Carbon backup

Carbon (the backup app) is a kick ass way to backup and restore apps and their precious data on your Android phone or tablet. It's simple, looks great, works even better, and doesn't need root or any fancy hocus-pocus to get it to work. We think it's the way Google should have done it. The free version works great, backing up all your data to the device, but the premium version takes things a step further by placing all your data in your Dropbox, Google Drive, or account. Yay the cloud!

There's one thing that could make it better, and that's getting a free Carbon Premium code. Koush hooked us up with 20 of them to give away, and here's your chance. Comment on this post, telling everyone what data you need to back up, and sometime after midnight (Eastern time) we'll pick 20 winners. No muss, no fuss.

If you're not sure because you haven't tried Carbon backup just yet, now is the time. Hit the Google Play link above and see why everyone is loving this one.


Reader comments

Quick contest: Win one of 20 Carbon (backup) unlock codes



With the lack of expandable storage on the nexus 7, I would use this to back up my files to the cloud so I can uninstall them when I run out of space and not lose my scores in those bird games. It would also be great to side load apps that load on my gnex but say not compatible with n7.

In short, all the apps that haven't figured out their own backup-n-restore processes for data. Looking at Doggcatcher, Swiftkey (if it's supported), WiFi login among others. $5 is a descent price for something that would be this helpful anyhow.

It's quicker for me to tell you what I don't need to back up. Mainly all the bloatware VZW decided to place on my aging Bionic...

Awesome contest! I'll need to back up photos, SMS and MMS messages, app data, launcher settings, accounts and sync settings. Just to name a few.

This app has really come a long way since the beginning. I need it to do a backup like a NANDROID backup with all apps and data to the PC and the cloud. Great, great job Koush!!!

I'd like one please! I'd probably use it for backing up app data. However, I'd be perfectly content with finding out what the name of that wallpaper is.

I would like a copy to be able of telling my girlfriend that I haven't been reading android Central and format my device every time I see her and restore it after that so I can continue reading android Central where I left. Lol.

I always backup apps and data 2-3 times a week. Would love to try carbon for my backups and sync to my Google drive! Plus koush is awesome. We wouldn't be anywhere without clockwork mod!

Would be extremely nice to have my phone and tablet in sync with each other. I also hate not being too uninstall an application because I can't restore the data unless I root my phone or tablet. I don't want to mess with rooting any longer.

I need a code and it's your fault Android Central. You introduced me to Zombie Road Trip and now I have countless hours of unbacked up play sitting on my Nexus. For the love of my twice upgraded rail gun, send me a code! :-)

A poem to explain my need for this code:

My beautiful Note 2,
I've owned you since you were new,
Though you have space aplenty,
And you've come to know many,
I've kept your games from you.

Through all the time that's come and gone,
And the list of ROMs forever long,
Too lazy I've been to back you up,
Too cheap to cough up 5 bucks,
Too deaf to hear your crying song:

“What I want from you is to have from me
what you've withheld from me so wrongly all along"

Help me give my Note 2 her games and apps back for good.

I'm going to backup all of my two year old daughters pictures and videos since birth. It would be great to share these memories with friends and family on the go. I would also like to backup all of my important work documents so I can easily pull them up when I visit customer businesses. I took advantage of the promo for my Nexus 4, so this would be perfect. Thanks for the opportunity AC.

1. My device is not rooted
2. I don't have any backup app
3. recently ordered a new 64GB SDXC, heard terror stories about the said SDXC faulty and died, would love to backup my whole SDXC and phone preferably.

Awesome! I'll sign up for this. I tried it out a few weeks ago when it was announced, and it worked pretty great. Since I mess with ROMs quite a bit, not losing all my settings for Google Authenticator and Authenticator would be handy, nevermind all the other apps that I have to log in for.

I'm a flashaholic on my Evo 3D, and would love one of these codes to back up to Google Drive! I back up all my app data so when I get an update every week I don't lose all progress in games and login info for other apps! I love this app because it's a billion times more simple than Titanium Backup!

Need one so I can back up all my pics songs apps and save data. Sucks getting far in games and have to start fresh on a new device.

