Will cost just $50 less than the new Nook Tablet

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The venerable Barnes & Noble Nook Color hasn't been left out in the cold just because the new Nook Tablet specs and pricing are here. No, the Nook Color's going to find itself with a nice little price drop down to $199. That's only a $50 drop, and for that difference you'll get a pretty big spec boost in the new Nook Tablet, but we'll take what we can get.

And along with the price drop, a new software update is on the way for the New Color. Nook Color v1.4 will bring TV shows, movies and documentaries with Hulu Plus. You'll get music from Rhapsode, MOG and Grooveshark, with free trials. (Pandora is still included.) You'll get even more magazines and special Nook editions, expanding on current content. And more apps are on the way, too.

So, if you're in the market for an e-reader tabelet this holiday season, and don't want to break the $200 mark, the Nook Color is about to become very, very attractive.

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Not bad

nochiss2 says:

Who's proofreading today? A tabelet? Otherwise, pretty cool.

robertw0925 says:


maurilax says:

I was pretty sure Barnes and noble was already selling this on Ebay for 179$

Those are refurbished. Still with a 1 year warranty though.

mikeschr says:

Also keep in mind that most Hulu videos are blocked on mobile devices, even with Hulu Plus.