Moto Droid 4

Motorola Droid 4, again, already? Yikes to all who recently purchased a Motorola Droid 3, but official specs on the Motorola Droid 4 have come to light. Droid-Life received a tip containing all the information about the device, and it seems like quite a spec machine.

This 4G LTE device will feature a 4-inch display, powered by a 1.2GHz processor, the style of the Droid RAZR and a slide out 5 row QWERTY keyboard with LED edge lighting for the keys. The device features an 8MP camera on the back an HD camera on the front, and requires a special tool to remove the battery door? Just like we are unsure of how we feel abou the need for a special tool to pop the battery door off, we are also unsure of pricing and release time frame, but we can sure hope for soon! Hit the break for the specs breakdown.

Source: Droid-Life

Droid 4 Specs


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Official Motorola Droid 4 specs surface, Droid Razr adds a QWERTY keyboard


Very much so. I am getting pretty tired of it all the time. Yes newer and better is always good but it gets to the point where it's just like, "really?" I have a samsung and I wish instead of pumping out new crap, they would update the stuff they already have released.

But this is not better...

This is yet another low def phone. For about 30 cents a day over your contact you can instead get the better phones.

Really? There's a better QWERTY slider out there? And for only $220 more? Pray tell, what phone would that be? Oh there isn't.

Annoyed, what are you whining about, before it was we were not getting enough great phones, now we are getting too many, the more great choices we get, the better. You don't have to buy every phone that comes out, buy the phone that is right for you and be happy. IMO we are very lucky that some Carriers are putting out more great devices for the customer to pick from, If you were with a Carrier that didn't put out great devices you would be crying about that. You sound like a jelous I-Phone user that gets one phone every year and a half and they say it's great because they have no choice, that is all they get. Brain washing does that to you. I am one of the happy Android customers that say give us just the top quality devices, leave the crap behind. Thank You Verizon, keep the great phones coming, maybe just maybe it will force the prices to drop. That is always a good thing.

Too much choice is a bad thing. It makes humans unhappy and depressed. A new phone coming out every other month makes people feel that their current phone isn't very good because a new one has just come out and thus makes them unhappy. I love Android and think its the best mobile platform, but manufactures should spend more time keeping existing customers happy rather than constantly trying to grab new ones. The iPhone release model is, however, worse than having too much choice and I think that is something we can all agree on.

Actually we can't all agree on that. We can't all agree on anything. I've read many posts where people say Apple has it right by releasing one phone a year and doing all they can to make sure it is as polished as possible when released. People complain because that's what people do. People are unhappy and depressed because that's what people are. It is completely impossible to make everyone happy.

Choice bothers some people. They would rather have other people make decisions for them than take responsibility for making hard choices.

Other people enjoy the freedom of having many different choices and being able to select the device that suits their needs perfectly. For those people, there is Android.

whoa calm down kid I'm just pointing out the ridiculousness of phones coming out. The average consumer might get confused. And this has nothing to do with me i was jst making a generalization. Also i own an Epic 4G that i love so u should stop making broad generalizations about what i am and what I'm not...

Agreed! Just way too many models to keep track of. I do like to follow who has what. But it's at the point of TMI Overload! I like my EVO3D. I'll try to keep that till Sprint figures out what it's going to do with LTE.

I don't think it is so much that people are upset with choices, but you have to admit that it is rather alienating for users of the Droid 3 to have another iteration of their phone being released only 5 months after their device debuted. I truly believe Verizon's Droid line-up is getting really murky. It seems their only focus is to just pump out phone-after-phone-after-phone month-after-month-after-month rather than focusing on supporting their current line-up.

The more devices that a carrier introduces into their brand, the less support & attention that current devices will receive. I think that upsets people the most. Think Thunderbolt users.

Really? How many high end QWERTY slider phones have been released on Verizon in the past year? Exactly 1. IF the Droid 4 makes it out before the end of the year it will be only the second. I don't see what the problem is.

All of you whiners complaining about "Oh no, they just released ANOTHER new phone, now I have to run out and get it otherwise I'll have a phone that's not the latest and greatest" need to shut up and get a life. Seriously. This phone isn't even in the same market segment as the slew of other devices that have been released recently. Those of us who use sliders sit around all year thinking "Damn, that phone looks hot. That phone looks hot too. Wicked, that phone is awesome. Sure would be nice if they threw those of us who use sliders a bone every once in awhile, but they don't."