Most of my apps don't have data that I need to keep, but the games I install absolutely need a backup. If I switch devices, I don't want to lose all of my progress. Also, since Carbon does device syncing, I can throw birds all over the place on my phone and tablet without losing progress.

Gotta backup my apps and settings. Nothing goes better with a shiny new Nexus 4 than some fantastic apps from great devs

I would really like to back up some app data, messages and some pics. It would make my life a bit easier.

I need to back up my essential data like my Angry Birds and Jetpack Joyride progress. If I'd lose it (or my wife deletes it), I'd lose my bragging rights!

I would love to have 1 app to backup all my stuff, especially photo. ( I lost my wifes pregnancy photos she almost divorced me. Had to have a 2nd kid just to make up for it.) Thank God I actually wanted a 2nd.

Pictures and videos are automatically backed up to G+, but I'd love to have my apps backed up, so I don't lose progress in my all important games. :-)

I am your fanatical crack-flasher! :-) I need Carbon to backup not only my apps but my system settings, tweaks to services.jar and all sorts of things with the help of root!

EVERYTHING!!! I love rooting but my wife doesn't so I can never back up any of her stuff and this app is the greatest thing ever. I have been waiting for it. Soooooo.....winner winner chicken dinner?

Backing up app data is why I started looking into root! Now my passwords and emails and pesky game saves nay be safe!!

I have 2 volunteer organizations I work with and I need to carry certain documents with me per meeting. If for some reason I lose a file or forget to back it up it is gone and I am in trouble. The other important items I keep backed up are all my photos of my kids. I have lost too many photos of my kids because of a phone or SD card error. Having a backup system available is essential.

Backing up app data is why I started looking into root! Now my passwords and emails and pesky game saves nay be safe!!

I am needing to backup app and data info for a Galaxy Tab 10.1 (wifi only) version that I am in the works to root. I told my kids that it may loose all the data from the games they play. My oldest freaked out about loosing "all her hard work" as she calls it from the app Tap Dragon Park, so this app would help back that up pre-rooting.

I need an easy way to backup all apps and store them in the cloud. Flashing demands an easy way to do this.

Good luck, everybody.

I have tried the free version so far and like it. Makes it easy to back my device. For the games that I do play, it would be nice to be save, restore and continue from where I left off. I do also store other data and images on the device and a quick back up of them would be great. Don't need to go through a whole lengthy process everytime I want to reload the operating system. Plus with a key, storage option to the could would be perfect.

Hi guys.

I'd love to backup pretty much all my apps because I'm constantly downloading and trying new apps. There just isnt enough space for every android app!

Hi guys.

I'd love to backup pretty much all my apps because I'm constantly downloading and trying new apps. There just isnt enough space for every android app!

Aside from the standard apps, games, videos (movies), documents, I also need to backup all my code that I try to work on daily. And though I'm just a basic Technical Support Analyst / Production Control Analyst, I truly enjoy breaking and fixing anything that has to do with Android. Having a strong background in Linux / SQL etc... I need a better grip on polymorphism & inheritance in JAVA = SO PLEASE HELP???? This would be a huge help in saving all my code.

I do all of my work & school stuff from my phone. A computer is something I can't afford. A free download key would be awesome. Not to mention photos and all my Dungelot progress.

I am using the free version now and would love the backup and restore option from google drive for all my games, so when I switch roms I dont loose my spot

I'm a rom flashing whore and need the best tool to backup and restore. This looks like it could be it.

This is such a great app! I would use it to further enable my flashing addiction. Thanks Koush and AC.

I'm a sysadmin, use anag (nagios client) for monitor my servers, need a way to easily backup and restore all my settings every time I change my ROM.. please!

adb backup -all -noapk everything.ab > DROPBOX! (BOX/GDRIVE)
Yes, things get awesome when you get it into the cloud.

I am a flashaholic. I have a Xoom, nexus 4 and gnex. I need a better way to backup and restore apps! Too many times starting over on games, too much time spent signing in AGAIN, you get the picture. To finally get past level 4 on cut the rope or angry birds would make me feel much better. Plus, being able to restore the same data to all devices would just rock. Please pick this flasher!

