IR remotes on your phone — who is using them?

2013 was not officially the year of Infrared. We think that happened sometime back in the late 1970s. But it was the year we started seeing phone manufacturers add IR transmitting abilities to their high-end phones. Samsung, HTC, Sony and LG all jumped on board and now anyone and everyone can buy an Android phone or tablet with an IR transmitter built right in, and there are built-in applications to use them to control the stuff in your entertainment center.

Since its inception, better alternatives to IR have come along. Things like IP-based controllers (using Wifi or even cellular data) work better and have almost unlimited range, and cloud-based controls are the new big thing. But IR isn't going anywhere anytime soon, because it's cheap, and limitations like line-of-site and distance aside, it works really well.

We like all this, in theory. Now we want to know if anyone is really using it. Look past the break and see the poll, and let us know.


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Do you use the Infrared transmitter on your Android?


I want my next phone from when I switch from big red to little pink to have an IR just for those times when I can't find the damn remote.

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That's exactly what I do. My tablet has an IR transmitter, so if my wife and I can't find the remote within a few seconds, I always know where my tablet is lol. It's pretty cool and makes life easier. OK, fine... it makes me lazier. I like that my settings for both of my Samsung TVs are the same, so I don't have to switch back and forth when I venture from one room to the next :)

Yup nothing like ticking people off at the sports bar by turning off their TV or changing the Channel... :P

I use it at home frequently and on vacation from the hotel bed.

And here I thought I was the only asshole! Haha! I wish I could say ive never done the same thing!
I had a friend thinking his brand new tv was broke cause I kept turning it off! Too funny


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> You must be a fun person to be around... /s
Doesn't like to douche, nuff said. A gender neutral response is that they are a stinky a .. h .

... and that word went out less than 10 years after it came out.


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Hotel remote controls are one of the worst germ ridden places in a hotel room and are the most skipped over areas for cleaning.


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You the man Joel. nothing like changing from a Football game at a crucial moment to a far more exciting Spanish language soap opera. Makes the Bar a more interesting place. :)

That's a dickhead move, it's funny when you Chang the channel but not during football. you fuck nut

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I thought I was the only one doing this. Football to Sponge Bob at a crucial football moment is hilarious. My wife gets mad but glad to see there are other people that enjoy this along with my kids.

I do that whenever someone watches another show or my dad is on YouTube. Simple button press turns the TV off. It is more of a gimmick though.

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I was very annoyed (and surprised) when I found out that Android was getting an API for it yet the next Nexus didn't have the hardware....

Same here. I used it on my HTC one sometimes and it was just nice to have on hand. But I haven't missed it much on my N5 though.

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Yes I do use it. I love using it on my TV and Cable Box. It actually works as a really good TV guide too.

I think the standard remote is probably easier.. But sometimes it is all the way across the room. And who has time to walk over and pick it up when my phone is right there in my pocket?? :)

I have an HTC One and I use it to pick out movies. Their guides which show the movie posters is soooo much nicer and easier to find a movie to watch versus looking at the built in guide on the TV.

I wish LG built a programming guide into their built in controller app for the g2, like HTC did, and Samsung's watchon... I was kinda bummed when I found out it doesn't include that.

Anyone have any ideas on a better alternative app that does include a programming guide to search for what's on tv and maybe even on demand?

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Thanks! I'll def give it a try

Update: Not at all what I'm looking for, but thanks for the suggestion!

I'm looking for a universal remote app that utilizes the IR port, with a built in program guide... unless this is different for other phones, this is just a program guide for lg G2... and not a very good one.

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I think it is foolish to wear out the button(s) on your $700 smartphone to change your tv channel when your television provider will give you an endless supply of remotes for free. And you usually need one because you have worn out a button or two on the original remote. As it is, I try to find ways to push hardware buttons as little as possible, and this seems like a pretty foolish and needless way to increase my button pushes.

You don't use the hardware buttons for these remot apps. WatchOn, Peel, and all the others use on screen keys for this. You will not wear out your screen changing channels.

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Hey Sports Fan:
LG G2, Knock Knock.

Either way it is silly to not use a feature of your phone because you are afraid the hardware button might wear out.

I don't change the volume on my phone because I am afraid I might wear out the volume rocker. /s

Lol +1

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Hey man!! How ya been, brother!?

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I've been good. I'm getting transferred to Cali, this summer. I'm excited: I've passed through there a few times, but I could never stay for an extended period of time. Should be interesting.

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Damn nice man! I'm looking to move to northern cali hopefully soon. Good luck with everything there!

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You're right. I do apologize, brother. I'm a little cranky today, so please forgive me.

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My HTC One automatically wakes up when I pick it up (while the TV app is running). Either way, your argument is silly.

Don't forget about the Moto X (OK Google,... Open "IR App").
Or Samsung's stuff (Hi Galaxy,... Open "IR App"). -(Voice Commands & Stay Awake while charging needs to be on.)


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Hisense Sero 7 Pro

Yeah but they built these things before your observation.

