PowerAMP - $4.99

PowerAMP, a feature-rich music player for Android that we detailed a couple weeks ago, has finally graduated to a full version complete with a $4.99 price tag.  Some of you will say that $4.99 is a bit steep for a music player, but the five-star ratings and positive market comments are piling up.  "This is the best audio player I've ever tested.  I would have paid 2x what they're asking!" writes one satisfied buyer.  With awesome features such as the heavily lauded equalizer, album art grabber, and lock screen controls, MaxMP's PowerAMP aims to be one of the top music players available on Android.

Recent changes include:

  • All Artist Songs via header in Artists->Albums list
  • Shuffle by Artist/Album/Genre selection for SHUFFLE button
  • Option to enable "return to player" button in Folders/Library
  • Option to hide Equalizer Deck in portrait mode
  • Other fixes and improvements

To purchase the full version of PowerAMP, you'll first have to install the trial version of PowerAMP, and then purchase the full version unlocker.  A simple market search for "Poweramp" will yield the exact downloads you need.


Reader comments

PowerAMP updated -- gets new features and a $4.99 price tag


"This is the best audio player I've ever tested. I would have paid 2x what they're asking!" writes one author of PowerAmp...

Just sayin... I wonder about some of the comments when I read them

You mean like the reviews on the new WSJ tablet app that said "Force closes on my DX"? Commenter's come in all kinds, including those that actually enjoy paying for high quality applications (I'm one of them)

it really is worth it, i bought it as soon as it went pay. it had everything i wanted in a music player app, and a great interface.

So what is the difference between the "trial" version that I have had for some time now (and was just updated) and the "new" pay version???
I can't seem to find any differences...

Guess I'll ride it out while I can...It really is the best music player. If/when this trial expires then I guess I will be forced to purchase it.

The description on the pay version says it will "remove the trial period limitation" so chances are, that your free version will eventually not work unless you pay for the full version.

Used it way back when it was first posted on xda developers and I have to say this is the BEST music player app. The equalizer and the looks of the music player alone make it worth the price and there are wayyy more features then that.

Yeah the interface looks polished and slick. It looks better than the native app interfaces. I'd go so far as to say it looks better than iTunes. And iTunes looks pretty good.

Has it added support for last.fm yet because if it still doesn't have that, it's not even an option for me.

Honestly I can't even see any reason to stop using the stock Android music player.

Why would I want to change music players? What makes PowerAMP so good?

So I gave it a try and last.fm support is there so it is an option. The EQ is awesome and the sound is good but compared to stock music player and DoubleTwist, DoubleTwist sounds the best to me.

The biggest issue is CPU usage. DoubleTwist hovers between 0% and 2% of usage compared to PowerAmp which uses 12% - 15%. That alone makes this player unusable and most definitely NOT worth $5. It's possible that it's the custom EQ that's sucking up the extra CPU usage but turning that off takes away the biggest benefit of the player.

I used to use Double Twist and still have it installed. I must say that the one thing I REALLY like about DT is the fact that it has internet radio built in. That is the only reason I haven't uninstalled it yet.

You clearly have not tried it.

The equalizer is far and away the best I've ever used on a mobile device. I'm sitting here just digging some tunes I used to listen to with the stock player and this just blows the stock one away in terms of the powerful bass, clear highs, and everything else in-between.

You gotta try this...I love it.

Thanks, Android Central for the notice on this... !

I already bought this, but I still dont use it because I dont like the widget. I need a 3x4 NON-lockscreen widget pls. kthxbye.

(And yes it is otherwise awesome. But I am sticking with MixZing until they deliver my widget.)

Did he add an easy way to Quit the app? Right now there is no way to quit when you are done. If you exit the app with the back button, it still remains in your Running Services, and seems to eat up some battery. I wouldn't call it a huge battery drain like some complainers in the market, but it seems lame to not have a quit function.

I'll prob end up paying for it but I'm gonna wait it out and see what people think of it.

Oh and for Daveloft: I picked Poweramp over the stock player for:

headset controls: I can use my ipod headphone with mic to control play/pause/next track
Eq: helps make the EVO sound a little more like the Mp3s that it's playing
Guesture controls: Swipe left for next track, swipe right for previous track. I got used to this with an app on my iPod Touch and I can't live without it now.

I agree... they need to introduce a better way to quit the app.

Also, I can't seem to find a way to kill off the Notifications feature. On my 3G Slide I get a constant running Notification that the last song I was listening to is still running. Not good!

Other then that it clearly is the best music player on the market for Android. I suspect I will purchase it at this point.

I don't buy apps normally, but I may buy the full version of this app when my trial runs out. I get way better sound quality than with the stock player, and the EQ setting for the phone speaker (loud) is great. I normally have to stay pretty close to my G2 to get decent sound, but I can set PowerAMP to this setting and still hear my music loud and clear, which is awesome.

I tried several music players since getting my EVO a few months ago, and PowerAMP is the best of the bunch. Easily worth the $5.

Looks awesome, but still cannot deal with WMA tags in Froyo. All artists still showing up as unknown. Another competitor product can read the tags, but cannot exclude the ring, notification and alarm folder on the SD card.

Used it for half an hour and uninstalled. It really slowed my system down. Very high CPU usage which others have reported. I am running a Hero and I wonder if it needs a higher spec device.

My problem with the pay system they've got is I don't like having to buy an unlocker app. I'd prefer to just pay for the full app itself and not have to unlock the trial one. Till they release it that way, it's a no-go for me I'm afraid.

I really like this app, but I'm having a few problems with it that would preclude me from buying it. (EVO)

  • The player skips when real-time events happen in the background (checking email, detection of Wi-Fi, etc). I really wish there was a way to up the priority of the application so that it would play smoothly. Along the same lines, when a notification comes in that has a sound associated with it, the player comes to an abrupt halt, plays the alert sound, and then continues on. Any way to silence alerts or quietly mix them into the playing song?
  • Scrobbing is great and all, but it's just not for me. I'd rather see an option to simply post what song I'm currently listening to on Facebook or Twitter. Caveat: I have no experience with Scrobbing or Last.FM, but in my brief look at it I decided that I really didn't want to join another social network, and ya know what, I'm an old fart who is stuck in his musical ways, so recommendations and the such wouldn't do me much good.
  • Being able to save equalizer profiles for individual songs or albums would be great. Not all MP3's are alike in how they were ripped and/or mixed. If I switch over to another album I have to fiddle with the EQ to get it sounding right.
  • Can we have a full-screen widget? Please?

Anyhow, everything said, it does sound pretty damn good with the EQ and Preamp enabled - the best I've heard my EVO sound when playing songs.