I would love to be able to back up all my games that I have many hours logged. Mostly angry birds and pop cap games. Especially considering I wouldn't have to be rooted.

I'd backup every app I can... Not sure if this takes care of settings apps or not, or just does 3rd party apps but
As always, thanks for the opportunity!

I'd love to get one so I can back up all my games and app data. I really need to wipe my phone but I've been too lazy to do a backup manually.

I think the most important thing I need to backup is app data. I switch between ROMs as they come out (Stock => CM10 => MIUI) to try new features, or just to switch things up for the moment.

Not sure how I would use it as I have Titanium Back up, but Love all that Koush Does so would love to try this out in a premium fashion

I'd like to backup my secret coordinates to Castle Greyskull, the recipe for Clear Pepsi, and my blackmail photos of the original Tickle Me Elmo. Thanks for the chance to prosper.

I need one to back up all the pictures and videos of my daughter; she's almost 2 years old, and I've been taking pictures and videos of her just about every day. I'd hate to lose those.

I'll give Carbon a shot to see how well it works. I'd like to have it back up my apps and app data so if I have to do a hard reset I don't have to start from scratch.

Having the ability to backup and sync my Galaxy Nexus and HP Touchpad to either Google Drive or Dropbox is great since they don't have an external SD card.

I would love to receive a code. Im in the process of attempting to unlock and do some stuff with my Galaxy S3, and this would ease my mind for sure.
Thank you.

I want to back up my game data so I can unlock the bootloader and root my N7 without losing my progress.

WOW Awesome timing!

I need to backup everything to setup my Nexus 4!

Just received my Nexus 4 and my SIM card should arrive tomorrow or Friday. I need to get everything transferred over from my original HTC Droid Incredible running CM7! It's been just shy of 3 great years with the DInc but I'm PUMPED to have my N4 in my hands. The thing is BLAZING fast! Now just to get my apps and data setup!

This would be great to make backups of both my devices! Having cloud support makes it even better!! Just have to win!!

I want everything backed up and synced between my Galaxy Note and Nexus 10. Then I also want my daughters Galaxy Tab 2 backed up nightly.

I need to back up everything as I have to do a factory reset of my Galaxy Nexus as it seems to be throwing a wobbly!

I have the free version installed but can't update it (I am getting the "Error receiving information from server [RPC:S-5:AEC-0]" message and the suggested fixes in the forums aren't working so factory reset is called for)

I am a self diagnosed flashaholic! Need an easy way to back up and restore my app data between ROMs! Thanks for the great contest AC Team!

All the stuffs, i back up all the stuffs, apps, games, pictures of family etc would love this, and plus i just blew all my wages on other apps :(

I would like to backup my pictures, call logs, contact numbers, whatsapp conversations, sms, audio notes, quick notes, system settings, game progress and documents outside Google Drive.

I really would like to win on of those codes because in my country there's no way to pay this article through Google Play Store

Man, this would be a great app to have I have 188 apps on my phone, it would be such a time saver to have this app for my phone I would not have to let each one re-download each time I change Roms lol!!

I'd like to see if this works as well as I'd hope when I'm switching ROMs. I need a fast and simple way to backup and restore my apps!

I need to back up game data. I want to be able to play Final Fantasy Dimensions on my phone AND my tablet!

As much as I rom it would be nice to be able to backup to a central location without the need for usb and such.

I thought about getting Titanium Backup but it's entirely too complicated. If this is easier I think I'd like to try it. I have music, school pdf's and .doc's, and pictures but it's mostly the documents I'm concerned about having access to no matter what so I moved them to the sdcard. The apps are what take the longest and I don't always have the best wifi to redownload them so this would be perfect.

Amazing app, Would love to be able to fill in the missing link of being able sync my games to my tablet and vise versa.

I'd want a way to save mostly the pics I take. They are priceless.
Other than that, have my apps saved in the cloud is a big plus.

Best way to backup all my media (audio and videos) as I download everything on my phone and want the same on my laptop.