Then when they FINALLY release a new QWERTY slider that has LTE we have to listen to a bunch of punks bitching because there are too many phones? Seriously? LTE handsets have been available since what, February? And it's 10+ months later before we get an LTE slider. This phone is LONG overdue.

You're right. I completely forgot about the completely forgettable Samsung Stratosphere. The LTE QWERTY slider that was so bad it didn't even get the "Droid" moniker. Awesome. 1GHz single-core CPU, 4" 800x480 display, 4GB of on-board storage and a 5.0MP camera. Basically they took the Samsung Epic 4G that was released 14 months earlier on Sprint, replaced the WiMax radio with LTE, slapped Gingerbread on it, called it the Stratosphere and shipped it to Verizon.

Wtf the razr should have that battery cover. Oh well. Phil did u get tour nexus and word on release yet?

Hmm, this could finally be the replacement for my wife's OG Droid. She really likes having a hardware keyboard, but I steered her off of the Droid 3.

Soon would be good.

But yes... I understand the frustration with the introduction of one SLAB phone after another, but the lack of physical keyboard phones DESERVES more releases.

I have yet to find a single slab user that can negotiate his phone as well as I can with my blackberry. I see (some of) the benefits of an android, but that touchy, fiddly tappity tappity on the glass looks thoroughly annoying when you have real work to do. Fun and games? Fine. But when I need to get things rocking, one handed, by feel... no slab of glass will do.
I'm STUNNED that the slab phone makers haven't dedicated more time on this issue. There is a HUGE market just waiting.
Perhaps this Droid will do the trick.

Tell me about it. I've been waiting for a duo-core 4G slider. Although it would be nice if they can make the screen bigger like 4.3"

I think the four inch screen with the slide out keyboard is a perfect size phone. This phone has a great screen with kick butt specs. I really like this phone. I never was a keyboard phone guy but this just might change my mind. This is a real nice package, it has it all.

TBH, I don't think that untapped market is as deep as you think. Phones like the HTC ChaChaCha which were meant to capture that supposed audience that you refer to failed mostly because there didn't seem to be that much interest in the physical QWERTY form factor.

However, I do agree with you that there is a place for phones like this to cater to all the people that aren't being serviced right now by the 'black slabs'. Personally, I am more than happy to do away with all the mechanical parts, less stuff prone to breaking and less noise while using it.

Bad example, the Cha Cha was a piece of crap that should never have been released in the first place That's why it failed not the form factor idea.

It haunt even been six months since the Droid 3 and now the Droid 4.. highly irritating. It's great to refresh it about once a year but TWICE?

Dude...every month there has been a new, latest and greatest slab phone. Getting two new QWERTY sliders in the same year is nothing to complain about. Especially when this is the first one to have an LTE radio. If the D3 had LTE then I might be a bit annoyed, but since they shipped a D3 that was what I would consider substandard, I'm not disappointed at all. I specifically held off on upgrading my D2 to a D3 because of the lack of LTE.

Hmmmm.... well the lack of comments here makes me think that maybe people don't care about physical keyboards!
Me? I'd be happy with a droid pro type design with better specifications.
Give me a dual core, huge-fat battery....and I don't care if it bulges big time..... and a physical keyboard.

I don't think I'm going to buy another Android device again.bough this one one month after it came on the market and it's already to old.I've had it 5 months ..... outrageous.

How does this phone coming out affect YOUR phone in any way? Your phone was good up until yesterday, and all of a sudden today it is useless? Give me a break.

This is going to be a great phone when it comes out. It's just not going to be the best. I will be waiting for the Galaxy Nexus, thank you.

ICS should have given us a warning. If the the phone is being released in 2012 with buttons ICS is NOT a priority. Why can't instead of rushing out a hundred phones a year they try updating their current phones. Motorola has some really fast release cycles now. They are ruining their own resale value and consumer trust. Motorola Atrix replaced by the Atrix 2 in just months. Droid Bionic replaced in less then two months by the razr. The Droid Razr replaced by the Droid 4. Droid 4 replaced hours later. By the Motorola Droid "cyborg".

