't allow backups of the saves... grr.

same for Angry Birds in Jellybean - no longer can non-rooted apps grab the backup data.

Also - Jetpack Joyride and Ski Safari - I don't want to start my games over again!

I need to backup my all my apps, contacts : just the phone contacts (hate the kies way and way too many emails in google), notes and pictures.

I'd LOVE a code so I can back up my apps and easily restore to my Nexus 4 when it comes... Yep I'm finally getting one, after 3 months of trying (including having one stolen from a USPS worker) :)

I just received my Nexus 4, so it would be great to be able to copy all app data, such as games ;)

I recently bought a new nexus.It's my first android device and I really have much fun with it after owning an iPhone for almost 3 years. My only gripe is, that I have a constant fear of losing my data and pictures. Since I am not that tech savvy,I am not familiar with the new cloud services.a convenient method of backing up my data sure sounds like a relief. Sorry for the typos...I'm from Germany :) good luck y'all

I back up app data (not apps)

I have My Backup Pro (biggest waste ever), and Titanium (well worth the price). Would be interesting to see how this compares...

I own several android devices. Depending on the availability (whether physically, battery-related or whatnot), I need to have the same settings setup for my applications and games -- ESPECIALLY GAMES. I want to be able to pickup where I last left off from a different device towards with what I'm currently holding. With regards with applications, tweaking different applications for different devices is always a pain. That's why "setup once and apply to all devices" via carbon backup really saves my day.

It's pretty great for the avid custom rom installers. with this, backups are much more simplified....besides it looks great

Android Central, please back me up! About 73% of my life is on my phone and that needs to be backed up!

I'm a teacher, and I have all of my classroom information on my phone. Would be awesome to have a backup of all of that information!

I really could use Carbon to backup up and sync my games on my old and new Android phone. That would save me allot of time doing that every other day

I'd especially like to backup all the apps configuration as I spend quite some time setting up a device.

A Backup of all my photos would be nice, too.

Hi, I'd really need to use Carbon because I've been using the same phone for 2 years and I'd lose my mind if I lost all the family and friend pictures I have,the crucial contacts stored that make my freelance career possible and the tiny, numerous customizations I've made to my various screens,widgets,games and apps.

Thank you for the giveaway.
Backing up of App's data is very crucial. I would backup data of my favorite apps & games played upto a certain level from Carbon

Sure it's a great app!

Since I'm changing rom as much I change shirt it would be a kick ass feature to save apps & datas on the cloud!

I wish I could win a license! ;)

I'd like to back up everything on my Nexus 7, so I can finally do a factory reset and get rid of the encryption. Also, would be great to sync app data between my Nexus 7, and my Nexus 4.

I'd backup all my apps, but especially my Flow Free data. I haven't finished the game yet because i have lost my progress lots of times; this time i'm really close.... One of those codes would be awesome. Thanks AC.

Time to try luck again :)

I am really missing backup/ cloud service on Android and would love to backup contacts & photos mainly!
Wishing Good luck to myself :)

Would love to be able to back up to the cloud...

Copy me in please!

Of I'm not too late of course.

My Nexus 7 must be repaired, I have to backup everything and Carbon seems to be the perfect tool to do it.

I would love to win one. Last time I hat to restore my Galaxy Nexus so many app data was lost and not only save games. :( So I would use it to Backup all the app data.

Backing up Game Data functionality is important as I can resume my saved data from device to device.

Wow, this is a lot of people competing for just a few codes. I remember back in the goods old days there weren't as many people reading android central. Progress is a good thing i suppose. I would like one as i am not rooted on my current phone.

I'd love to backup my games and its data. So I can have the same game on both my Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 with both at the same part of the game.

Played with the free version. Would use the unlock code to schedule backups like I used to with my nine year old Dell Axim.

Would help me so much. Not been a big fan of rooting of android phones yet, but might try it if i win this backup. Hopeful

Like the song says: "You don't know what you got 'til it's gone." I'd rather not find out the hard way.

I particularly want to be able to easily back up apps/data -- I'm feeling another refresh in my Rezound's future.

i like carbon and ill like the ability to be able to safe data in the cloud, ill save my entire cell on the cloud....

Would like to backup app data like game records and app files and of course I wish I could save the exact layout of my homescreens but thats a little different.

I need one because I'm about to move from Stock (Sense 4+) to CM 10.1 and want to make the process as pain free as possible.

I could really do with a way to backup all my apps and data, as I'm due an upgrade in the next month. I'll have to start Angry Birds and Where's My Water? all over again otherwise!

I need to backup:
- SeriesGuide.
- Grabatron.
- K9 Email.
- Widgetsoid.

And a few more small ones but without real data (only login info, etc.).