Back up my car maintenance, Google Authenticator (:(), docs, Llama configurations, photos, videos, recordings of my kid playing at contests, and all that jazz!

I would use it to backup all my photos of my kids, and cute and fuzzy kittens, oh and my plans for world domination.....

This would be perfect for backing up the pictures of my 3yr old and my 8 month old. When my wifes phone got stolen we lot a lot of pictures of our 3yr old when he was an infant because we had no way to back them up

I've been backing up my apps since I was on my droid eris running cupcake. Would be nice to do it on the latest and greatest on 4.2 jelly bean.

I use Carbon to back up current apps data for restore after burning a new ROM. I usr Ti Backup and My Backup nightly/weekly, but they hold old uninstalled apps.
Carbon is quick and simple; just what you want pre burn.

And yes, I am paranoid about data loss! Aren't you? After all, there are only 2 kinds of device users - those that have lost data and those that will lose data. And that reduces to those that will lose data!

I really like one because is very dissapointing to play every game again and losse all my data when I update my cell, i would love to try this app specially the cloud backup. Thanks

looking forward on backing up all my texts and personaly phone data. I'm like to flash new builds to my SkyRocket I always seem to lose my text messages. and personal settings.

i need everything backed up on my phone, i have a lot of apps that i would hate to redownload and i always hoped that android would incorporate something like this in their own software one day! at least theres this now! great app!

I could use this right now! My girlfriend's broken Nexus 4 is going back tomorrow and her new one just arrived. It would be great to back up the Nexus 4 that is going back and restore it to the new phone. That would be awesome!

I'm always backing up my data, can't wait to try the real deal with sync available across devices.

I want one, I need to back up my apps.

I will say one other thing though. Couldn't the other app drop a vowel like all the coo apps are doing? Carbn or Crbon, or even Crbn? lol

I have a serious case of flashing numbers of roms, mostly to give back feedback and help out people, and would like a carbon code to backup all my data to my DropBox so I can better manage it. I use the free version of Titanium Backup and you already know how long it takes to restore app+data and also takes too much space on my sd card..would love to receive a code from you guys to make flashing roms easier and therefore keep on helping the XDA community :D

I need to backup app data between ROM flashing. Can't loose my Granny Smith progress, because it's too hard to play again. :-)

Seems I change roms more than I do my underwear at times! This would make my obsession that much easier. Thanks to Koush and the AndroidCentral guys for making this happen!

I flash like 2-3 ROM's a week. If I have to backup all the data and restore it and resinstall all the apps I might as well not flash new ROM at all. Carbon Backup gives me that functionality. Its better than titanium backup in that it doesn't require root and also it does only thing and does that perfectly!

I backup all my apps and data to the storage card usually. Downloading them all over again from the supposedly backup from google is just too unreliable and painfully slow over my current internet connection

I would like to have a code. I will be backing up my girlfriends GS 3, because Her phone keeps messing up. I want to do a factory reset and she isnt rooted. This is the only way.

Mostly games, but backing up a few other apps like pulse where I've configured custom settings would be very nice.

Oh man, I wish I saw this 24 minutes ago - here's hoping the "sometime after midnight" is really 12:25 AM! Would love a copy of this!

Ill just be honest, I really want this app but cant afford it. Plus my phone bill is past due, and I owe AT&T like $250.

BUT I really want this app, it works over WIFI? Sense I probably wont have a data connection to use it :/

I need to backup the data I have meticulously entered for my expense tracking as well as my car's fuel mileage tracking.

I would use Carbon to backup all my game save data (I'm very paranoid about loosing it). I don't want what happened with Cut the Rope to happen again where I lost all the save data after I had to hand the phone back. From 100% complete to nothing as I couldn't backup the save data without root. With Carbon, that need never happen again.

I use Titanium Backup, but I honestly find this app superior for the following reasons:

1. It allows me to back up just the app data.
2. It allows me to create groups. This is especially useful as I'll mention later on.
3. The cloud backup allows me to sync apps and data to other Android devices.

