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Hate to burst anyone's bubble (and we don't care what you've heard, we really do hate to do it), but the Sprint Epic 4G isn't yet shipping with Android 2.3 Gingerbread. We asked Sprint, and sure enough it's just a typo. Not the first time we've seen this happen, and it won't be the last, either. That's why we check. folks.

Don't worry. Gingerbread's coming to the Epic 4G. We wouldn't say it if it weren't true. And because we're saying it, it must now happen. Otherwise the sun and the stars would collapse in on themselves, and nobody wants that to happen. Right, Sprint?


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No, the Epic 4G isn't yet shipping with Gingerbread, Sprint says


I Agree I updated my wife Shift 4g and two weeks of issue but I fixed the Picture mail issue, and now I got a $97 credit on my account :-)

I actually got a brand new evo because of the update problems which I can't complain about but I'm a rare customer in that if my phone gets messed up I have 4 other phones waiting to be activated. The average customer shouldn't have to accept issues that render features useless like how my sms stopped working... Were not beta testers haha

Yeah, but htc did issue a timely fix... Well, okay, compared to Samsung, it was timely. I've said it before... Unless it's a Nexus, fathered by google, I personally will avoid Samsung like the plague. The hardware is awesome, but the follow up is just sad. To each their own, though. My each? Evo3D.

I agree that htc is better about updates but we shouldn't need an update for an update haha... Especially for a phone that was working fine before the update. My epic runs great as is

Samsung will not update to 2.3....Its already been said that with the new Galaxy S II Epic will be released soon and they want to push it as opposed to this hardware with the same software. With the way that Samsung has 0 Customer support or updating capabilities, i will NEVER own one again.

A friend of mine just purchased the new 10.1 Tablet by Samsung, i am waiting to see if that gets the new update....my bet is NO!

I'm not a fan of Samsung, by any means, over their whole "Froyo fiasco", but I call BS on that. Sprint/HTC updated the EVO 4G with the EVO 3D coming out & Verizon/Motorola updated the Droid X with the Droid X2 coming out.

But I'll bite, go ahead & show us where "Its already been said".

To be honest, I miss my Epic a fair amount. I gave it to a friend and bought the Galaxy Tab (which I love, don't get me wrong), but I semi-miss the portability of it, and the easier method of making phone calls. I thought the Epic was a great device, despite waiting forever and a day to finally get Froyo.

Weird, because i asked sprint on twitter, and they said it was shipping with 2.3

sdbrady05 Stephan Brady
@sprintcare i have the epic 4g, and on your site it "ships w/android 2.3"
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Sprint Care
@sdbrady05 That's correct - it ships with 2.3