Company is focused on creating a better product, not playing catch-up with Google

Pebble has really set the scene as the leading smartwatch offering throughout 2013, and now sales numbers help reaffirm that. Since January 2013, Pebble has sold over 400,000 devices, and that barely takes into account the availability of the higher-end Pebble Steel. Based on some rough math that means Pebble has pulled in around $60 million in revenues for the year, and that's nothing to sneeze at for a company that got its big chance with a Kickstarter campaign.

The company employs 70 people now, and it's clear that Pebble isn't slowing down. With the launch of the latest Pebble 2.0 app and the Appstore, along with the Pebble Steel from back in January, there's a lot of growth ahead of this smartwatch company. CEO Eric Migicovsky is focused on making Pebble a better product with new software, hardware and initiatives.

Of course this week's announcement about Android Wear definitely mixes things up a bit. While we still have no indication of the pricing or specific release date of the first wave of Android Wear devices, we can be sure the parallels between them and Pebble will be immediately drawn. Pebble has a head start, and we'll have to see how it capitalizes on the opportunity.

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Pebble has sold over 400,000 watches in a year, and it isn't slowing down now


Cheers to success! I think. Pebble is cool and all, but I think even more important than its kickstarter success is its success in gaining interest in smart watches. By becoming somewhat popular (relative to other smart watches) it has encouraged more developers to get going, to start thinking about cool new ways to use this type of technology, even if the apps they eventually create aren't for the Pebble, Pebble inspired them. That's awesome.
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Unfortunately that's what I'm thinking too. Pebble needs to step up their game after what Motorola and LG appear ready to bring to market.

I'd like to see them succeed and remain a player in smart watches.

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Yeah I love my Pebble, but once Android Wear devices hit the market, I'll be getting one and ditching Pebble for sure. Unless they come up with something equally impressive. I have a sinking feeling they won't be able to compete. Android Wear will capture the high end, and the $50 Archos watch will hit the cheap end. Kinda sad, but we'll see what actually happens.

As a pebble owner I was glad to see 2.0+ come out with the app store etc. The moto 360 sure has generated some buzz.

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Bye Pebble. Apple, LG, and Motorola will take it from here. Enjoy your success while it lasts.

I'd like to see Pebble continually succeed (I have a Pebble myself), but they are the David vs. the Goliaths that are about to come.

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I think the Pebble and Android Wear powered smart watch's are two very different products for two very different consumers. I don't think it's fair to make comparisons between the two.

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I think it's enough room in the market for Android Wear, Apple, Pebble and even Tizen. Look at the tablet market.. Android, Samsung Kindle, and Apple are doing well. Even Microsoft is starting to pick up steam... I think all these death calls for pebble are not realistic. The big thing would be price. I see Pebble with the edge on affordability and very good battery life for the folks who don't need a super duper smart watch (and there are a great plenty of those folks out there beyond the tech crowd). Pebble will be fine as long as they're smart and continue to improve on what they have built and price smartly.

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Yes but the nook is not. Good case of a quality product that got lost in the wash...

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Well I just cancel my Steel order after waiting 6 weeks for it to ship. With the big boys playing now, Pebble needs to get their supply chain figured out. the Steel was really cool two months ago, making a customer wait two months just invites the competition to swoop in.

I hope enough people cancel their pebble steels so I get mine sooner lol. I'm lucky that my girlfriend says I have to buy her a smart watch if I get one. So I'll have one of each. Possibly the steel will ship by the time android wear watches come out.

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i bought a steel on january, and STILL haven't shipped. twitted to them, wrote email, and they have ignored me. i am very disappointed in the company.

I was going to buy a Pebble Steel but what's the point? Even if I bought it right now I wouldn't get it until May/June. I'll just wait for the Moto 360 this summer. However I'm sure I'll be laying ALOT more. But at least I have more confidence if Motorola's supply prowess.

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Pebble will not survive unless they get a handle on production two month's for delivery is a joke.

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I know I am late to the party, but this is how I see this field of wearables.

Smart Watches are a niche. Inside that niche are additional niches. One is for the "I want an extra screen for my phone" niche. Pebble fills that out beautifully. It is really just an extra screen for your phone if you think about it.
The other niche is the "I want something with a similar feature set my phone has on my wrist". That is where the majority of these newer phones come into play. Some fall in between, I see the 360 as one of the in between devices mainly due to not knowing what it will *actually* be able to do. From what I have seen it seems to be able to do more than the Pebble, but isn't as feature rich as your phone or even the Samsung Gear.
There are other niches for wearables, such as the Fitbits and Ups and Fuel bands. Some have the ability to notify you (or were going to until they were recalled), some will tell you the time. Others do a good job of tracking activity and that is all. Good is relative of course, some complain that a pedometer is not supposed to be on your wrist.

Pebble has its niche, it will keep just fine. There will be enough people buying these to keep them in business at least for awhile. Assuming they continue to innovate. And the Steel isn't an innovation, it is simply skinning.