Not ragging on you but your initial comment was completely incorrect and showed that a little research can go a long way from preventing a dumb comment

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You're a fat PP, now quit hating on people who have this feature on their phones just because you don't, or are too broke to buy a $700+ phone. I'm happy to admit that I use my IR blaster on my Note 3 more than my remotes. My one phone replaces 4 remotes in my living room. My phone controls not only my tv, satellite box and surround sound system, but also my Xbox via an awesome app. Again, quit hatingbeeyatch.

You're a man, and you don't know what a PP is?

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Looks like a capital letter "P" followed by a second capital letter "P". No, that doesn't mean anything to me, as it is not a word nor any abbreviation that I know of. If you are trying to talk about what'in my my pants, well I can show what a man has down there.

Lol, I forgot to put "/sarcasm" at the end of my comment.

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By the way, as someone who actually upgrades my phone every year, and as someone who bought a brand new Galaxy Note 3 and kept it for a week till I sold it, I'll say that phone felt like one of the cheapest pieces of crap phones I have ever felt. I'm pretty sure you can make your home button look a little diagonal if you try. So enjoy that one, sucker!

So your a troll that can be ignored.

Got it and thanks for the clarification.

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OOOH!! What does the Note 4 look like!? Don't keep secrets.!!

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Haha I hope you're wrong. I want to keep this phone for as long as I can. But, I've said and heard that before lol.

Well, that was climactic, lol. C'mon, you can do better, lol.

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I have seen that phrase used quite a lot the last few days, amazingly enough, none of them have been my posts.

Must. try. harder.


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Well it wasn't a reply to your post but after seeing your reply I may have changed my mind about the target of my comment.

Must. look. closer. and. use. your. brain.

It's too late to change your mind! No takesies-backsies!!

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SMH!!! Complaining about something you have obviously haven't even attempted to use. Like what the other poster said lg users don't have this issue and with the htc one, when using the remote app, the screen will automatically turn on when you pick the phone up.

LG G2 here.. What hardware buttons do I need to use exactly? I use approx none on a daily basis.

Even so, how many hardware button presses do you think you need to make? Ive never had a hardware button fail anyway, not in 20 years of mobile phone use.

Agreed. If your hardware buttons are wearing out, I can think of two reasons: 1) you bought a cheap phone and should have seen it coming or 2) you've owned the phone for years beyond its end-of-life and it's so old that you should have seen it coming.

Otherwise... I'm not sure what you do to your hardware buttons to wear them out so quickly, but whatever it is, I think the "special case" title would be applicable to the original poster...

No, clearly you are special, lol.

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@mercdroid, Hey wait a minute! What happened to your gift from God nexus 5? You have a note 3 now? Why the switch?? Just wondering..

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Although I do love the look and sleekness of stock Android (it's hard not to like), I need a handset that's not going to die on me as soon as I start using it (heavy exaggeration, but you know what I mean).

Also, I've actually been using my phone a LOT more; so, the S-Pen and extra screen real estate is somewhat "needed" and definitely appreciated.

Trust me: the switch to the Note 3 doesn't make me hate stock Android or Nexus devices all of a sudden. But, I did want to try something different: just like when I bought the iPad Mini, I've been trying to step outside of my comfort zone as part of my New Year's resolution.

So, there you have it! After at least a week or two, I'll be happy to share my experience with you!

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Congrats on the note 3 man! I wanted to go that route, but the LG G2 was more in my price range, and I already have a note 2 lying around, so I figured I'd go a different direction and give LG a go. Boy am I glad I did... but I sorta miss the s-pen tbh. Anyway, let us know how you like it after some more time with the Note 3!

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Thanks! Yeah, the G2 is a very solid choice. Hell, it has better battery life than the Note 3. Trust me, if T-Mobile didn't finance it, there was no way I'd have gone for the Note 3 (I'm a tight-wad, lol).

But, I'm glad you're liking the the G2, brother! With the amount of choice we have now, every high-end device available is a great choice.

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For sure man... gotta love Android! Choices choices choices! And some pretty damn good ones to boot... there's something for everyone. Can't wait to see what the future brings.

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Welcome to the dark side.

I was gonna ask you how your test run went in a 'calmer' thread. I see it went well...

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Haha, thanks for the warm welcome! The Note 3 is definitely a great device. And, although I do much prefer stock Android, I don't mind the move back to Touchwiz. There's definitely a lot of features packed in (I'll save the "bloatware" jokes for later, lol).

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They showed you were the cookie and the keys to the liqueur cabinet is right?

I am not sure if you do the root/rom thing but if you do I highly recommend Minin3. Gets rid of a lot of the garbage, slims the rom down and keeps the functionality.

I have only found one thing that bugs me, and the spen sounds are gone. Working on putting them back in myself but have not gotten around to much of it.

Also the spigen s-view case is the absolute best in protection/function. Its a bit expensive (50ish) but unparalleled...

I need to stay away from the cookies, but the liqueur is fair game!

I've only rooted and ROM'ed one device (Galaxy Nexus-GSM), so I'm familiar with the process. But, honestly, I don't mind keeping it stock. I had one bad experience too many (it wasn't the end of the world, but I needed my phone and broke something shortly before, lol).