ICS supports buttons just fine, and there's nothing wrong with physical (even if they're capacitive) buttons. Some people like knowing where their buttons are at all times.

The Droid Razr isn't being replaced by the Droid 4. They're aimed at two different market segments. Razr is aimed at slab phone users, Droid 4 is aimed at users who want a QWERTY keyboard and wouldn't buy a slab (like me). Get over it.

Looks like it. According to the drawing it will have a SIM slot, and the only reason to have a SIM slot is for GSM. The Droid 3 was also a world phone, and the original Droid 2 was quickly obsoleted by the Droid 2 Global.

I suspect that the Droid 2/3/4/etc line will continue to be a world phone for the forseeable future. There's a limited market for QWERTY sliders, and Moto probably doesn't want to have to do two different designs (one for U.S., one for international markets), so they just make a "universal" design instead. Plus, I think the market for sliders is still skewed more towards business professionals than consumers, and they are more likely to want world phones.

Actually, if you did your research on Verizon LTE phones, you'd know that they require a special SIM card to access the LTE network. Therefore, GSM access is not the only reason to have a SIM card slot.

Be happy with the latest superphone you have and stop crying so damn much!! I'm due for Verizon upgrade now and will have a very hard decision to make. Rezound, Razr or Galaxy Nexus. Grow up and make a decision people!!!!

If this were out back in July I would have gone for it. At that time though the Droid 3 was the latest and greatest, so, replacing a failed Berry, with the CDMA Torch nowhere to be seen, D3 it was. And, until my contract expires in a year and a half, D3 it will be. I can't possibly buy a new phone every 3 months or so and don't want to. Sure, LTE would be nice, but until it deploys in the more rural areas I frequent it's a non issue. For now following phone releases is kind of like reading Car and Driver and gasping over the latest 600 HP monster that I can't buy. The world phone thing is kinda cool too, but unless I find a way to go traveling overseas, also a non issue for me.
Keep 'em coming, I'll keep admiring them and waiting until 2013 to do anything about it.

Also on Droid Life they stated the back cover is for sims and SD card only, it also has a non removable battery.

Glad to see the physical keyboard. It's about time we were given a super phone AND the choice of physical or virtual. For those of us who need/like a physical keyboard, thanks Motorola. Wish HTC and others would take note. (not-too-subtle hint)

The constant flow of new phones is relentless its true but surely this now boils down to a matter of taste.

Maybe there are a lot of Android users that aren't happy with their phone brand so the constant stream is overwhelming but once you have your brand the other phones can be filtered out of your field of vision until some other brand takes to your liking.

No one complains about how many different TV's are out there when there is absolutely no need for the hundreds of varients. It could be worse.

There are too many phones coming out? It's confusing?
Now my phone is junk?
I won't buy another Android device because there are just too many now?

I place much of my self-worth on my cellphone.
I must have the very latest device...or I feel insignificant.
It's frustrating always having to worry if I have the coolest phone.

Answer: get an IPhone!

A cellphone is like a woman, there's always a better one right around the corner that you wish was yours.

Stop sweating the small stuff and enjoy the choices life gives you.

Again, people aren't angry with the increasing number of choices, but with the decreasing amount of support for current devices. It's quantity vs. quality in its simplest form. If you're pumping out a phone every month, you are losing resources to support your entire brand consistently. In my opinion, it is the biggest catalyst for fragmentation.

I'm really tired of people shrugging off fragmentation by saying, "Just root your phone and fix all of the bugs yourself!" That's fine for Android nerds like us, but most of my "normal consumer, non-tech savvy" friends that have Android phones are getting increasingly annoyed with the Android platform. You shouldn't have to root your phone and void your warranty, or wait months for an update to be pushed out to fix something so easily repairable. And I'm saying all of this as an Android fanatic. I really want my friends and families to embrace it but it's stuff like fragmentation that drives them away when their contract expires.

So again, my frustration is not with having the latest-and-greatest device, but with Verizon pumping out a TON of devices and failing to support them consistently. I think that a lot of people feel the same way and that it should be addressed and discussed within the community, rather than just brushing us off as a bunch of jealous cry-babies.