Fingers crossed!

Wait?! This thing backs stuff up??? Well then I need to back up my mind! I mean, what if it gets damaged or I loose it??? What then?!

I need Carbon to back up all my vacation photos & pics of my dogs, so I can show random strangers my pictures and annoy the crap out of them.

I've been putting custom ROMs on my phone, and get sick of having to start from scratch with each new ROM and especially each new phone. I know, there are solutions out there and I need to boost my knowledge, but this would take me there in one shot!

My pictures and videos are backed up to Google+, but of course my data is not. I need my data and settigns backed up whenever I install a new rom or get a new phone.

I just got a replacement phone and there is no good way to transfer my data over. I can't root because I don't want them to find out when I send the phone back, so this is my only option :/ Come on Google, get with the program!

I just got a replacement phone and there is no good way to transfer my data over. I can't root because I don't want them to find out when I send the phone back, so this is my only option :/ Come on Google, get with the program!

I'm a flashaholic and would love to try this out especially auto sync with my new N4 that arrived the other day. GNex is going down! Thanks!

I'm a flashaholic and would love to try this out especially auto sync with my new N4 that arrived the other day. GNex is going down! Thanks!

My Angry Birds data. I can't restart Angry Birds now! I have 68 hours invested...

I mean... my email and other important things.

I'd like one. I don't really have much that I NEED to back up, except maybe Symantec VIP Access. I just want something a little more unified. Right now, I back up pics to picasa, back up some stuff to Dropbox, and use titanium backup on the rest. Android really is a cluster of fun when it comes to backing up. I'm hoping Carbon makes it a little easier.

Game saves, launcher settings, alarm clock settings... backup them all!

Can I have one please!!!

I really need to factory reset my tablet. The jelly bean update killed my battery life. I need Carbon Backup to put my data on Dropbox so I can get the data back after the reset.

The premium code would help with doing that!!!!!

This would be great to be able to back up everything as I suffer from being a flash-o-holic, as I imagine most of us interested in this are! Good luck to everyone!!!

I have not tried to flash a new ROM for a while... mainly because I don't have a good backup alternative, and it takes so long to setup a new ROM... I'd love to use Carbon backup.

As a student, I need to back up my workfiles, but it's a real pain in the butt to keep the files sync'd across multiple cloud savers. I use Google Drive primarily, but a lot of other people use dropbox, which makes it a real pain. If I had the premium, I'd just toss it there to drop box and let Google Drive pull it off as normal and now I got 2 backup copies ^_^

I would like one to back up all the apps on my new nexus 4 so I can restore then easily after trying out custom ROM's

I was using the Beta and the developer emailed me because he noticed a problem. it turned out it was my fault. I really like the app.

I'm paranoid: I used to have my whole life on my Day-Timer, and now my gadgets fill that role. If I lose my data, I'm sunk!

If I had it unlocked, I'd be able to sync everything from my microSD card that was fried when the JB update hit and speed allowing Write to the card!! :-(

I would like to install CyanogenMod because my phone is not supoorted anymore and Carbon is neccessary if I want to backup all of my apps. Clockworkmod backup cannot be restored on a different version of Android.

changing over to a nexus 4 and need a backup app to transfer my apps and pics, and since the nexus does not have external storage, need a good backup app like this to store my pics and files to cloud!

I back up my photos and apps. I take allot of photos with my galaxy S3 and i could use the extra storage option

I really need to factory reset my HTC Rezound! It's sluggish and my battery life is horrible! However, I don't wanna lose my data! I would like to especially keep my game data.. So if u can hook a brotha up that would be really cool!
After I do the factory reset I would like to finally try out Nova Launcher or something..

Would love to be able to back up all my games progress and migrate to a new phone without root!

I would love to be able to use the "cloud" options for backups. That would be a lot less painful than saving to device, and copying to the computer for future use...

I'd love to be able to sync my apps between my phone and tablet, and having backup of apps which take a lot of setting up would be a great time saver.

Most of all though, backing up game data (and syncing that would be awesome)! There are some games I've stopped playing because I don't want to start again :(.

Is this competition still open? If so, I'd really like to have a full version of this great tool.

Well, obviously saved game data, but for me it would be mainly for transferring specific complex custom app data between phone and tablet via the cloud as an automated process. Some of us spend a lot of time creating/modding/customizing that this would be a god send for. Keep up the great work Koush!

I want to back up everything! Photos, documents, settings and game data. I've love to auto-sync everything between my phone and tablet. :D

I could use one. I could backup everything in one step with it prior to do the hard resets after every update is released. Not to mention when installing other ROM's.