As for cases, I went with one of the cases that T-Mobile had in-store: it looks similar to a wallet case, but without the pockets. That damn thing was expensive, at 44 dollars; I normally buy my cases from Amazon. I started to buy one of the S-View cases in-store, but I'm accident prone (sometimes) and that case didn't look too sturdy. But, I'll be sure to read up on and check out the Spigen S-View case.

Thanks, brother!

Enjoy your new note 3!!! I also like the stock android experience since I have a nexus 4.. I was planning on buying a nexus 5 but I've been torn about getting the note.. Even though there's a ton of bloat it still has many useful features like the s pen... The extra battery life helps also!!! Lol

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I will say this: you can't go wrong with either the Nexus 5 or the Note 3.

Definitely play around with both in-store and decide from there.

I won't lie, though: the S-Pen, extra screen space, and bigger battery are appreciated, but the phone has crashed twice. Maybe it was something I did?

The Nexus 5 has got to be the smoothest running device ever. However, as awesome as the stand-by time is, the battery just doesn't last under moderate to heavy usage.

Both devices have their strengths and
quirks about them, but you can't go wrong with either one.

Thanks!! And, Happy choosing, brother!!

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I *love* my Note 3. *Literally* the *only* complaint I can come up with for this phone is that the speaker phone completely sucsk. No one can hear me on the other end, but I have bluetooth headsets, so it's not a huge deal. I haven't had anything on mine actually "crash", but I have had the phone get squirrelly a few times and just rebooted it to "reset" everything. At least the Note 3 reboots really quickly ;)

I've had knock knock etc since the gnex...but a bit of drain ~2℅ an hr. Not extra so pumped w 4+hrs sot on a n5

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what are you smoking? Any number of phone have ways to turn on the phone without touching it.

Not to mention it appears that several remote apps also have touchless controls and voice control "change channel to 42"....

Put the pipe down son, it is 2014

Yeah but you gotta know when to say when

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Okay folks. As we all know, AC has a "Dumbest Post of The Year" Award and lookie here, we have a winner and January isn't over yet! Give this man a Prize!

On a side note, the S-View cover on my Note 3 turns my device on as soon as I open it so I won't be wearing out the buttons [LMMFAO] anytime soon.

Mister Smarty Pants.

Nope, lol.

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Unlike iPhones, android phones have many many ways of turning on and off. They also don't have buttons that wear out

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Hardware is spec'd out to outlast the device. Thinking the last device I had any wear on was my Blackberry Tour keypad.

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I use it all the time on multiple TVs. I find it most useful when I'm at a sports restaurant and I need to change the channel because all the waiters are either too busy or don't know how to work it.

Happy Holidays!!

Now if I can change the channel at restaurants and sports bars? That's a killer feature. I would be on board with this all day.

You can. Also hotels

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As long as you know what brand tv and/or service provider you can basically wreck havoc wherever you go and it takes all of two seconds to set up.

Just curious, how does this work exactly? Do you have to do anything else besides point it towards the TV up on the wall? Like do you have to type in the brand of the TV or anything?

Yeah you essentially program it like a universal remote. Only takes a few seconds.

My remote list is as big a s my wifi list at this point. Every tv/cable box in the house, a few relatives houses, many a bar, a few hotels between Harrisburg and Pittsburgh...

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You do have to set it up, like a universal remote, but it's *much* easier, since you're not looking up a TV brand in a code book. Just select the brand, and it will start trying codes till it finds the one that works (at least, for the WatchOn app on Samsung phones). Literally takes about 30 seconds to configure for a new TV.

Never thought about hotels and bars. Boom, great reason to have it.

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I use it all the time at home for my TV and sound bar. Favorite trick is to use it to change channels at bars and restaurants. I amaze all my techless friends and family

I use mine all the time when I'm to lazy to get up and find the remote.

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All the time especially when losing the remote and its easier to see whats on tv using watchon

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I mostly use it when I lose my actual remote. Also, you better pop the back on that GS4 Active before you dunk it.

I never even look for the remote anymore. My phone does it better, and is easier to setup than any Universal remote, and with a Swipe to the right I can jump strait to Netflix/HBO Go/ ETC. without even putting anything down. What's that? Switching rooms you say? Oh well thats taken care of.

You say what? Bored at the bar stuck watching "Sportsball"? Switch the channel and mess with the patrons.

There are times when I'm at a sportsbar with many TVs, and I wish I had a universal remote programmed for comcast boxes so I could just change the channel myself. Especially if a game isn't on ESPN, NBCsn, or Comcast Sportsnet and the bartender has trouble finding it.

You are so very correct on this one. I use my phone to change the channel all the time when the remote can't be found at sports bars. The good thing is that programming the app is so simple (at least the one for the HTC One) that you can do it on the fly for any cable provider.

They don't connect the tvs like that anymore, most tvs are connected directly via wires to the cable box which is in a separate room. So we the remote controllers can only change the television to the channels that are programmed in the cable box. No more watching MTV. :-) now if you have access to the cable room your in luck.

