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Been wondering where the Qik app -- the much heralded video chat service that was (supposed to be) a major part of the Evo 4G launch -- has gone? It's been missing from the Android Market for a little while, and those of you with earlier versions have been awaiting the update for video chat on the Evo 4G (and those premium features, too). Well, it seems that you've been the problem. From the Qik blog:

Earlier in the day we ran into a snag with Qik for HTC EVO 4G not being visible in the Android Market from the HTC EVO 4G devices – even though it was published to the market. Hats off to our great partner Google. Their Android team jumped in, found the issue and came up with a workaround that enabled us to at least get the new Qik Video client out to our users.

We had an unprecedented 20X the amount of workload on our servers. As a result, you were seeing issues connecting to our service on and off. So, our team is now out provisioning more capacity and we expect to have this in control shortly. We feel bad that not all of you got a chance to experience the new Qik Video today and truly appreciate your patience. Rest assured we are not going to rest till this is humming and you are able to video chat with your friends and loved ones.

That's a bad start for the Qik folks, and quite the leg up for Fring at this point. [Qik Blog via Android Central Forums]


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Qik explains why it's gone missing


So I installed the new qik, and now I have both on my phone: the old qik in Orange and the new qik in blue. How can we delete the old one even though it was pre-installed?

I noticed that as well. Also, neither version seems to have video chat, unless I'm a retard and just can't figure it out. Fring is also a mess and spammed my status message. Honestly I wish Google would step up and add video chat to Google Talk. That would be the best solution, especially if they could get it working between desktop and phone.

Qik needs to do some damage control. Pricing rumors, Tier pricing, server/service problems. Granted, happens to the best of us; but the stakes are too high...at least for now. I will check out my other options.

I downloaded Fring, fired it up and tried to connect with my daughter. I ended up listening to someone else's conservation. NOT GOOD!

im so very very very angry...i have 3 yes 3 qik icons on my phone...i tried to uninstall 1 goes away or the icon turns orange???...im tired of RTN or hard resetting my phone...qik made a big deal since it was the must have app and its a featured app on the box for the evo...and it does not work or at least how to i fix my 3 icon issues i wish i can post a pic for all to see

the pre installed quick just keeps crashing on my evo... i get "this application Qik... has stopped unexpectedly. please try again". :\