Samsung Galaxy S5

1sale is running a special promotion on Samsung's Galaxy S5 flagship saving customers up to 18 percent off of the typical retail price of the phone. The device is currently listed at $580, down from the regular $700 price tag. The deal is only good for GSM users in the U.S. and and this model will not be compatible with CDMA networks like those operated by Verizon or Sprint.

The Galaxy S5 that is being sold by 1sale is unlocked and comes in either black or white. Specifically, the model number being specified is the SM-G900T and the phone will support GSM bands of 850/900/1800/1900MHz and LTE bands 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/17. This means that AT&T and T-Mobile customers are good to go if they hop on this model.

It's unclear how long the deal will last at this time. Shipping will take anywhere between two and four weeks, and the site says that shipping is free.

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Pick up an unlocked Galaxy S5 in black or white for $579 from 1Sale


The N5 is also a far inferior phone. Sure it is great for the basics, but for a complete experience the S5, M8, LG2 are much better

The sad part is that there are many people I know, wasting money on S5 just because it's popular, but barely can enjoy (or don't care) any of those "richer" experiences. N5 is the ultimate daily driver probably for 70% of smartphone users.

VZW Moto X

Who uses LTE band 6? This model is for the U.S. GSM/UMTS/LTE networks. Do any of them use LTE band 6? AT&T uses 4 and 17 and T-Mobile uses 4.

T-Mobile. Branding is on the back cover and bootloader is unlockable so you can totally debrand it if you want.

Actually it does. I have the T-Mobile S4, and the back cover does indeed say T-Mobile.

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Actually*3 it does not, I have the T-Mobile S5 G900T, it is white and on the back says "SAMSUNG" below the camera and "GALAXY S5" below that on the bottom, front says "SAMSUNG" near earpiece.

PS: I agree, the S4 does have branding, easily fixed with a $2 replacement back piece.

Anybody know if this model contains carrier bloat?? It reads unlocked but the sku is for the t - mobile version.

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If you even have to mention the word "bloat" you are definitely going to root that sucka to rid yourself of every piece of software included or you should probably just get a Nexus.

Wish I could put this on my T-Mobile 0% interest JUMP plan...whatever, "$660" is decent enough since I'll probably upgrade to something else in 6 mo! lol