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I would use it if I still had it (I sold GS4 to get Moto X).
Glad Google added support for IR in 4.4 and hopefully we will see more IR in future phones.

i only use it in bestbuy or places like that, its more a toy for me, bring endless amounts of joy, especially when you have that guy who`s hogging the demo games systems thinking he`s hot shit at tiger woods or madden.... and you turn the tv just as he starts his play or as he`s about to hit the ball...... then turn it back on seconds later when he`s looking for the on off switch

When I had my S4 I used it all the time for the TV,gym tvs,apple tv, girls house it was awesome. That is the only i miss from the S4 other then that i love my N5

I don't think I've had a phone with one. EVO LTE, Galaxy S3 and Nexus 5 have been my last three phones. After seeing all the cases of people using them in bars and restaurants I would say we are about a year away from that getting really annoying and bars and restaurants placing electrical tape over the sensor.

My LG Gpad has IR on it, but I haven't had a TV since before LCDs became a thing so don't have a use for it just yet.

I don't use the IR functionality on my HTC One but I love the HTC TV app. Very handy for keeping up with when your fav shows are coming on for any given day and whether the show is new or repeat.

I do use it on my phone because in my last move the remote control for my sound bar was lost. It is a great alternative to buying a new remote for that device and works good as TV guide if you have the HTC one cant comment for the other devices, but I am sure they work well in similar circumstances!

I use it often on my Note 3. I found the OEM's remote lacking so I dowloaded Smart Remote and haven't looked back. The Smart Remote app looks daunting at first but after messing with it for a while its worthiness comes shining through. I can control a Bose Wave, a Symphonic DVD/VCR, a Samsung TV, and a Dish Network box all with the same app!

Love it.

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Gonna have to try that one. Thanks for the tip.

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Not really. It was fun to use at a couple restaurants and in a few easy-going teachers' classes as a prank, but I don't find it that intuitive to use on a regular basis. Would I care if my next phone has one? No. Will it probably have one? Yes. Will I use it? Rarely.

I know mine doesn't, but the point is that the tech is so underutilized in general that I had to stop and think on it for a second. It's not like IR scanners are even as big a selling point as NFC at this time.

Posted via my tricked out Moto X.

I know mine doesn't, but the point is that the tech is so underutilized in general that I had to stop and think on it for a second. It's not like IR scanners are even as big a selling point as NFC at this time.

Posted via my tricked out Moto X.

I voted "I will on my next phone" but that may not be entirely accurate. I have a Note 2 and have 6 more months in my contract. I've basically sworn off samsung though - what i really want is a Moto Phablet. Motorola has shown no interest in including IR in its phones. And if the Moto Phablet is disappointing or never happens, I'll be getting a Sony - and they have shown little to no interest in IR either. All said, while I want IR, I don't want it enough to forsake a phone i would otherwise purchase.

perhaps "no, but only because i don't have it" would be a better option.

Sony Xperia Z has an IR blaster. If the tablet has it maybe the phones will soon

Posted from my newly Kit Katted Droid Ultra

@mtmerrick, why have you sworn off Samsung? I've sworn off HTC because they underpowered the HTC X (EVO 4G LTE) with only 1GB of ram when everyone else was pushing 2 as standard. It's the major disappointment for me.

I like Samsung's split screen features and some of their other gee whiz features. But whatever I get next it WILL have an IR blaster.

the menu button (and to a lesser extent, the physical buttons entirely), skimping on internal storage in favor of SD cards, touchwiz/samsung bloat is annoying, and they're getting WAY too hard to root and ROM. I do not like what i'm seeing of KitKatted Touchwiz AT ALL (based on evleaks GS5 screenshots, cemented by hands on at CES).
also: region-locking.

EDIT: have you heard for this thing they're doing now, disabling third party accessories with kitkat? no thank you!

Not trying to say that you're wrong, but I just wanted to play devil's advocate for a sec:

The physical home button is kinda a love/hate thing for me. Easier to wake my phone with that button than the power button most of the time, but I still kinda wish it wasn't there.

As for TouchWiz and not liking what the new TouchWiz looks like, you can *always* throw a custom launcher on there. I agree that TouchWiz look "cheap", which I why I use Nova or ActionLauncher.

Also, the thing about 3rd party accessories is not confirmed. Samsung says that they haven't done anything to prevent 3rd party accessories, and I'm always skeptical by "a few people on the net" reporting something. I suspect one dude had something break, attributed it to the update, and a bunch of other people are just "jumping on the bandwagon" for attention. IDK. Maybe I'm way off, but I want to see some more evidence of this before I believe that Samsung is actively trying to prevent 3rd party accessories. Samsung seems to be one of the few OEM's that actually understands the importance of an accessory eco-system for their devices.

An awesome feature, where has this been. I've even used it to change channels when at friends/relatives houses, they are the remote kings NO MORE!!!!!

Its a cool feature but not useful for me other than actually changing the channel. Using multiple devices for your home theater setup it really does work well.

I use mine all the time on my LG G2. I not only turn stations at bars/restaurants, but when I feel especially frisky at bars, I like to order up adult pay-per-view and watch the reactions.....

