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Stealthy looking console gets 16GB of on-board storage

There's a new look OUYA console in town, and it's gone all stealthy. This new matt black edition not only looks pretty awesome, but inside it comes with 16GB of on-board storage. That bump over the original 8GB version comes at the same slight price increase we saw in late 2013 for the white version, costing $129.

It's now available to buy in the U.S., so if the storage was the biggest thing stopping you pulling the trigger then hit the link below to pick one up. Anyone buying?

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OUYA goes matte black for $129, available now


I would consider it if it was tegra 4. That's the minimum I would go on an android system I would use primarily for emulators.

Interesting, but I personally don't see the point. I already have a Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4, so I won't be needing another console that I'll probably never end up playing.

Its so you can have all the older console and games in one package if you look at it from that angle( emulators ) Also to play android games on a big screen with a controller without needing extra equipment for your phone tablet etc.

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I already have emulators on the nodded Wii and original Xbox. I also have them on the GS4 and computer, so it's gotta do some things that my other devices don't do like home security or something

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It plays android games and apps full screen on a television. Most phones don't have the mini HDMI anymore or require a special box etc to do what ouya does so its do you have a phone or tablet capable of that do you want to not use your phone except to play that game etc.

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My phone does everything this does and better.

Posted from my "KNOX-FREE" 4.3 Sprint GS3 Maxx...!!!
(ZeroLemon 7000mah battery)

Noooo thanks.
I can play all the emulators on my laptop, mobile games suck and don't get me started on the terrible controller.
I see no point in these.
With that said does anybody know how the sales are for this?

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Very nice look! I applied a DecalGirl sticker to my OUYA to customize it. I'm good with it until OUYA 2. Now, back to Minigore 2.

This thing is worth 50 bucks at best...

Its a redundant console... Smartphones do all this stuff already

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MHL-capable smartphone (which you have anyway) + bluetooth controller such as Gametel (or a Dualshock 3 if the phone is rooted) will result in much better flexibility and performance.

Yes, and no. There are some subtle differences, here. For one, the thermal and power profiles on this are different from what you'll get on a phone (I know, the Tegra 2 is already getting long in the tooth) so they're able to squeeze more power out of the chipset that a phone could. Plus, there's the advantage that it's just *there* already plugged into your TV when you want to play, so it's as simple as grabbing the controller and hitting the power button.

And, if you already have a PS4 or XBoxOne or whatever, the truth is that you're not their target audience. These are really intended more for people who don't want to spend hundreds on a game console, or need something to put in the kid's room.

All that said, the Ouya does have still pretty major hurdles that they need to overcome. But, for a first attempt, it's not bad. Admittedly, I hardly ever play with mine, but I'm glad that I donated to their Kickstarter, if only because they're doing something different. I'm looking forward to the Ouya 2 (or 3 or 4, even) if only because they're bucking the trend and doing something cool.