Ok, so why are all three important to me? I'm about to become a full fledged reviewer for a tech site. That means I'll be using different Android devices from time to time. The Cloud Syncing feature allows me to quickly set up review units to my needs. The Apps Group allows me to pick which apps I want synced based on my personal phone to be used for the review. And the fact that I only backup the data means that my Google Drive won't fill up anytime soon. But the best thing is that I don't need to root the review units to be able to do all these! This is an absolute Godsend! I only have the free version installed at the moment. I'm still waiting for the review units to be delivered to me. I absolutely NEED the unlock code to Pro :-)

I would love to be able to back up my photos, documents and all my coding material. Automatically would also be brilliant because it can take a while and having time is not always easy.

I hope the app can backup "everything" - like a nandroid backup - not just data, pictures and apps that are really easy to backup with many backup apps out there or just by copying over WiFi to my PC.

Game saves across different Android devices!
can't put up with having to play on my tablet for HOURS to get to the Same level as on my phone!

I installed carbon after you post and its great! I have an HTC One S and its backup system is horrible, with the last update I lost everything so... Yes , I definitely would love to properly backup my data :)

I would love to backup all my apps in one place in the cloud so I can access them anytime I want instead of messing with an sd card and switching it between different phones. Such a pain. But this app would be perfect for me.

It would just be nice to be able to transfer data from phone to tablet and have a safe storage of everything, the amount of times i had to do the first few levels of angrybirds is getting ridiculous and i never seem to move from there. also having the ability to transfer stuff from phone to phone(change my phone at least 2 times a year) and phone to tablet(streamline my data) would be amazing.

I'm a hard time gamer and a "medium time" flasher of new roms.
This app allows to save in the cloud games data, apps data, different customizations, uccw projects, all that I could possibly desire.
It is great!
Sure hope to win one license. If not I'll sure be buying one!

I need to backup all my data before I wipe and flash roms, and use carbon again to restore as well. And when I get a second Android device, I'll install carbon on there to keep both devices constantly synced.

Just got back from a short stay on the OTHER side having a backup system for my dna would be icing on the green guy cake!

I'd use carbon to back up all my games and apps and have it synced over my devices. No more starting all over again. Also transferring back ups from one device to another is especially convenient

I backup almost everything! App settings and don't forget About the game progresses. Messages, pictures and videos!

Carbon might have less features than Titanium Backup, but its UI is much More intuitive and works out as expected. Its very helpful on regular users.


great app! I will back up my personal stuff, docs, images, along with my important apps + data.
good luck !

Carbon is great for backing up all the data, including the app-data.
Need a 'Premium Code' to get rid of the cable and to backup the backup to the cloud ;)

I'd really like one copy to give to my brother! He's a new smartphoner and totally afraid of rooting - ie, cant use Titanium. Carbon seems to be the utility for him when backing up his brand new SIII 4G!

I'd back up the photos I take of my adorable grandson, as well as the other data on my GNex and my Nexus 10. I already use the free version of Carbon, but being able to schedule backups, and have them in the cloud, would be amazing.

Particularly I'd like to backup my Google apps and other apps that is linked to my gmail account. So that I don't have to generate application specific passwords and allow them individually. Moreover I don't wanna lose my game high scores too :-)

Probably too late, but I'm gonna comment anyways.

I'm planning on changing providers in June (sayonara Sprint, hi once again Verizon), and with changing providers comes changing phones. I sure don't want to lose all my progress on a lot of games (Where's My Water, Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds), because it's no fun going through all the levels again, being that's why I haven't played some of these games in a while to get back to my progress. Also, I don't want to manually re-enter all the login info for apps like Stitcher and TuneIn.

I'd like to have an unlock code because I often flash roms, and lose all the game saves. Well, with Carbon I could finally finish a game!

Alot of apps have some sort of backup/restore function, so for me it's restoring games to where you were last that is a big plus for me.

carbon, carbon, carbon me... back up never what it used to be no.... (in my marvin gaye, mercy me groove)

I would like to backup Apps data that is missing on the builtin Android OS, such as SMS/MMS, apps/games data/saves, especially those data sitting on the non accessible (without root) partition, so it can be restored on another devices easily. One less reason to root.