Push to Talk Plus now available for Verizon DROID MAXX, Galaxy S5, and more!

Verizon seemingly doesn't want to let go of Push to Talk, so they've updated things a bit with their new Push to Talk Plus service. Push to Talk Plus brings improvements such as better voice quality and faster call set up time. New features like Talker Priority — which allows for a group leader to take over a call — and Late Join — which allows a caller to access a call late — make the service more like a traditional conference call.

Push to Talk Plus is available now on numerous Android devices like the DROID MAXX, Galaxy S5, G'zOne Commando, and will soon be available on the Kyocera Brigadier as well. Business users simply need to activate the service and download the Push to Talk app on their devices. The service rings in at $5/month, but Verizon is offering a 6-month credit on the service for a limited time (so it's free for the first six months).

Source: Verizon

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Push to Talk Plus now available for Verizon DROID MAXX, Galaxy S5, and more


Push-to-talk is still around because it is also available for some plain old feature phones. Thus the boss can rock a smartphone and the peons in the field get plain old cell phones.

It's still around because Verizon might sucker some people in to spending money on it. Why not just facetime/hangout instead for free?

Oh there is a monthly fee. Nevermind.

Snapchat has push to video, and its free, and works on VZ's network....

The fact that there is a monthly fee is why we need net neutrality. If VZ was smart this would be Free but only only work on Verizon phones, to give people incentive as a different option from AT&T.

Oh and the droid maxx is still one of the best and most underrated phones out there.
Second to only the HTC one in speaker quality,
Its global and unlocked.
better battery life.
all the Moto X features.
Sexy hardware too.

^This...even though I have this phone. It sucks that it's only available on Verizon. It's really a great device and the battery life is awesome!

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There are apps in the play store that are free that let you do this. Why would anyone pay for it. Just like vz navigator when Google maps of free. I'm sure they will sucker some poor sole into paying.

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