If I lose my son's progress in Angry Birds Star Wars or Dragon Box or Temple Run 2 I'm in so much trouble

I use my Note 2 for work and I keep a lot of notes, documents, and I love to take pictures. It would be nice to have a way to back all that up all my apps. Also, I'm a rom junky. I have to flash at least every other day.

I'd love to back up my music, pics, apps... god, just about everything.

I failed to do it on my previous phone and lost EVERYTHING!!!

Have the free version, but the PRO will let me back that thang up on the Internetz. It would mean so much for my Nexus 4 to finally join the twerk team.

I'd like to back up my app/game data and pictures so that when I find a ROM that works for me I can easily restore those important things.

I want one so I can keep my tablet and phone games in sync with one another and also to make after flashing easier.

I am constantly messing with my phone and have come close to losing everything a couple of times already. Getting this full key would let me backup everything they way I want it to my Google Drive!

I'd love to snatch up a copy of the premium version of Carbon because honestly I'm a cheap bastard, but would still like to back up my phone and tablet data. I'm also one of those guys that would love to root my devices, but I'm too lazy to learn and to scared to give it a shot. Carbon would make a nice addition to my Android Library of apps because I'm long over due for a full system restore. Thanks!

really need this to back up my password apps cause it would be so time consuming to re enter back into my phone

I have had to wipe my Nexus 4 3 times now, due to defective screens, and I would love to not have to redo all my work in my apps.

I need to backup everything. From my contacts to my photos and also my game saves :-) it would also be cool to sync these data effortlessly between my devices :-)

I need to back that up. Wait, no, I need HER to back that up. I just want to make sure I don't lose my Angry Birds score.

I only hope that one of the comment bots don't win it. -___-
I just need to back up all my precious game saves that are this now broken phone, that and some important family stuff.

i keep moving from one demo device to another

this would be a great way to take my settings & apps across devices


Got game data, pictures and videos to back up, this is the kind of functionality I can't believe isn't available in Android as standard.

I need to keep all of my games synced across my phone, my wife's phone, and both of our tablets. When I get 3 stars, 3 rubber ducks, or 3 of anything... I need that stuff backed up!

Send me a free code, please!

Backing up games is a must. im actually switching from a Sprint Gnex to a Nexus 4 so having one of those codes would be heavenly.

As an Android user who has not rooted (yet), Carbon is the only solution I know of that can do a FULL back-up including all application data. I'm very impressed so far. I would love to win the one of the free keys to the full version. Please!?

I have almost all my data in the cloud, but that requires logging into each app separately. I would love to be able to back up and restore all my accounts (email, Facebook, Amazon, Dropbox, SkyDrive, Pandora, Redbox, etc).

Well I got 50 GB of dropdox with my Note 2 so I guess I'll back up my videos, pictures and music.

I definitely would love this to back up my data and photos. Losing all the data that you have on your phone ends up being more and more devastating without cloud services.

I have two phones and I want similar app data on both the phones so that I don't have to spend time customizing and copying my stuff. I hope I can win in this contest and get the app for free.

I think this contest may be over but I'm not to sure since I didn't see any winners posted. So, just in case it's not over, I'd certainly love to win!!

I want to ditch Titanium Backup (I bought the unlock/pro key) once and for all. spending another $5+ dollar for other backup app is not acceptable for me. It'd be cool if I can get this new carbon app unlock key for free, because it looks extremely sexy and easy to use. Titanium Backup is extremely bloated with many options and doesn't follow holo guideline properly. If I get this unlock key, I'll use it to make a scheduled backup of all my apps so that I can sync between my nexus 7 and galaxy s3. *crossing fingers*

I have a galaxy nexus, nexus one, galaxy s, nexus 7 and soon, a nexus 4. and i want to keep all my devices in sync and titanium backup wont cut it.

According to the rules the contest ended, but I haven't seen any winners announced so I might as well try!

I would backup EVERYTHING to DropBox!

Hoooo is all I need!... the best way to recover my data between Nighty's!!
My music (lot!!!), pictures and program's!.. and of course my config!

Would love to try the pro version, love the free one. Although I never get picked for these things I might as well express my love of a good app when I see one.

When I did a factory reset for my phone and shifted from old phone to a new one, I not only lost settings for all my apps that were done in a span of number of months reflecting my habits, but also the progress of games I have been playing and spent hours reaching a certain level of progress. With Carbon, I can fix all of that when I move from one phone to another or do a factory reset. No more worries when change happens. Thank you Carbon!!

I'd definitely like one of these. I love the idea of cloud storage and my Nexus 4 is only 8 gigs. Online backups make more sense to back up my apps. Especially for a flashaholic like me. x)

I need to backup my music, photos, games, invoices...i just NEED IT...for work and entertainment. Oh and my life lol #Cheers