Yes, yes it is!! Nothing like skinimax at the bar!!

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I don't use it much on my G Pad. Unfortunately the app included on the G Pad is limited and the IR blaster is locked down so third party apps don't work with it

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I have the HTC EVO 4G LTE and I am completely Jealous of my Wife and daughter's Note 3 and S4 respectively... And It's incredibly frustrating when their phone can do stuff mine can't (hey, I'm the techie in the house).

Plus I hate looking for the remote. I almost always know where my phone is, and I don't have to worry about the kids (or the wife) moving it someplace ridiculous (like under the couch, or in the refrigerator).

I can't wait to get my S5 (I really wish that the Note 4 had a spring release cycle, I can't get the same phone my wife has :))

I dont use it often at home (usually just when I lose the remote), but I love the ability to control TV or DVD players when at hotels or on vacation. That way, I dont need to worry about touching what is one of the dirtiest things in a hotel room, and I can also combine them into one remote if there are multiple (e.g. for the tv, cable box, dvd player, etc)

Smart IR makes infrared awesome, customized, and usable. Especially after using that abomination Samsung bundles with the S4.

I lost the remote to my Panasonic DVD surround sound receiver, so having IR on my phone has saved me many times from having to get up and down when the wife thinks the TV is too loud.

I would use it if my phone had an IR transmitter. Used to use it all the time on my old palm tungsten t3.

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I would use it if my phone had an IR transmitter. Used to use it all the time on my old palm tungsten t3.

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I really hope that my next phone includes an IR transmitter as one of the things I love about the HTC One is the way you can control your TV and audio equipment with ease, all from one device and using a pictorial TV guide.
It would be a real shame if that disappears from future devices.

I use it all the time on my HTC One. Especially at work controlling tv displays.

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20 years ago or so when I was a kid I got a watch that had a universal remote IR blaster in it. Basically just used it to play pranks on substitute teachers playing videos, but it did raise me a few steps on the social ladder. Helped me avoid "The Miracle of Life" video in health class and avoid therapy.

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Yes I use the IR on my S4 all the time. I use it at home with 3 TVs and a Blu Ray player and I also use it with my Canon T3i!!!

I use it to control my audio and video equipment and to mess with people because no one thinks a phone can control TVs. I love having an infrared port I don't think there is any reason not to its cheap and small and handy. Having a universal remote in your phone is very nice.

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Well I don't use traditional t.v rather my G-Box running android & XBMC so I just use the WiFi (yatse app)to change channels. But the IR is a great feature.

Will stay out of the hardware buttons debate lol

Posted via Android Central App using and I quote my "gift from the angels above Nexus 5".

I don't, but not because it's IR, but because I don't like using touch screens to control the TV. I don't want to have to look at the screen every time I want to change the channel or mute the TV.

I do use it the times I use my HTC One. Most of my time has been spent on my Moto X or Nexus 5.

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How about a Remote APP review guys? there are tons out there (as I just found out) and it would be a good read since they are becoming more prominent.

I would love to use one, but sadly, I don't see them coming to nexus phones anytime soon.

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Remote apps I use-yatse so easy to set up and use and works really well. There is XBMC also but obviously that is for a specific platform.

But great idea for a remote app review. Why don't we all continue the discussion on this.

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Yaste is an awesome application, I use it myself and it has it's place in my complicated array of devices I control.

Some devices 'are' coming out with Wireless remote interfaces, Aircons etc, but these are still a bit of a novelty at the moment and drive up the cost. The beauty of Wifi connected remote is you can connect them to the cloud, essentially meaning the true definition of 'remote'..

Wifi has it's drawbacks so I'm not sure if it will ever take off as the IR 'replacement'.. Range is always an issue, and it would be annoying to have a device that had issues with operation due to its distance from the WAP.. Also Wifi standards are constantly evolving so your 802.11g capable device might find itself out of luck in 5 years. I don't know, I certainly like Wifi as an option, but I can also see the risks and concerns about manufacturers locking it in as the remote medium of the future.

I used to love playing around with the IR transceivers on my old Nokia and Palm devices, and as soon as I can get the HTC One I want to buy, I'm sure I'll play around with the blaster on that too. It's pretty fun messing with friends and family when you visit, and its also damned convenient when you lose, can't find, or are too lazy to go pick up your TV, sat/cable, or AV remote. I almost always have my phone within reach, not so much for my proper remotes.

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I use the Verizon FiOS mobile app. Works better than Quick Remote and whatever Samsung calls their remote app.

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I never really gave the I/R transmitter much thought on my note 3 but I recently configured the watch on app for all of the tvs in my house and all I have to say is wow...great app. Just about replaces my $300 logitech remote

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I use my IR quite often on my note3 when I'm too lazy to grab my harmony remote or if its charging on its cradle. With the watch on app I can control my system in my room and can create a separate control for my system in the living room. And with the IR universal remote app, I also use my phone to control my heater.

No use for it on my tablet. A good universal remote with physical keys beats a touchscreen any day.


