We know NVIDIA Shield rocks a solid Android TV experience, but the Shield Pro might just be the better buy over the base model.

The NVIDIA Shield TV does just about everything from streaming 4K movies and TV shows to playing high-end Android games with the included Shield controller. Those looking to add Shield TV to their home should consider the differences between the base model and the newer Shield Pro. The good news is both versions are nearly identical, but vastly different in storage space.

It's all about the storage

The original NVIDIA Shield TV comes with only 16GB of internal storage, which isn't much room for most people, but the ability to pop in a microSD card up to 128GB makes it viable. If you mostly stream your movies and TV shows, and games aren't a huge part of what you're using the Shield TV for, the $199 16GB base model is probably suitable for you.

Packing a much larger 500GB of storage is the NVIDIA Shield Pro, otherwise sharing the exact same specs as the the base model, including the microSD card slot for an extra boost in space if needed. The Shield Pro is a great upgrade for a storing a bigger selection of games and media, but comes at an additional $100 over the original.

Go with the remote bundle

Both versions of the NVIDIA Shield come bundled with the Shield controller, but leave the remote to be purchased separately. The Shield remote is an awesome addition that leaves traditional removable battery remotes in the dust. It's rechargeable via Micro-USB cable and uses Bluetooth to conserve battery life up to 4 weeks with basic use. Featuring a smooth brushed metal with black plastic accents, the Shield remote feels comfortable and packs a built-in microphone for voice searches.

Right now on Amazon, however, the base model and Shield Pro are available with the remote bundle for the exact same price as without. So, it's really a no-brainer.

Which should you buy?

If gaming and/or storing a bunch of movies and TV shows is a big deal for you, snag the upgraded Shield Pro with 500GB of storage. Otherwise, the 16GB base model should be sufficient for standard use. Don't forget to pick up a decent 128GB microSD card if you're after a little extra space on either model.

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