Pinball Deluxe

We've posted about the awesome and free pinball ball game Pinball Deluxe before, and now the folks from Mobigloo have let us know the game has been downloaded over 1 million times and to celebrate, they just sent an update to the Android Market for everyone to enjoy. The latest update adds a new pinball table to the mix adding even more of that classic pinball game feel to it. Wild West is the new table and if you're looking to try out your pinball wizard skills head on past the break for the download.


Reader comments

Pinball Deluxe updated in the Android Market - New Wild West table added!


Get again you're promoting and invasive app. Phone state and identity to play pinball? Give me a break! Instead you should bemoan the lack of merit the producers of spyware Apps like this. Send 'em packing or don't report on them at all.

You do realize that permission is needed to allow calls to ring through when you are playing, right?

Calm down there, Chicken Little. It's going to be ok.

it's not going to be okay

*puts tin foil hat on and runs around so the aliens make it harder to lock onto me*.

Phone state AND identity... malware by any other name is still thorny... and still be recommended again, bad form!