Until your 1 year old son smashes your $300 universal remote which Logitech kindly don't sell spare parts for. Then I bet you reconsider reaching for your pad.. ;)

I went to Egypt on my honeymoon and my wife just bought the S4. We went just before the riots last year and some of the bar staff were catching up on the latest info on the TV. We sat there with her phone, kept changing the channel and turning the TV off to freak the staff out. It worked and it was pretty funny watching the poor guy look all confused. But that was probably the only time she's ever used the IR...

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I use it to shut off the television in my gym's locker room, which is only ever set to annoying commercials and sports talk shows at full volume.

It also serves as a much better universal remote than my Logitech, especially with included apps for my Xbox One, etc.

Tried a few times on Note 3 and really liked it. Then , I realized that many channels - shows were missing (time warner cable) and just gave up. It synced well and all but something is wrong. Ideas ?

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I travel a bit and really dislike using the remote control in the rooms. You don't know who or what has touched those remotes and if they have ever been cleaned. The IR on my HTC One has made my hotel experiences so much easier. Basically, I don't have to use a hotel remote ever again.

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It doesnt help me when the universal remote apps don't work as well as a.Logitech remote or when some devices are moving to bluetooth remotes that don't work with other remotes.

I use it on my LG G2 *all the time*. I use it at home instead of trying to find the Directv remote or the Bluray remote or whatever. It is simple and fast to program, lets me name rooms and remotes so I know right away which one I am using, and is so super awesome. I use it at home, at my parents' house, at my in-laws' house, and in random places where TVs are set to boring stuff. All I need to know is the TV/Bluray/whatever's brand name, and that is usually right on the front of the device.

I even used it in the maternity ward a couple of weeks ago to change the TVs in the waiting room, the pre-op room, and the hospital room when we had our baby via c-section. The TVs were all on the Weather Channel or on CNN, and we would have had to watch that boring crap all day if it hadn't been for my LG G2. Only the hospital room had a remote for us to use, but it had flu-season cooties all over it, so we never touched it. I would marry my IR blaster on my G2 if I wasn't already married.

Reading the comments above mine, it is apparent that the LG "QuickRemote" software is superior and is the reason that I love my IR blaster so much. You tell it what type of device you are programming it for (like "set top box" or "TV") and the brand, and it says to tap the power button on the phone and asks "did that work" over and over until it learns the right codes for the device. It usually gets it on the first or second tap. It saves the device and lets you give it a custom name and assign it to a room in a drop-down list. When you come back to that room, you open the app, tap the room name, tap the remote you want, and fire away. It remembers the last one you used and starts with it next time. Sweet.

I use it at work since we get different types of tvs I love the look of the iPhone crowd when I whip it out, change the channel, add closed captions and they go, "Is that your iPhone?" I just look, laugh and say no, that's my DROID. It's a little hard when you're far away or the tvs are really high up. Flipping channels with my LG G2...

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Sounds like an exact copy of the watch on app on Samsung devices. So no it is not superior, just a knock off. Good day sir!

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I would if I had one on my phone. Stuck with a nexus 4 for now.. I think it's a good idea to have one, better to have one and not need it than need it and and not have one.. My kids lose the remotes all the time!!

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Honestly, it's tone one feature I thought was going to be a gimick that I use the most. It's the reason I haven't purchased the Nexus 5. I love my IR Blaster.

I find myself sometimes wishing I had it on the Nexus 5, but it's not a huge deal.

However, if I could find an aftermarket one, that hooked into the headphone jack, I would likely get it and use it. Just wish someone made one (I've seen instructables for it, but I'd like something more compact, that didn't look like, well, a bad DIY project).

When I purchased my phone (LG G2), I thought the IR feature was cool, but a little gimmicky. I figured I wouldn't really use it...boy was I wrong. I have come to really appreciate having it. I use it on my TV's, Roku, cable boxes, blue ray players, air conditioners, Apple TV, and of course when traveling. I have also found enjoyment in messing with people when the opportunity arises.

The "Year of IR" was about 2000. My dumb phone had an IR interface. My PDA had an IR interface. It could use the phone as a modem via an IR connection. My printer had an IR interface and I could print to it from the PDA over the IR interface. The PDA had a number of "AV remote" apps on it.

No, your Phone and PDA had an IrDA interface. This was designed to transfer data between other IrDA capable devices before Bluetooth came and superseded wireless data transfer. These technically could be used to transmit standard IR signals to control devices, but the IR Leds used in IrDA were not as strong as standard IR, so generally they would only work from 1 to 2 meters away. IrDA was never designed for IR blasting consumer devices, so it was barely fit for purpose in that space.

It was never dropped because IR blasting never took of, it was dropped because as a data transfer mechanism, it was slow and superseded by Bluetooth.

I don't see why phone manufacturers should drop pitting them on. Even if you barely use it, it's still useful for those times your remote has been missing for days.

StealthDroid - Working on his HTC One Max in the Nexus Lab

Note 3 to annoy my family when they want to watch rubbish I keep flipping channels till they decide the cable is playing up. I know it's not nice but a man can only stand so much soaps.

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Dude I use it all the freaking time. I bought an open box TV from Best Buy and scored because of no remote. Have Direct TV but I could never change the input. Couldn't do it with a universal either. But HTC One, life saver especially when I have those "lazy as hell" days.

