Nook Color update

Barnes & Noble has announced that the Nook Color will be getting a software update over the air this week. The Version 1.3 upgrade brings access to a number of Time Inc. magazines, including People, Time, Sports Illustrated, Fortune, Parents and Fitness. Plus, you'll have new special interactive Nook editions with video, audio and more.

The update will be pushing out over the course of this week, or you can update manually today. To do so, download the update from Barnes & Noble here. Make sure your Nook Color has at least a 20 percent charge. Plug it into your computer, then move the downloaded file to your Nook Color. Eject the Nook Color, and the update will start automatically (and delete the update file once it's one). Should just take a few minutes.

Source: Barnes & Noble; More: Nook Color Forums
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Nook Color updated to Version 1.3, brings access to Nook magazines


Anyone know how to restore rooted nook to factory? I have CM7 on 16GB external memory card and it runs extremely slow BUT if there is a way to get the latest version of the Nook running from the SDcard, I would put CM7 directly on the Nook. The MicroSD card I am using came with my Droix a year ago and it is a 16GB HC card with a small 4 in the corner. I think that is the speed rating. Since I cannot download the factory 1.3 ( when it comes out ) how else could I get it? Any help would be great.

That memory card is too slow. I believe that anything less than a class 10 card will slow the OS down.

Wrong! Most class 10 card don't work. The best card if you want to run from the SD card is a Sandisk 8G class 4 card. Radio Shack often has them on sale.

I believe to restore the Nook to Factory you have to interupt the boot process 8 times. I know it sounds like BS but this will clear the nook of most information.

The key is the next part. You have to hold the n and the power at the same time. This will actually set the Nook to factory 1.0.0. This is true for whatever version your nook is at. It will send it back ALL the way to 1.0.0.

The only thing that I am unsure of is when to do the second part. Whether it is while booting or if you can do it after load. Logic dictates that it would be during the boot process like you did the first 8 times.

Actually you don't need the second part. It's an either or option. You can do the 8x kill at boot or something with the n button and the power button. But after the 8x kill it'll automatically load 1.0. No extra steps needed.

A few months ago I put CM7 on my newphew's Nook Color. About a month in he reported that the Nook went back to the stock firmware somehow. I ended up having to put CM7 back on the device. I wonder if he accidentally reset the device as you describe.

I'm hoping this update includes decent page-turn animations like I've got on the Nook software on my phone. I know it's nitpicky, but still....

No page-turn animations, but it turns pages. It turns them on it's own while I'm reading it still! Trying a reboot, but this might just suck.

A couple of reboots fixed it. You have to reboot until the little green "n" is gone from the taskbar.

my keeps booting into Clockworks recovery after the 4th reset so I did a factory reset and it has version 1.2 BUT I am pretty sure clockworks is not part of the Stock Nook 1.0.. Can someone verify? Try again now..

Just figured it out today, I have got CM7 on my official stock 1.2 & B&N have gone & released an official update. GGGGGRRRRRRRRRR!

I appreciate all the comments from everyone to reset my Nook to Stock 1.0.x but none of them worked because it was rooted and had WCM on it. This article did the trick BUT version 1.0.0 kept restarting after 15 seconds. I then did a wipe of the system and data using a bootable WCM Micro SD card and installed 1.0.1 and it worked the first time. Took 10 minutes. Then I was able to copy the newest update (1.3.0 )that I downloaded from Barnes and Noble web site to the root of the Nook when plugged into my pc, removed the usb cable from it, and within 10 minutes I was running 1.3.0. It is not rooted anymore but that is fine for now. I am working on making a new bootable CM7 MicroSD card version now and see if that will work with 1.3.0.