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I used it on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7" but my Galaxy S3 doesn't have one. I found it was handy when sitting down and watching movies and TV.
Its easy enough to set up and I think it's less hassle than WiFi and IP-based "solutions"

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Oh man I just remembered my air conditioner has/is remote controlled!

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I might, but I don't have a TV. And there is nothing in Peel that easily recognizes my amplifier or my CD player. And as far as I know, there's no way to get at the infrared other than Peel on the Samsung 7 plus tablet.

N5 so no IR but hopefully my next phone will have one. I do use the remote app for xfinity to change channels. I need to see if there is an app that can control our Samsung blue ray. Can control basic features of the Samsung tv with an app too.

Gotta say I didn't really care for the infrared sensor when buying my HTC One but it has proven to be one of the most useful parts of the phone. Not only does it control my downstairs tv, which hasn't had a remote in years, but I can do it with all my TVs and anybody elses. HTC made it real simple and it's actually some of the best designed software I've seen when it comes to usability. Another thing that made me fall for the IR transmitter is the ability to use it as a wireless remote for my camera. I have a Canon T2i and, just like most DSLR cameras, it has a IR sensor. Bought a $5 app and I couldn't be happier.

Lol, wow.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

Yes I use it often. With 5 kids constantly misplacing the remotes in the house I got my HTC One hooked up to work on all the TV's and cable boxes in the house.

I use mine on my G2 all the time. It's just so much more convinient than digging between couch coushions for the remote! Also fun to mess with people occasionally ;)

I didn't buy my GS4 for the IR, but I like it.
I can adjust the volume on the TV without having to get up and search for the remote that my kids have stashed somewhere.

lol...finally trained the kids to do the right thing with the remotes...then we got a puppy. Thankfully he does not chew it, he just likes to carry the cable remote off...

You should have seen the faces on all my iPhone yielding coworkers when we went out for lunch, and I changed the channel on the tv in the restaurant from my HTC One. Minds blown.

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Ir remote on the phone is the only gadget right now I can call and find so I can change the channel period!

I'm a heavy user of this feature having owned the Logitech Harmony series of remotes prior to this. Firstly, its great having a remote that is rechargeable and not having to worry about batteries. With the average home AV setup being so convoluted these days with Amps, TVs with 4-5 inputs, dvd, cable and game consoles, unless your technically minded the average person can get easily lost driving these things. That's where programmable macros kick in and at the press of a button the tv switches on to the right input, fires up the amp to the right input etc etc. It keeps the wife happy!

Logitech have let me down with there remotes. The screen on my harmony smashed courtesy of my 1 year old son mistaking it for frisbee... It needs a new screen and cant be fixed because logitech have stopped selling spare parts for it after only 2 years?!

So apart from never gifting Logitech another cent of my hard earnt money, I'm stoked that my GalaxyS4 can provide all the functionality of the Logitech remotes and more. The 'only' draw back of the phone over the remote is you rely on a database to get your IR codes for the thousands of device, where as the Logitech could also learn a remote if you had the original handy. That said, Smart IR remote now has a database of 650,000 odd devices, and I'm yet to come across a device I couldn't control.

Over and above that long winded tirade, it's essentially what smart phones and mobility are all about.. CONVERGENCE!! We'd consolidated our Mp3, FM Radio, Gps, Video, Phone and PDA all into 1 device, and the concept of this convergence has proven the success of the modern smart phone. For the sake of a 3 dollar IR LED, we can now add a universal remote control to that list. I've been nagging Google and Samsung for years to consider the API's and hardware for this. I'd be devastated if this doesn't become a defacto standard for smart phones just like GPS did 7 years ago..

Nope never have never will even tho my phones have the feature

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I'm curious why you say "never will"? So if something accidentally happened to your TV or cable remote and it quit working, you would refuse to use the option at hand? Seems a bit short sighted to say could help you out of an unforeseen situation. Do you have something against this functionality?

Yes i use it every day at my work the supervisor's keep the remote for the direct TV locked in there office so it is very handy for me

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No, I used it a few times when I first got the One, but I'm pretty good with locating my actual remotes.

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I used IR on my One a few times and that was it.. Swapped to the Nexus 5 and never regretted the lack of it..

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I love it on my HTC One. I only use one a week but when I can't find the remote it's awesome. Or at a bar and wanna increase the volume or change the game? Yup. At a friends and wanna mess with them? Check. The other day, waiting to get my haircut, TV in waiting area almost on mute- pull out the One, increase the volume using HTC IR app, turned up sports center. Guy next to me with iPhone : jaw dropped, mind = blown. I chuckled. I will be really sad if next Gen drops ir

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I have an HTC One and I pretty much younit every day when I'm having family I love how HTC did there's it's perfect I definitely want it on the new HTC flagship to come it's perfect in the power button.

Absolutely. I have a Samsung Note 3 (which I love), and I have AT&T U-Verse for TV and broadband (which works fine for me as well). In my home there are three teens, in addition to my wife and me, who watch TV and subsequently use the remote, so the DVR/TV remote is lost more than found (unfortunately and annoyingly). The integration of WatchOn (the remote software on my Note 3) with U-Verse and my Sony TV is decent; however I must admit that my fondness for it is inflated because I don't get extremely frustrated every time I can't find the d@mn remote.

So yes, I not only take advantage of the IR blaster in my Note 3, I'm actually very appreciative, and even somewhat fond of it.

My wife tends to fall asleep with the remote on her side of the bed so I often just use my HTC one as my remote. Love it!

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I have an IR blaster on my Galaxy Note 3. I thought it was a cool feature at first, but now it's just a gimmick. I don't use it anymore. Samsung should put something else useful onto the phone instead.

Tbh the IR blaster on my G2 is probably the most used feature on my phone. The remote for my TV broke and for some reason most universal remotes won't work correctly with my TV, but the G2 works flawlessly.

It's one of many reasons why I absolutely love the G2. Definitely one of the best Android devices you can get.

My phone is my only remote...I have a Visio that I got for free from a friend an d it had no remote

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I own a Galaxy Note 3, but honestly I just never use the IR blaster. Maybe I should start. However it's always fun at Hooters, and various other restaurants to anonymously control the tv's with your phone.

It was easier adding my tv's, bluray, & DVD players with my phone than it is adding it with a real universal remote but I don't really use the remote on my phone nearly as much as I thought I would.

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I have a 2 year old that likes to destroy and/or hide remotes. When those times happen I'm glad I can use my Note 3 as a remote.

I know i'm of topic

But look at that photo, the horror in that picture.

PLEASE someone press the backplate in place (on all the knobs) of the phone that's on top of the pile there.

Thank you...

IR blasters.. i can't care less on my phone.

I have my Note 3 for about a month or so now and when I first got it I had fun exploring all of the new bells and whistles. The IR remote was one of those. It was cool for a few minutes and I had some fun messing with the wife and kids but it quickly became....meh...Dont get me wrong, its cool, but until it can control all 7 of the items on my entertainment stand, its just another remote. I have searched far and wide for apps that would let me control a multitude of electronics from ONE app and each one leaves something to be desired or wont control one or 2 of my devices. Almost like that 200 dollar remote I bought on impulse one day from Best Buy. The second I walked out the door I had buyers remorse but I took it home, set it up (it actually controlled all of my devices) but them realized some of the controls were wired wrong so I had to go through an elaborate set of steps to turn things on. I decided that I didnt want to teach my family all of those steps so I returned the remote. I currently have 4 remotes on my couch, 3 in the bed room, 2 in my sons bedroom and 2 in my daughters bedroom. So, until there is some app that will control all of my devices with an intuitive interface, I think I'll leave the IR Blaster alone. But man do I love this phone

I believe the one on my LG g2 would have the functionality you desire. It controls 11 devices in my house. It was very very easy to program. Most of the devices were easy to find from their per-programed selections....but the few that weren't available (my ac's and electric fireplace), it was a cinch to have my phone "learn" those functions.

Not sure what apps you are using but there is a ton of remote controls that you can have multiple devices controlled from one device, I use samsung pro universal remote, and from this unit I can control all my devices from my phones app, you set a profile for each device, save it on the phones virtual remote and add an icon to the remote, so for example I have my an xbox ur blaster app set up, a TV, DVD, blu ray, stereo,, my PC, laptop, and various other bits, all these are available to me at the touch of each individual icon, it's pricy for an app, however if you going to spend 200 dollars on a remote then 25ish dollars for this app is cheap, I actually side loaded this app first to try, and then bought it and was very impressed with its functionality

I use my HTC One all the time as a remote especially when I can't find the remote in the bedroom.
I think it's great that they are putting IR back into these devices.
(Just wait, the next iPhone will have it, and Apple will act like THEY invented it!)

I love it because the Peel-based app is program-based. If I want to know if something I like is on TV I don't use the useless freakin Comcast DVR program guide; I use my phone. It knows I prefer HD (seriously, if I have an HD box, hide the stupid SD versions of the channels - I have 3 different channel numbers for Food Network, or Nickelodeon, or whatever else; I only want to see the HD one and I want the others to forward me to the HD channel) and it shows me stuff I've favorited. Doesn't get much better than that.

For me, I like how my Note 3 detects that I'm home by my WiFi, and the IR remote widget pops up on my lock screen. My routine when I get home from work, if I'm home for the night, is to walk in the door (my phone is usually already in my hand), hit the power buttons for my TV and receiver in the remote app, then go put all my stuff down. That way the TV is "booted" up and ready for me by the time I hit the couch, but I don't have to grab the remotes (which are generally in the opposite direction of my bedroom from the front door).


It's the only thing that impresses my wife on my HTC One from her iPhone5. Granted it is really cool and really useful. But bigger screen and front-facing speakers don't matter--- they're just a bonus!

I use it daily! And whenever we go out and can't get our server to change the TV.

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Yeah I use mine all the time, it is also handy during travels for media in hotels, I also use it to control my camera while I am travelling as it's a great way to take nice steady timed shots.